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Opal Pendants - Creative Designs


Opal pendants are some of the greatest jewels you can choose to add to your collection. Although not uncommon in any way, opals have what it takes to bring beauty and glimmer into every woman’s life.  The thing that you have to keep in mind about opals is that they can be matched with a wide variety of other jewels and clothes. This is by far one of the best stones you can find out there and it will certainly satisfy your needs in terms of design and freedom. If you are excited, we can add to your joy by telling you that opal jewelry can literally be worn anywhere with any occasion.  



Why Wearing Opal Is, In Fact, a Design

Girl-has-a-black-purseThe quality that the precious opal possesses and other stones do not is that it looks as though it comprises all the colors of the rainbow. It is only a matter of perspective: the angle from which you look upon it and how the light falls onto the stone. This quality is called iridescence and this is why the precious opal has remained in the interest of all jewelers over the centuries. Its flashing colors have been associated with good luck and some even believe that they have the power to heal the eyes. Needless to say, there are other cultures who have associated the opal with bad luck and evil energies. This also adds to its diversity and shapes the image that people have about it. It should come as no surprise that the opal is used in Rorsatch psychology tests. In case you do not know, the Rorsatch test is the usual ink test that you see in old school movies. Its purpose is to determine how people interpret various shapes. This is why wearing an opal is a design in itself. You literally shape yourself according to your beliefs and the truth is that you also maintain a certain air of mystery; firstly because people are not usually accustomed to opals and their significance, secondly because, if they are, they are never going to be able to tell what traditions you believe in. Shrouded in mystery, you social image will be exactly as you want to shape it. It is important to consider this precious feature, especially since the opal is one of the few stones who can offer you such an outstanding experience. Use it to your advantage at all times.  



How to Recognize Good Opal Pendants

Cute-girl-has-a-pink-dress Make no mistake, the greatest opal pendant designs out there are easily recognizable. Why is that? Because opal is, in general, extremely difficult to work with. The moment you see a twist, a turn or carefully crafted round shapes, you know you are dealing with a great design. Let us dive into the world of the opals for a minute and understand why these creative designs are easy to determine. First things first, the opal can be made either of hydrated or hardened silica gel. What does this mean? It means that approximately 30% of the stone is made of water. The stone will dry out in time, causing its iridescence to fade and exposing it to more cracks. The structure of these stones dictates how iridescent they are. So, you see, the more carefully the stone is crafted and treated, the more beautiful it is going to seem. Every artisan is aware of these pieces of information and attempts to the best to craft a wonderful jewel to the best of his abilities. Opal stones are exceptionally difficult to work with since they are so fragile. But because they are so enchanting and attract everyone’s attention artisans have always attempted to be as creative as they could when crafting such jewels. In fact, they have resorted to cutting opals into cabochons of different shapes that reflect the color play within each and every stone. Suffice it to say that this process aids the creative flow. Another rather interesting variable that aids in creating special designs is the fact that the black opal is prized above all other stones of its kind. It has a much higher carat price compared to its white relative and (yes, this is going to sound confusing) the black opal actually comes in different colors: blue, gray, green or gray-black. As long as you see any of these stones are placed into a pendant, you must be aware that the one who put the piece together literally wanted to pour his love and creativity into that specific jewel.


Beautiful-woman-has-an-elegant-red-dressAs for identifying specific designs, we need to know a little bit about how the stone was perceived throughout history. If you see any jewel of its kind that has some kind of medieval feel about it, you should know this is the period in which the opal was perceived a total luck bringer. People often believed that, because it contained the colors of all other gemstones, it encompassed all the good energies in the world, thus making it one of the most desired stones in that specific period. Victorian designs are those that begin to emanate a bad feeling about opal pendants. It all started with “Anne of Geierstein,” by Sir Walter Scott. The novel was published in 1829 and cast the opal into darkness. The novel promoted the idea that the stone turns dark when tainted by holy water, an event that would kill its wearer. It is interesting to know that this novel alone had such great impact that opal sales all around Europe dropped drastically. Russian jewels might also be adepts of the idea that the opal is a dark stone. This is because people feared and suspected it to be the evil eye. The stone regained its positive forces when Art Nouveau neglected the Victorian point of view. This style accepted opals for what they were and were brought back into the light because of their fascinating glimmer. In fact, Art Nouveau enthusiasts claimed that opal was quite “organic” and it worked well with the insect designs that emerged during the period.  



The Opal Pendant – Splendid Designs

Woman-watches-at-the-palms For today’s examples we chose to expose some fascinating designs that cannot be easily found. You will be able to find all of these luxurious and creative designs on Pinterest at Although not a famous and accessible source, we gladly recommend this collection for the fine touch that has been added to all of these opal jewels. One of the catchiest designs in this specific area is the 22K Gold, Black Opal, Fire Opal and Opalized Wood, Emerald. Needless to say, this is quite a piece. It is a jewel that presents itself with quite a royal air, it is comprised of soft gold that needs your attention and it also comes with a drop of romanticism because the opal stone in the middle of the pendant looks like a heart. Although not the most accessible jewel of its kind, having one of these accessories in your jewel box can really give you a good boost during a ball. Another fascinating piece is the 22K Gold, Opal, Diamond, and Tourmaline Crystal Pendant. Also boasting with a precious 22K gold addition, this jewel is a little more exotic compared to the previously mentioned one. The fact that the tourmaline crystals are both centered in the middle of the jewel and creating a straight line towards the cleavage make this jewel a true confidence booster. It is hard to imagine how one could walk in a room and not own it with a jewel of its kind. There are other pendants on this site that definitely need your attention and we gladly recommend them because we truly have faith in these promising designs. Look upon them and remember them. It is very likely that you will see similar pieces in the years to come. And now that we know the basics about opals, it’s time to sum things up so that you have all the information accurately placed here.



Girl-hugs-the-treeIt is always interesting to consider that an opal, in itself, is an exquisite design. Any jewel that brings all the rainbow colors in one place is something extraordinary. The jewel has been associated with good and bad luck throughout history, so one can always use perception to tailor the image that they want of themselves. And do not forget about the mystery factor! There is always something about anybody wearing these jewels. If you want to know how to recognize creative opal designs, you simply have to look at how well they are crafted. One of the easiest examples is any opal jewel that has any sort of twist. If the opal looks good, it’s shiny and has no cracks you automatically know that that is a good jewel. As long as artisans have created a jewel with a stone that is so difficult to work with, you know that they are professionals. If you want proper examples of good opal necklaces, we recommend that you check However, if these do not match your style or budget, you can resort to any well-known online jewelry shop. You might also want to take a look around your local shops. Who knows what wonders you might discover there?