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Peridot - The Gem of Spirit and Expression


How often can you say that you had a relatively secure way of distinguishing certain people from the rest? Every single human being is different: their thoughts are different, their beliefs are different, the way they talk and the way they dress are different. But have you ever thought that you can identify certain people simply based on fashion? Or even better, based on a piece of jewelry they are wearing? Yes, this can happen as long as you familiarize yourself with certain pieces and what their background stories are. One such piece is the peridot gem.  



The Peridot’s Stories & Interpretations

Old-ring-with-turquoise-crystalThis gem was first mined approximately 4000 years ago in Egypt and every gemstone lover will know its stories, its traditions, the beliefs it is related to and, above else, why they are actually wearing them. The peridot acted as an energy absorbent over 4 millennia, gathering every good thought people have offered it, every positive legend and every positive feeling. It should come as no surprise to you that some people even call it the Gem of Spirit. It is rather interesting how people have this extraordinary gift of imbuing or stripping objects of power. People can make something sacred or they can damn it for all eternity, just as God can create light and push away darkness. Luckily enough, humanity managed to treat peridots as light and they have gathered enough meaning over the years that people all around the world cherish them nowadays.


Can peridots be a source of pride? Of course they do. Yet we are not talking about the sinful kind of pride, but great self-esteem. After all, both men and women are occasionally wearing a jewelry piece that has been harvested and crafted for thousands of years, their ancestral rocks found themselves on Napoleon’s wife’s hand and on Cleopatra’s neck. This sort of information comes with great self-esteem and one cannot hope but wonder that someday, centuries away from now, they themselves could have made a significant change in history and give the stone some extra value. There is some sort of risk with these people, however: they can be superstitious. If they believe that a gemstone needs to be matched with a certain metal in order to overcome themselves who knows what else is going on in their heads. But this also depends on your point of view. Some might find these criteria as unappealing while others could find it charming, attractive or downright sexy. The legend has it that if you match a peridot with gold you will be able to face your worst fears and nightmares. It could be true or false based on whether you believe them or not, but if you are into philosophy, spirituality and personal development, well, you might have just found yourself a match.



Silver-ring-with-crystal Peridots make for well-appreciated gifts, especially when it comes to weddings and their anniversaries. If he offered you a peridot ring when he asked you to marry him, you know he is a keeper. Often offered as gifts for the 3rd and 16th wedding anniversaries, these fine jewels are a symbol of love, luck and prosperity. Love, we need to stop here for a moment. The peridot gem is literally tied to the concept of love. It is very likely that, if you meet a person wearing a peridot, they adore the idea of love and they cherish it deeply. They can be a true romantic, possessed by deep feelings and whom you can have great conversations on this subject. If you also happen to share these sorts of feelings, you might have a great connection in the future. The Libra’s Zodiac sign is linked to peridot stones. This can suggest two things: the wearer either enjoys the concept of balance and stability or they enjoy thinking about the universe, immortality and other big concepts. In short, they are philosophers. It could get quite interesting if they possessed both qualities. Imagine what cool conversations you could have with them. Add the whole love concept and to this combination and you could have the best friendship or relationship of your life. Did you know that peridots usually emerge during August and early autumn? August is widely known to be the month of the peridot gem and its green color fits well with summer’s end and the beginning of autumn.


The association with the Libra also makes it a perfect gift to offer during this period of time. But this is not why we summoned this subject. In 2016 peridots started emerging as early as Saint Patrick’s Day. Mostly women gave up the traditional green in favor of peridot jewelry and this can be a good indicator that people finally want a change. There is no need to go all green anymore when you have the option of celebrating and remaining casual with a piece of jewelry. Perhaps everyone started realizing that we do not need to do the same things over and over again. All we need is a little originality and the will to change. Their latest emergence can also suggest that people need a little more color in their lives. Something more natural, something that reminds them of the times they used to play in parks as little children or something that just needs to feel closer to home. Given the fact that this gemstone comes only in shades of green, it could all be about that “going back to nature” thing. How does most people’s lives look? You wake up every morning, go to work, waste your eyes in front of a desktop or laptop, hold some presentations in what we call modern buildings, but do not stand out in any way apart from being all white, made of glass and simply dull. We need a little green in our lives, something to make us feel alive and home again and this might be one of the reasons why people love peridots. It’s simplistic. It’s nice. It’s beautiful. There is nothing else to be said.  



When You Piece Them Together

Two-braceletsNow take a look back and think about all these little details. Don’t you think that you found an interesting person? Someone who could be passionate about knowing the world, someone loving, someone who cares about those around them and thinks about their relationships, a philosopher, a dreamer, one who pushes the limits but also stays in touch with themselves. What more could you ask for? And imagine that you came to this conclusion only by looking at a simple gemstone they were wearing. The peridot is not only the gem of spirit, but that of the expression as well. The use of one gemstone can transform into an entire style right before you and if you can witness this transformation you will also know that you found a person who does not only dress well and looks good on the outside, but they are most beautiful on the inside as well. Expression is all about how you can project your inner-world onto the outside one in a positive manner. It is not only about the way you dress, the jewels you use or the shoes you wear, it is about your freedom and your beauty. While the peridots are a good indicator, they can sometimes prove not to be enough. Look at how people around you dress and act. Their attitude complements whatever it is that they are wearing. A green inner-world with a green gemstone are an amazing combination, but a grey attitude with any colored gemstone will not work at all. And now that you know about this wonderful gem and all the stories that it carries within, feel free to explore if they and their owners vibrate at the same frequency. And if you vibrate with them as well. There is always a lot going on beneath the surface, but you have the chance to look for cool people based on certain variables, like the Gem of Spirit.  




A-bunch-of-rings This is the moment when you stop and recap all that you have learned today. With the single aid of a gemstone you can discover: whether a person is knowledgeable or not, if they appreciate relationships, if they cherish love in all its forms, if they are thinkers and if they don’t believe that they are at the center of the universe, whether they want to keep it traditional or try something new and if they are profound and think about the world that we live in and the direction it is going towards. Those are 7 extraordinary points of interest and discussion that you can tackle based on one tiny gemstone. There is nothing stopping you from experimenting and seeing whether these criteria fit or not, but we guarantee from personal experience that, if not all, most of the things will do. There is a very high chance that the Gem of Spirit and Expression will earn you a good friend.