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New Style In the Fashion World


If you want the truth laid out for you, then you should know that there is no new style in fashion. There are some exceptions, of course, from time to time. A good example would be the mask dress, the one which is also supposed to cover your face. But that is more of an artistic approach rather than an actual style. Everything “new” that you see nowadays is, in fact, a repetition of something that has already happened in the past. It just so happens that there are certain variables in the style that could have been modified, so designers take action and try to “come up with something new”. Any attempt called “new” is actually an exercise of imagination. We live in the Era of Information. You have an idea and, at the same time, someone on the other side of the globe has it.


It is only a matter of time until one of you can design it first. We could truly say that something is “new” if people started walking on the street naked. Although that is not exactly new anymore either. If we want to understand what new fashion actually is, we have to think of “new” as an entirely different word. Let’s face it: we all wear clothes in the same way. Combinations can be different, but we wear them in the same way. We all put our jewels on necks, hands, clothes and feet. You might want to decide to wear gold and silver (which is a new thing, by the way), but you are still wearing them on parts of your body. You are still putting clothes on you, still carrying purses in on your hands and men still wear cufflinks with their shirts. There is nothing new about this. It is only repetition.  



Understanding What “New” Actually Means

Girl-has-a-laptopIf you are interested in the world of fashion, or any other domain for that matter, you should leave the notion of “new” behind. There is nothing that is new anymore. It’s just an idea that came in someone’s mind and they did everything in their power to make it happen. Now how is this thing possible? Well, it’s all about the internet. Creativity is somewhat dead these days. An idea is the easiest thing you can kill in this world. The second you have a great idea someone is going to shoot it down. “Who would wear such a thing?” “What were you thinking when you made this?” “You cannot do it.” The truth is that you can do anything you want because the rest of the world is busy saying that you cannot do it. A new product is anything that has a good system behind it. It’s a trick that not many people are aware of. Why the majority of people fail at launching something new is because they focus on the product too much instead of focusing on the system that creates it. You can sell anything these days as long as the system is good. And this is why you get “cool new” cowboy boots in 2016 ladies and gentlemen! Nothing is really new anymore, but that is not a reason for you to be sad about it. It is, in fact, a reason to rejoice because people are trying to go back to the days in which they felt better and younger. They simply think that what they are wearing is new because they associate it with those times. It’s quite fascinating, fi you think about it. This is perhaps why they are even perceived as new in the first place!  



What New Style Suits You Today

Woman-has-elegant-jeans If we decide to stick to the old “new” perception, the styles that are emergent today and that really catch are stripes, off-the-shoulder tops, and summer dresses that can totally withstand the heat. Vertical stripes have one specific purpose: they have to make you look tall and skinny. If you are the type of person who doesn’t really like how they look, these beauties will appeal to you most likely. Don’t worry, if you want to lose weight within a short period of time and you are scared that “it still shows”, wear these confidently. Ignore people telling you that you do not look good and you should wear something else. We can guarantee that these are the perfect thing for you and they will get you through hard times. The secret to horizontal stripes: take everything you know from vertical ones and apply it the other way around. The criterion is very simple: if you’re skinny, wear them. There is something really sexy about them and you can try a variety of styles and different colors. Diversity is all over the place! For some reason, multiple colors work a lot better than two or three. In general, people advise you to go for safety when colors are involved. “Pick two or three and that’s it.” No, you play the big games. If you manage to get the right combination you are in for one good show. Also, in case you feel like you should gain some weight, feel free to use these beauties until you reach your desired milestone. Stripes are so magical. Now we really need to take a moment and talk about asymmetric stripes. This is not the sort of item everybody dares to wear. It’s about time it got popular, but we cannot guarantee that 2016 is going to be its year. Some say that it is a good moment, others do not. It’s all speculation, so even though we believe that 2016 is going to be the year for them, we had best leave it at a speculation level.  Asymmetries were backed up by a lot of big names this season: Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Stella McCartney. Although a little bit unexpected, we cannot do anything else but show our appreciation for this year’s collection. The Gucci Rainbow Colored Metallic Stripe really had impact. Stripes? Ok, sexy. Metallic stripes? Oh my god we need to get our hands on them right away!



Girl-has-white-headphonesAnd then there is the “every which way” style. If you want something more daring than asymmetries, this is where you should be looking. We would love to see this more often, but the amount of skill required to properly match these takes some time to master. This can prove both a drawback and an opportunity for anyone daring enough to make a stand. Think about it: will you wait for everyone else to master the skill or will you make a daring move now? Choose wisely. A bad choice can lead to another year of waiting to find your style. We need to quickly touch over-the-shoulders as well. They have been this summer’s top fashion hit and it would be a total mistake not to adopt this style for a short period of time. You still have one more summer month at your disposal and if you were ever in doubt as to what you should be wearing, this is it! Over-the-shoulder gives you a lot of freedom in terms of what you can wear with it. You have an arsenal of good jewels at your disposal, wear them with high heels or regular shoes as you please and you can also consider both skirts and pants. We do need to remind you that skirts might be better. You know, it’s all about the heat and how heavy you perceive your clothes. The hotter it is, the sweatier things can get, but you can always make a play and choose a combination with pants at night. Overall, this sexy shoulder trend has caught up because of the sexiness it brings along. It is simply beautiful to witness a woman’s shoulders. Quite pleasant to the eye, sexy, confident and very comfortable!  



What Should You Remember?

Girl-has-elegant-clothes Just be smart about the word “new”. We know it’s not real. You knew it beforehand as well, it’s just that you needed confirmation on the subject. In the end, they are all clothes, we wear them the just the same. The key is to find the exact combination that makes you look fantastic. What is new is often repeated, with a few tweaks here and there so that you do not wear the exact same thing that was worn a few years back. If you really want to know the secret behind the process, everything needs to look a little bit “modern”. Sometimes this does not even need to be a design issue, but a material one. If the material looks cooler it just seems newer and more modern. Stripes? We’ve been seeing stripes for years. Over-the-shoulder tops? Been there, seen that. They definitely look a lot better than they did a few years back and they offer some kind of different feeling. But they are still the same clothes. Do not worry yourself too much with these details, just wear the new style with your own confidence and you will land the perfect look.