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Reasons You Didn't Get Handmade Jewellery


Today’s subject is more about fashion social psychology rather than how to match jewelry and why. Maybe you’ve struggled with the notion that you want handcrafted jewellery and you’ve wanted it for a very long time. You might not exactly be sure as to why you never bought pieces like these before. You had reasons, you had your own doubts and we will talk about them today. The truth is that, no matter what you told yourself or what anybody else told you about handmade jewelry, it all falls down to one single variable: education. Not necessarily the education that you receive in school, but the fashion education that you absorb every day. You look at your family, at your peers in school, you look at the people you meet at work and those you go out with and the truth is that you do not see many handmades out there, do you? They are either rare or worn by some people who you do not necessarily look up to, mom never wears such things and the girl you have a crush on is too busy wearing Gucci and Prada to worry herself with some handmade bracelet. This is the part when we admit that fashion education is a very important part of our lives. We will go through some of the reasons that might have passed your mind and we will try to shed some light onto them so that you can also have a view from the other side.  




Pearl-braceletClothes and class have gone hand in hand ever since the dawn of fashion. Since ancient times, people started decorating themselves to show that they have more and that they are above others in both look and spirit. While this tradition is quite natural and understandable, one must not fall into extremism and think that some jewels are beneath others. Fashion has always been a reason for celebration. The way one looks is a reflection of who they are inside and, most often, when you compliment someone on how they look you are indirectly complimenting them for whom they are inside. It is important to realize that the only significant difference between a person wearing an expensive brand and another wearing a handmade jewel is how they treat each other. If a girl wearing the handmade offers it to the girl with the expensive brand and she is being refused and looked down upon, well, you might have already formed your own impression about how important that strong brand is if the person wearing it is not willing to celebrate the differences. The world we live in is not one in which class is celebrated from outside towards our inner selves. It is, in fact, the other way around. Fashion is not something you argue about, but something you take joy in.  



“You Are Better Than Them”

Pearl-necklace-in-a-box Fashion education starts at home, as soon as you are old enough to perceive that people dress in different ways for home and work. Maybe you noticed that mom looks a lot different when she wakes up in the morning and puts all her makeup on, wears a very nice dress and a silver bracelet. Dad is also very good looking, with a newly ironed shirt, a tie and the ever present watch. They look different after they’ve come back, with modest shirts and house shoes, but mom still kept her silver bracelet and dad forgot to take his watch off. A few years later you come back from school where you saw your colleague with a beautifully crafted bracelet, with many colorful gems and a very powerful brown color. You tell mom and dad that you want a bracelet just like that. The next day you receive one that is all silvery and shiny and has a very sparkly yellow part in the shape of your initial. Apart from receiving your first beautiful jewel, you also get your first “Here, this is much better”. And that is how you “get educated” that you are much better for the first time. It is quite normal for parents to cherish their children and to want to give them the best possible gifts in the world, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions, after all. When you are being told that you are above someone else, the principle that all humans are equally beautiful is literally shattered. Imagine how the entire scenario could play out after these series of events. Go to school with your shiny new bracelet, perhaps miss making a good friend because the colleague with the handmade bracelet felt sorry she did not have the same bracelet as you did and it could also turn out that all the people who are interested in your shiny new accessory are only interested in that: the accessory, not you. We live in a world in which it is very easy to fall from celebrating beauty into superficiality. Fashion education can actually make the world a better place and it can all start home, with the purchase of a handcrafted jewellery piece.  



The People Who Wear Handcrafts and Other Reasons

Vintage-white-braceletOne other reason as to why you refused to buy handcrafted jewelry is because you are not exactly an admirer of those who wear them in the first place. You grow older and see that this style stuck for people in high school and perhaps some people just starting college. Then you go to work and see that only one colleague is wearing a handcrafted necklace with a modest dress. And to top it off, the people do not really speak kindly of her when they go out for a smoke. Now you are not interested at all. There are two terms in sociology known as common knowledge and scientific knowledge. Most of us live with common knowledge on a daily basis. We see something and then assume that the rest of the world is exactly the same. And then you occasionally get struck by scientific knowledge and find out that some of the people wearing handmades are, I fact, the coolest people you have ever known. This is yet another reason why fashion is all about seeing the beauty in others. You would be surprised as to how many people in fashion wear handmade accessories on a daily basis. You would also be surprised how many great people there are in the world who you might be judging and they would be your best friends, the people who you would have most fun with and your most trusted confidents. But superficiality blocks us from time to time and it holds us back from realizing what an extraordinary world we live in. What other reasons have you thought about that made you not buy handmades? They are cheap? Maybe you are unaware that there are handmade pieces valued in between £200 and £400 out there. Oh, and you are also giving your local economy a great boos by purchasing regional handmade jewels. They take too long to be made? Not all the time. But yes, some really take weeks or months to be completely finished, but the reward is that you will have an exclusive jewel that nobody else on this planet has. As a bonus, you can also consider the legacy feature: a jewel that nobody has and you can leave it behind for the generations to come. They are hard to match? We actually did a piece yesterday on Most Effective Tactics to Wear your Handmade Necklace. There are tips and tricks inside as to how you can wear necklaces with other jewels as well. And maybe you fell into the trap of thinking that handmades are not for any kind of occasion. Guess again, we even explained in the previously mentioned guide how handmade jewels are made for any event.



Pearl-bracelet-with-earrings Looking back, this might be a little too much information to swallow in one piece, so we will make a short summary here about everything you need to know. To begin with, take a moment and talk to yourself about how you were educated into fashion. It needs to be an honest talk within you, nothing anybody should know about. Then run through all the reasons that we stated above and the extra reasons that you might have. Are all those reasons actually good reasons that impede you from buying handmade jewelry or avoiding the people who wear it? Once you have had your honest inner talk, you will probably make a decision about whether you should change something or not. Nobody will know and nobody will judge you, but you should consider that, maybe for a second, you are missing out on a style, a world and people that could turn out to be some of the coolest people in your life. It is always worth a shot. And perhaps, at one point, you will realize that all the reasons that held you back were, in fact, no reasons at all.