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Quick Guide: Watches and Jewelry

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In world in which there is more and more focus on professionalism and being yourself, watches and jewelry are both men and women’s best friends. A watch practically dictates professionalism while jewels add that necessary layer of liberty, playfulness and joy. Take a break from everything you are doing and just think about it: matching a watch with a jewel, two or three is practically a philosophy. You understand that you are bound by time and that every second counts (not only for your job, but for your life) and jewels are a reminder that, even if out time is limited to 24 hours every day, we are always free and be whoever we want to be within these hours. But matching jewels and watches is not the easiest thing in the world, especially for ladies. Let’s suppose that men can get away with it because they can keep it all simple with a watch on one hand and a bracelet on the other, but ladies have a variety of jewels at their disposal and it is always a plus if they get the right match. So we are going to be discussing some basic details that need to be taken care of, by both men and women when wearing accessories.  



Understanding the Context

Yellow-elegant-watchThis is a very important detail that is often misinterpreted by young people nowadays, although not intentionally. Watches are objects of passion, often correlated to social status, respect and good taste. Today’s youngsters understand this very well and they aspire, even from tender ages, to super brands such as Cartier or Vacheron Constantin. This is not at all something that should be frowned upon, but the context in which one can wear such items. Ideally, it is wise not to judge fashion in any way, but the social contexts that we attend are not often too idealistic, are they? The way you are dressed, the way you match your accessories and the way you move are details that everyone analyzes, so if you want to make a lasting impression, you need to be smart about how you are going to wear something when going somewhere. If you are going to wear your brand new Vacheron watch at work every day, but attend all sorts of parties with a £100 pound watch, well, that’s just showoff. You need to up your game up a little and (at least) swap them. It is always good to remember that you are not doing it for the world. You are, in fact, doing it for yourself. At the same time, it would be wise to develop a sense of whether you need plenty of accessories to match or not in the first place. The events that you are attending or the places that you need to be usually demand some sort of style, be it trendy, minimalistic, formal or informal. But we will get to these details in the mini chapters to follow. Whatever you do, just remember one thing only: match the right things at the right time! And this piece of advice is not aimed at young people only. This is something that literally everyone should keep in mind when going out. You are beautiful, you are special and you deserve to shine. So shine!  



How to Mix Them

Fashion-gold-watch-for-men Now let’s talk about some tips and tricks as to how you want to mix your watches and jewelry in the right way so that you can get that perfect look you are so eager to obtain. Before reading on, we actually recommend that you take a look at our Most Popular Ways to Wear Your Bracelet guide. This will give you an excellent view about styles and you might get an idea or two about which style fits you best. If you will give it a try, you will also notice that wearing multiple bracelets is quite rewarding during the summer. Although there are many fashion enthusiasts who claim that many bracelets on one hand can heat things up (and they really do), there are plenty of light materials out there that can tailor the image you need while also making your hand feel breezy and cool. Ok, now the first and easiest thing that you need to know is that it is super easy to work your way around your center piece. You simply have to decide what jewel you want to put in the spotlight while keeping things simple all around it. The same principle is applied for watches. As an easy example, it would be a great idea if you had a relatively large watch complimented by thin bracelets of the same color. If you want to display a golden ring you can pick a watch and some bracelets that do not attract too much attention from it. Should you ever find yourself unable to master this strategy, know that you have to play with colors: a powerful tone for your center piece and lighter ones for additional adornments. What happens if you do not have a center piece? Well, your watch and your bracelets have a certain thickness and a size, right? Mix them up. Do not be afraid to try as many alternatives as you can. If you have no idea how to do this, there is some sort of unwritten rule about how to wear bracelets and watches: start by adding the largest piece to your hand, then the smallest one and then the medium one. Just measure them by the amount of space they occupy on your wrist. Also, feel free to experiment with this tip. There is no right way to wear this combination for anyone. You will find your own style in time.


Mannequin-with-purple-stone-necklaceIt’s also a good idea to match metals or other materials. In general, you will prefer to match metals with metals and other materials separately. It’s because of the glow factor. Metals shine in a special way while plastic beads do not have the same impact. But hey, maybe you can discover something that we didn’t. Match the material of your watches with that of your jewels as well. If you are going to wear a watch with a plastic band, then by all means use whatever additional materials you wish with your jewels. If you are going to wear a watch with a metal band, however, try to adjust metal bracelets for the final touch. Play with colors. This is such a great feature that many people overlook. Adding more color says a lot about both your personality and the way you choose your accessories. More colors are playful and beautiful to look at, especially during summer. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not that mixing multiple accessories of the same color is a bad thing, but more is better in terms of color. Color has a great impact in everyone’s eyes. It makes us feel happier and it is also a great indicator that the person wearing them is open minded and pleasing to relate to. Ok, but what if you are not much of a bracelet fan and you do not want your watch to stand out too much? You always have the freedom to stack rings. The safest way for you to do this is to wear two or three rings with similar stones, but different shapes. The “rewarding” way for you to do this is to add three rings on each hand. Same color, different designs (in case you were wondering what to go with). Keep the watch as a low profile piece. The attention will be drawn to your rings no matter what (especially if you are giving a presentation or gesticulating with your hands). This style is all about diversity. Be as open as you can be. You will take pride and overjoy when you see the results.  



Keeping It Short and Simple

Modern-silver-watch As you can see, there is nothing too difficult about watches and jewelry. You only need to consider a few variables before making the final decisions. Let’s keep it short and simple and sum up everything that we discussed. First of all, think about the context. If you have exquisite pieces that you feel comfortable with and you also want to take pride in, use them for some special occasion. Do not attempt to show off; that’s just not nice and you won’t feel too good about yourself either. Since the subject is also about watches, you will want to focus on the jewels that you are wearing on your hands most of the time. Rings and bracelets are your allies. You can always focus on a centerpiece (usually the watch); combine bracelets, rings and watches’ sizes (the large, small, medium sequence always works); match metals with metal watches, plastic band watches with diverse, colorful materials and add plenty of color if you feel like it. Many people underestimate color. Lastly, attempt to stack rings if you want to put your beautiful hands and fingers in the spotlight. Do not overdo the watch in this case. Keep it simple. Now that you are equipped with the knowledge, it’s time to go out there and look good.



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