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Obama vs Trump - A Style Contest

The current leader of the Free World and the one who is most likely going to lead it: the obama vs trump style contest is not only a battle of how well each leader dresses, but how well each leader is fit to carry on America’s legacy into the future. Sadly (actually, it is fortunate, but we understand why the majority of people find it sad) Obama’s Presidency is coming to an end and it’s high time we looked back at some of the things that he has done and how Trump could fix, or unfix them. We are going to be very honest about it: this style competition is not something that has much to do with the way these two men dress. It has more to do with the way they talk and to whom they are talking to.


Obama is a man of the people while Trump is a man who has to come down from his self-entitled tower and talk to the people. We are not looking at two different leaders here. We are looking at two different worlds.  And if Trump wins the presidency, he has a lot of work to do because undoing some of the things that Obama did will take some time, patience and endurance. These two men have very different views and, even though they both want to change the world and make it a better place, their actions and the way they talk are extremely different. We are going to spend some time on each of them and try to give you a rather different point of view, something that the media does not give you and something that they might not even want to give you. Why? The answer to this question is very simple: because the world is an emotional place. If you give the world emotion, you keep it under control. If you give it rationality, people start thinking for themselves. And if people start thinking for themselves, they might quickly realize why trusting Obama or electing Hillary Clinton might be some of the biggest mistakes of their lives.  



Man of the People vs Man of the Millions

Obama-wears-an-elegant-suitThe main difference between Obama’s style and Trump’s is the values they believe in. People have different values, so they speak differently. Obama is the man of the people because he believes in safety and Trump is the man of the millions because he believes in freedom. That is everything you need for you to move onward and making the decisions that you need to make. Obama is a man who believes that democracy is the institution that takes care of the people. It sounds fair, nice and it sounds like something that can give you comfort. On the other hand, Trump knows that democracy cannot take care of the people. This is where all the people’s dreams come crashing down and they start fearing. In the head of an average American, if Social Security and Medicare disappear there is no one left to take care of them. This is the reality that separates one leader from another: Obama blindly believes in something while Trump knows something and knows exactly what to believe in. One of the main reasons why people like Obama is because of his belief. Belief makes people talk in a certain way. Because Obama believes in security, he appeals to the masses. It has always been this way and it is very likely that the world will always remain this way. The reason as to why this is happening is because people are socially educated to ask for more than what they can give. They ask for loans which they then spend their entire lives trying to pay, they ask for objects that they cannot afford and they pray to God for things that they dream of and which they are never sure they will obtain. Obama believes that democracy is some kind of God and that it helps people achieve their dreams. This is where Trump has advantage, sort of. Knowing that democracy cannot solve all the people’s problems, Trump has the type of speech that encourages people to find their ways of producing wealth and becoming more independent. The only problem with this sort of speech is that if forces people to get out of their comfort zones. Since the system cannot really take care of you, you might as well get up and do something about yourself. There are hundreds of millions of people in America and the numbers are growing. There are billions of people in the world and the number is still growing. Governments and alliances cannot take care of all the people. There are simply just too many of us. So Trump’s message is simple: “let’s do something about ourselves”.  



Being Funny vs Being Serious

Donalt-Trump-has-a-red-tie You want a scenario in which Obama really wins? Well, in the obama vs trump style contest you might as well give the first prize to Obama for being a funny guy. Humor plays a very important part in all aspects of life, not just politics. Obama knows this and uses it to his advantage. Trump knows it as well, but we will get to him in a minute just so you know why him not being funny is something that plays to his advantage as well. Remember when Obama literally slammed Trump at the White House Correspondents' Dinner? That was the perfect example of how being funny plays to your advantage in every way possible. Obama destroyed Trump that night, but Trump also knew that he had to take a beating. Humor is a very powerful social tool that many leaders need to know how to control. Why? Humor works like a drug. When things get too serious, you can start being humorous and people will start forgetting about the context they are in, the lives they are living and their everyday struggles.


A funny president is always going to be just as loved as the funniest guy in class. And because Obama is a man of the people, he always knew that being funny is a great thing to use. What is also great is that his humor is natural and he seems to be having a lot of fun doing it as well. Now what about “the Donald”? He’s not funny. He’s downright serious and brutal at some times. If you want to know how brutal he can be, you might want to look up an interview with Robert Kiyosaki when they were both asked if financial education could be learnt by anybody. Robert said yes and was very kind about it. Trump said that you need to have a certain level of intelligence. Practically, he said that you’re either stupid or you know how to manage your money. Trump’s a vicious guy when it comes to competition. He knows how to play a game very well, but he is also often hated for it.


But why is this a good thing? Look at every successful person you know and know that they are hated. Celebrities are envied, politicians are loathed and businessmen are hated. Not by everybody, that’s true, but the one thing that you have to know is that all famous people and those who have done something with their lives are people who are hated. Why? It’s very simple: because they accomplished something that not everybody can do. Getting accustomed to some hate is part of every successful person’s life. Donald is hated and he has been hated ever since he started his career. People want his money, they want his expertise and many want him out of the game. Come on, many people do not want him to be the next president. But the Donald knows how to take a beating and that is something that not many people are willing to do in order to obtain success. You might want to learn this trait from him as well. Being funny is a good thing, but it is a comfortable thing. Taking a beating is something that you need to go through if you want a more successful life. And this is not easy.  



So What’s the Difference Between These Two Leaders?

Obama-speaks-to-a-conferencePractically, in the obama vs trump style contest… there is no winner. They are both successful people in their domains, but their success is measured in different ways: their values, the way they talk and the way they act. These are two very different people who have somehow managed to create something better for themselves and who lead huge empires. The only question is… who are you going to choose to learn from? Obama appeals to everyone and that’s nice and comforting, but you also have Trump who is naturally interested in the economic development of the world. One of them is poor. The other one is rich. And the great thing is that it is up to you to decide which one of them is which.