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One Direction Inspired Necklaces

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One direction necklaces, jewels in general, are a subject of controversy most of the time. It’s mostly because of the fact that it is perceived as being cheap, a cliché and only available for a specific “target”. The truth is that it is rather normal for people do develop these types of misconceptions, but this does not mean that superficiality is not involved. After all, it might be that sort of thing that stemmed from high school when some fan appeared with some type of jewel and someone mad fun of him for wearing it. Let’s take a look at what One Direction jewels actually mean for the people who wear them and then we can take a look at necklaces.  



The Usual Mentality Shift

Woman-is-laughtingIf you are not a fan of the band, you are in either one of these two situations: you are neural or you think that there is something wrong with them. Fair enough, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and it is ok if you do not empathize with the fans, but the truth is that those who respect the band have a totally different approach when it comes to the subject. One Direction is a band who worked their way to the top. There was no “luck” involved in the process and they tried performing at their best whenever they got the chance. This is why fans love them so much. And because they make good quality music, of course. Harry Styles is quite a beloved performer and this can be seen in the fact that there are plenty of fans out there purchasing jewels and all sorts of objects that either have his name or his tattoo displayed onto them. Being a pop music band and appealing to a rather young audience creates a certain trend, and even if we are neutral to it or disapprove of it completely does not negate its existence. This is why we should take interest in the jewels that emerge as part of the trend. Although these jewels do not come at the price of great fortunes, it is important for everyone to understand that youth gives them a certain power and belief plays a very important part in this as well. One Republic are also the living example of the idea that boy bands are still a thing and this is why, perhaps, the high school “let’s laugh at these fans” mentality might have caused the young hate towards the band. But the fact that One Republic emerged so gloriously into a market that seemed like it no longer wanted this kind of band is proof that we do need to change our mentality towards them. How do we apply this mentality shift? Through encouragement, interaction and promotion. What is one of the ways to accomplish all of these three actions at the same time? Jewelry. Thus the importance of knowing what needs to be known about the band. Sadly, we are only covering the subject of necklaces today, but we will make appropriate jewelry references here and there so that you get more out of this than a simple “oh look, and then there is this necklace, and this one, and this one and…” sort of session. No, our plan is to dive a little bit deeper into the matter.  



Types of Necklaces and Why Fans Wear Them

Woman-has-a-long-hair The cool thing about youth is that it is without any rules. The same principle can be applied to the jewels that young ones decide to wear. Adults have their own pesky ways o judging everything. Things need to have a certain price, they need to look in a certain way and, my god, the material has to be fabulous or you’ve wasted your money. With teens it doesn’t work that way. If you buy a simple Harry Styles necklace there is nothing wrong with that. And if the other teens judge you for that you can simply ignore them, no matter how many they are. Teens support those who have worked hard through these one direction necklaces. The ideal goes way beyond liking one artist. It’s a part of who you are and what you believe in. And that’s everything that counts. The most appreciated pieces are usually the Infinity Symbol necklaces and the Butterfly tattoo necklaces. As we mentioned before, Styles is one of the most acclaimed artists in the band, but the others do not fall short either. Remember when we said that there is controversy around these jewels because they were a cliché? Well, this is the part when we have o think differently. To be fair, the infinity symbol and the butterfly are rather common signs that generations have been used to for a very long time. They sort of fell from grace and people have a proud reaction when they see them. You might be accustomed to the “oh, another butterfly necklace” reaction.


Woman-is-thinkingBut do not be discouraged by these words. You are living in your teens, your entire life is ahead of you and you will always learn about new symbols and meaning of freedom. Wearing infinity or the butterfly is under no circumstance a reason to be bored or react in a negative way. It’s a reason for you and those around you to celebrate. You have great ideals. You aspire towards endless boundaries and the butterfly is a symbol of freedom. Who in their right mind would blame such things? In fact, if you ever see someone getting bullied or being told off because of wearing such things you should encourage them right away. People’s beliefs are their strongest source of power, and if they aspire towards freedom then by all means let them do it! Needless to say, both these symbols come in the forms of bracelets, rings and even earrings. Should you consider that necklaces are not your thing, feel free to resort to other options as well. The paper airplane necklace is also another loved symbol that many fans are aware of. In case you do not know the story behind it, the paper airplane necklace was the sign which indicated that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were dating. It is a love story that died a long time ago, but it still brings back good memories. Given the support that Styles receives from his fans and how we know what a kind person Taylor Swift is… well it sometimes breaks your heart knowing that these two could have ended up together and made a nice couple. Sadly, it was not meant to be.  



Other Jewels and Necklaces That Fans Prefer

Woman-wears-a-long-blue-dressInfinity, butterfly and paper plane are the best, but this doesn’t meant that fans do not have any other jewels at their disposal. Necklaces with preferred band members are always around, whether you like a nametag or a picture is totally up to you. There is also the Louis Tomlinson charm necklace, which is a super funny thing to wear, but it is much appreciated and has scored some impressive sales on eBay. Guitar picks are a blast! These are, in fact, the coolest accessories that teens can buy. Why do we say that? Because the design is very simplistic, it’s elegant and it gives off a nice vibe because most of them are actual guitar picks. You can play with them without worrying for a second. So you have a great style, great fashion sense and you can also play a guitar? Man that’s super cool during teen years. This is the fail-proof accessory that will make you both a good fan and a popular figure in school. It goes without saying that boys and girls can wear them alike, right? So now you can look back at the entire picture and see what a great movement this actually is.


For the sake of the argument, let’s assume that you’re a hater, but looking at all the cool things this band is promoting and the stories that brings people together, would you consider it to be “lame” or “not cool”? Imagine that this is an entire culture that keeps moving onward through the use of some simple jewels, jewels that have a very deep meaning. It really does not matter if we are talking about infinity, butterflies, planes or guitar picks; this is a very beautiful experience that is worth living and we should totally encourage it. Leaving the random accusations of being “lame” and a “boy band fan”, one direction necklaces are a symbol of freedom that should be respected at all times. It’s all a matter of changing our perspectives a little bit, seeing what these people have to offer to teenagers around the world and understanding why they are taking their culture forward through the use of necklaces. It’s a beautiful movement that deserves our full support. It’s a movement of beauty and grace, a movement that cherishes emotion and hard work. It’s a movement of love that we need to push forward.


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