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Quick Guide: Guys Fashion Trends

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Today is the gentlemen’s day and we talk about guys fashion trends. London seems to be setting the trends again this year, with more than 50 designers participating in London Collections Men. You might be wondering what the catch is. After all, London Collections Men is considered by many to have fallen from its previous status. There were 77 designers last year and this year’s collection was not all that acclaimed either. So why should we even take it into consideration in the first place? The trick is to always keep your eyes peeled for anything that seems to be going a little bit downside. Why is that, you might ask? Because people, in general, fall for the trap of listening to what everybody else has to say. If more and more people start saying that an industry is going downside, the majority will start avoiding it and move towards something else. That something else will become “popular”.


The question that remains now is for you to answer: are you looking for the kind of popular that everyone is using or are you looking for something a little bit more “niche popular”? Because from our previous experiences niche popular is what gentlemen prefer to looking like everybody else. All in all, what we are actually talking about here are two very distinct things: the platform and the ideas that are being put forward for the public display. We will agree that the platform has seen better days, but the ideas are still very much worth taking into consideration. So we actually decided to look through everything that is new and made a comprehensive list of all the fashion trends that you definitely need to check out. So, are you ready to look cool this year?



Keeping It Sporty

Man-wears-sunglassesThe zip-up tracksuit was born out of the desire to both look sporty and take to the roads. It is 2016, so every man wants to look as thought they are going on the trip of their lives. In past seasons designers have done their best to develop the sweatshirt-jogger combination, but the SS17 decided to take a different approach this year and it looks like the zip-up tracksuit top is the appropriate result. What is fascinating about this new design is that it keeps up with the athletic essentials, such as Gosha Rubchinskiy and Gucci, and it also has good chances of re-emerging last year. Do give it a go if you like zip-ups because, for some reason, these things look really cool compared to any competition they have or would have on the market. Another sporty style that really caught the eye of many gentlemen is the earth tone style. You can practically guess what we are talking about in this one. Earth tones are all about playing with shades of green and brown. It is a style that works well for summer, but you are most likely going to nail it during autumn. The style is comprised of all sorts of earth-like combinations that really make you stand out. Neutrals are not making us stand out that much, so why should we settle for anything less?


The AW16 collections really aimed for our hearts this year and we are also going to confidently place our bets that they are going to become a) successful and b) a reoccurring trend. Feel free to check them out if you do not believe us. You will know why we are so confident the second you see them. Stripes are also making a stand. You’d think that we got bored of them until now, but stripes are one of the few ways that make us look lean and clean. Very few sporty outfits give us the same confidence and prove to be such useful life hacks. We have been wearing them every summer, women adore men who wear stripes in the right way and despite appearing over and over again, it is difficult to say whether they will ever disappear or not. Most likely not. Lastly, let’s talk about statement fabrics. They are quite tricky because there are some outfits who fall into the more formal category here, but it is quite safe to say that statement fabrics look as sporty as they can get. The transparent Italian linen track put forward by Cottweiler is the perfect example of why this style is so important and why it needs to persist. Cut and color are definitely not the only two ways in which you can set yourself aside from the rest of the crew. Use statement fabrics to your advantage. It’s one of the guys fashion trends that is bound to up your game a lot.  



The Professional Suit-Up

Man-has-a-black-watch Maybe sporty is not your thing. That’s ok because there are plenty of carefully crafted suits that you can look into. Suits are timeless and they will always bring out the best in you. Apart from that, they are perhaps the easiest way for you to make a lasting impression. Sure, statement fabrics can also cut it, but there is nothing that shouts “excellence” more than a suit. That’s how men’s fashion works. Now we are not going to talk about suits only, however. There are plenty of outfits that give the suit impression. One of these particular styles is the graph and windowpane. This particular style got interesting because, even though it was heavily reliant on regular suit in the beginning, some unexpected patterns emerged that really took everyone’s eyes.


London’s SS17 presentation really rocket the boat with this approach and we recommend that you check it out yourself because describing it in simple words would not just be wrong. It would be a blasphemy. Topcoats also made a stand this year emerging out of the need to deal with the redundancy that our regular wardrobes have to face over and over again. What’s so fascinating about the topcoat, you might ask? Well, it’s all about being light, covering more of your body than any other average jacket could and, of course, offering some extra heat. It’s not really a summer trend, but we expect to see it this fall no matter what. Astrid Andersen and Casely-Hayford were extremely appreciated for the topcoats that were displayed this year, although both came with very different approaches. Andersen’s focus was on boldly branded gilded stripes while Casey’s designs were all-over-printed. However, if you really want to see the goodies in terms of topcoats, we recommend Lou Dalton. Check this 2016 collection. Disappointment is not an option with this one. Although they do not count as suits, but specifically made for suits, it seems as though brooches are a new style in 2016. Some of them actually fit on T-shirts as well. The point of brooches is to highlight that, unexpectedly, you have more options to make a statement. You are not at all limited to belts, watches and some cufflinks. You actually have all the freedom you need. So let’s see... men have more than enough options in terms of style this year, both formal and informal and it looks like it is a perfect moment to go through your wardrobe and see what needs keeping and what needs throwing away.



Summing It Up

Man-has-a-gray-T-shirtAlthough London Collections Men is not perceived as the most reliable platform out there at the moment, it has still proven to us that the ideas that were exposed here are above excellent. It is only a matter of how you decide to look upon it. While people might suddenly start complaining about the platform and how the trends it promotes are flawed, there are those amongst us who decide to look upon these clothes because everyone else will not. This is how another daring style is born: if everyone hates it, wear it. The worst thing that can happen is that you appear as a guy who does not dress like the rest of the crew. But you are already dressed well, so what are you missing out on? London Collections Men displayed some of the greatest designs that we have seen, some new and some brought back to life. Among the sporty styles we can easily identify the zip-up tracksuit, earth tone, stripes and statement fabrics. Each and every one of these has their own meaning and can aid you in your freedom of expression. None of them are “right” and none of them are “wrong” the only thing that matters is which one is the one for you. As for the formal type, graph & windowpane, topcoats and brooches are what makes you stand out this year. Keeping it simple is too overrated. The best way to stand out is going for the unconventional things and knowing this is extremely important for any gentleman. So, have you made up your mind? What guys fashion trends are you going to opt for this year? It’s only a matter of style. The outfit that best speaks to you is the key to your success.


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