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Peek Inside the Kardashian Jewellery Collection

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Back to take a look at the kardashian jewellery collection right? Well good for you because we brought the entire arsenal with us today! Ok, ok, jokes aside, we did not bring everything, but we brought just enough for you to experiment with and get a proper idea of what jewels Kim uses for her super fancy selfie and go-out images. The selfie queen has some very interesting and tasteful picks when it comes to her jewels, so why should her secrets not be revealed to the rest of the world? There comes a time when we all have to deal with the fact that fashion has to move on. All of us, including the selfie queen! In order for you to have the complete overall image we are going to separate this guide into three different sections: the necklaces, the earrings and the bracelets. As you might have read from our previous Kim Kardashian Imitation Jewelry guide, Kim is not exactly the personality known for the jewels that she is wearing, but more because of the way she exposes her body and how she chooses to adorn it appropriately. Nonetheless, jewels are a part of her overall look and it would be a mistake to neglect them. So let’s see what glamor picks Kim brings to the table.  



Kim K. Necklaces

Woman-has-blonde-hairThe necklaces that Kim chooses are quite diverse in terms of the messages they want to send. Sometimes it is about making a statement. Other situations imply drawing attention to her face or her chest. The thing is that she is choosing these outfits very well and everybody who claims otherwise does not really know what they are talking about. Let’s take a look at some of her most jaw-dropping necklace combinations and analyze the thought process behind them. Let’s start with the Diamond Choker Necklace. The diamond choker might have been one of the most daring things Kim has ever used because of the fact that bright neutral colors are difficult to match with her skin tone. Kim was literally born to wear gold. The moment she goes neutral or bight things can become really, really dangerous. But she managed to pull this one off quite well by making use of her hair, eye color and a black top. You see, the moment you want to wear something so different it is important to make it a statement piece. If you have given read to any of our previous necklace guides, you will have learnt by now that the key to a statement jewel is keeping the rest of your outfit simple. And this is exactly what Kim did. Black hair, dark brown eyes and a black outfit? Perfect. It was everything she needed to tone things down and allow the Diamond Choker to do its job. And it worked out nicely. Another way she worked her way around her hair was with the Layered Pearl Necklace. Back when Kim had snow-white hair things were a little bit difficult in terms of fashion sense. Not that she had a difficult time, but when you have that kind of skin tone paired with snow-white hair things can get really, really tricky. Miss one small detail and you are literally doomed. And we all know how that feels for a celebrity, especially a selfie queen. So how did Kim pull this one off? Simple: pearl necklaces and a pearl-design top. Keep things interesting with a green skirt and you have three colors blend into the perfect image. Keep it white with the hair and the pearls and the skin tone matches very well with green. That’s how you do it with style. The last piece we would like to take a good look at is the gold pendant. Kim wore this cutie when she was pregnant and the way she wore it was fantastic. A white coat, a very pale green and this little golden beauty was everything she needed to shine when pregnant with little Saint. It’s a classic example of how you should wear your things during pregnancy. Definitely worth checking out and following as a proper example.  



The Family Earrings

Girl-has-an-elegant-purse Discretion is the number one word that comes to mind when we think about Kim K’s earrings. These are a very precious belonging in the kardashian jewellery collection. She always finds the appropriate matches and she never overdresses. When Kim wears earrings she wears them for one purpose only: drawing attention towards her face. Everything is simple, elegant and successful. Let’s look at some classic examples of how Kim nailed her earrings and made the night all about her. The Dangling Gemstone earrings are one of the most shocking examples of how Kim had great impact. Blue earrings and a blue dress did the trick! Was there anything complicated behind it? Not at all. Just a clean combination paired with a little bit of color knowledge (blue is the most appealing color in the world). So if you got that one out of the way you are practically unstoppable. Another pair that got her the spotlight was the Dangling Diamonds pair. The technique she used was quite similar to the Diamond Choker. Since they were diamonds they needed to be statement pieces, so they had to stand out in some way from the rest of the outfit. The secret to her success was not wearing a necklace. This was huge because she did not appear overdressed at all. A clean neck with diamond earrings work like a charm. You should try it if you ever have the occasion. The end result is going to be a blast. And now for the true statement pieces: the geometric earrings. The geometric earrings are meant to stand out, but they need a good final touch if they are going to fulfill their task. Since these goodies were silver, the best dress that could have gone well with them was a bright yellow. No contrast is created, yet they manage to stand out in a great way. Nobody ever expects this effect, especially because some people start feeling “meh” when thinking about silver. But who would have thought that a good dress could brighten the day so well?  



And the Bracelets

Woman-is-smokingAlthough bracelets never seem to be Kim’s cup of tea, you can see that she relies on them in order to make her outfit a lot more comfortable. Kim rarely wears fit bracelets, but even when she does she makes them look quite natural and loose. She prefers to keep things minimalistic in the bracelet chapter. Diamond bracelets go well with a white outfit, no matter what happens. There is literally no way you can go wrong with these. They are very elegant and it is as if they declared that “you were not really interested in making some sort of impact today, but you still had to look chic anyway so you put these on.” The cuff bracelets are the very few tight bracelets that she wears. Usually, they are worn with intricate clothing designs in order to balance the visual impact. Multiple bracelets cover her arms, exuding passion and elegance no matter where she goes. Did we also mention that whites seem to be her favorite? Yes, they really do. Let’s end with cuff bracelets. She used to wear these a lot back when she was pregnant with little Saint. The cuff bracelets that Kim usually wore were golden, perfect for her skin tone and keeping the outfit balanced. They mix well with white dresses and dark blue coats. There is nothing like a stylish, soon to be mother now, is there? Cuff bracelets are the sort of accessories that keep your soul constrained. It’s as if you tell yourself “it’s ok, keep cool” during the day. Looks like they worked. Alright, this should give you a pretty good idea about Kim’s style, yet we do encourage you to take a look at some of her other outfits for some extra inspiration.


There are a few other necklaces, for instance, which we avoided just for the sake of not spoiling too great a style. We do recommend that you look out for the Black Statement Necklace, the Gemstone Statement and the Diamond Collar. You will find that, in your journey, you will come across multiple other jewels that she wore and might give you a better idea of how you should adapt jewels to your style. It is really important to remember one thing when considering the kardashian jewellery collection: you can see that it’s not vast. On the contrary, they are some discrete pieces that are really well matched with skin tone, hair and eye color. Add in a little dress here and there and you can make wonders happen. Let’s make this very clear: this guide is meant for you to get a large impression about the jewelry Kim has and how to wear it, but if you really want to rock the party you need to invest a little research into it. You will see that it is going to pay off.


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