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Nikki Reed Inspired Necklace Ideas


This week’s glamorous inspiration comes from Nikki Reed. Reed is a well known actress who gained most of her popularity after playing the role of Rosalie Hale in the Twilight Saga. Although Reed was a vicious vampire on set, her life is very different from what she is known to have portrayed. Reed is a person whom we could all take inspiration from, and we are not only saying that about jewels. Apart from talking about what cool nikki reed necklace ideas you can get by knowing a thing or two about her, we are also going to take a dip into her life and see who she really is. After all we cannot give proper suggestions without knowing the celebrity.  


Who Is Nikki Reed?

Woman-is-near-the-carReed is known for her many passions. She is a screenwriter, a singer, a model, a songwriter and she is quite a talented music video director. She has many talents that she is putting to good use and she is the sort of celebrity who is somewhat under the radar. But once people get to actually know her they easily figure out that they found a person they can look up to. Reed had a rather complicated family. With parents having been divorced when she was 2, Nikki was raised without any religion. She did find her way, but at the age of 14 she moved out of her house to live her life in Los Angeles. Thirteen was her first success she tried to pursue school, but in the end she had to drop out because of "mothers who were sneaking into the school at lunchtime to confront and harass her about the film." In the end, she obtained her high school diploma through home schooling, thus becoming one of the Hollywood personalities young people look up to so much nowadays. She is the perfect example of how you can do anything as long as you want to. Her career boomed quite fast after Thirteen ended up being a success. Catherine Hardwicke invited her to write the script together and Nikki ended up playing in it because there were some issues with casting. She then obtained an invitation to The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she acted as host.


She admitted that the only thing that held her back was her decision to avoid acting in TV shows, which was completely naïve. It seems like Hardwicke was there in the beginning and she would help Reed all the way through her career. The best part of this career was announced in 2008 when Nikki was announced to portray Rosalie Hale in the first installment of The Twilight Saga. Needless to say, she played her part perfectly and she kept coming back until the series was finished. Her career both blossomed and became a little bit complicated after The Twilight Saga simply because vampirism is a controversial subject. You know that vampirism is usually associated with “emo kids” or just weird kids in general, starting all the way from high school. Nobody contemplates the subject and you can understand why. Moreover, her relationship with Ian Somerhalder has done nothing more than to accentuate her interest in the subject of vampirism. It’s all a vicious circle, but we know that she is a great person who we can all look up to. And, to be fair, she and Ian make a great couple.



Nikki Reed Necklace Ideas

Woman-has-elegant-clothes Reed is not particularly known for wearing many necklaces, but fans have spotted her using them from time to time and this is the main reason why they get so excited. When a celebrity of her type never wear something but suddenly appears with that something it definitely means that it is a special occasion. Plus, there are many perspectives from which you can think about especially since we are dealing with an actor and several personalities, right? One of the necklaces that she used to make a lasting impression was the Neon Yellow necklace. She wore this beauty back in 2012 during the the AXE Showerpooling event in LA. The way in which she used the necklace to her advantage was very chic and simplistic. She wore he basic white shirt with blue jeans and the Lime necklace to make her face stand out. Triangle shapes combined with a very bright yellow are the perfect way to attract attention. It is the sort of statement jewel you can easily get away with in any situation. She is also very aware of her skin tone, eye color and hair color. Warm skin tones work perfectly with colors such as yellow, green, orange or brown, so it is inspiring to see her focused on her image so that the fans could get some ideas as well. Since she does not appear with necklaces during events that much, people have to catch a pic or two of her in her spare time. This is how she was caught wearing wooden beads a few times. Wooden beads necklaces are a vintage design that you do not see many people wear. Paired with a simple shirt and those good old cowboy boots, they are bound to make you look sexy and daring. Another accessory that Nikki seems to enjoy is the Tahitian necklace. Tahitian necklaces are also quite rare and you really need to be on the lookout for them. Luckily, the actress knows that black suits her very well and she resorts to Tahitian necklaces for the extra fill-in. It’s an elegant look that was much popularized when Angelina Jolie wore it a few years back. It is still very rare, but there is great joy whenever we see someone adopt this style.



Woman-holds-two-feathersAnother interesting necklace that she was spotted wearing was something that looked like a letter pendant. You might not have heard about this one before, but the letter pendant is a little accessory in which you can add a twisted piece of paper. Although not exactly common, the letter pendant is an exceptional and unique way to store a love note or a letter. Make sure that you do not have it confused with the paper or cream paper pendant. Her favorite necklace, however, is not as extravagant as you might think. It is actually a $10 piece that was bought from a vintage store back around 2012 or 2013. It was bought by her precious husband, Paul McDonald. It is a bird necklace, an obvious symbol of freedom and also proof that she enjoys a simple and delicate lifestyle, and not some glam jewels that some suppose she hides. While Nikki Reed might not be a person who wears too many necklaces, we can look for some inspiring ones in the characters that she played over the years. The most obvious one is the Cullen Crest necklace from The Twilight Saga. The Cullen Crest is a necklace that features a lion, a hand and trefoil. The lion represents the vampire’s strength; the hand represents loyalty and honesty and the trefoil is the sign of perpetuality since vampires cannot die a natural death. If you are a true Twilight fan, a vampire fan or you simply enjoy the Cullen Crest, this is a necklace that you might want to get your hands on. So we talked about her personal choices, her favorite and the most famous necklace in The Twilight Saga, but what about what Ian has to say? Around one year ago Ian and Nikki were spotted in a shop, shopping for goodies. At one point Ian picked up a beautiful golden necklace that he had her try on. They did not end up purchasing it, but those of you who know Ian know what a charmer he can be. Maybe she was just being polite and did not want him to throw his money away. Needless to say, he would not have seen it as throwing his money away, but as an investment. Still, even to this day, we do not know if the couple actually got that necklace or not. He might have gone and got it as a surprise, and since she barely wears necklaces in the first place, who knows when she can just pop up with it?  



Looking at Nikki and Her Necklaces

Girl-has-a-beautiful-blonde-hair If there is one thing we can be sure about is that this celebrity really enjoys simplicity and modesty. Whenever she does appear with one she sure does know how to catch everyone’s attention. But if we take a step back and look at the kind of person she is it only seems natural, right? Self schooled, a screenwriter and a great performer, Nikki Reed is the sort of celebrity who inspires through her actions and not her looks. A nikki reed necklace is an object of great value. Its value is not given by the fact that it costs a little bit more or because Nikki actually wore something like that, but because it is a token of what she represents.