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Replica Celebrity Jewelry


Now why would you want replica celebrity jewelry? There are plenty of jewels to go around, you have endless options if you just decide to shop online or if you take it to the nearest store. And why not go for the jewels that buy in the first place? These are all questions that you have asked yourself and you might have come up with the answer or not. So let’s take it step by step and develop on the subject.  



Why These Jewels?

Woman-has-a-hatLet’s take a look at our thought process first. Why do we need replica jewels? We like a celebrity. We like what they stand for, we like how they play in their movies, we like their music and we like the way the show themselves to the world. Fair enough. We want the same jewels that they wear. But what if we don’t get them. That’s not an option. We want those jewels. Nothing else. We do not settle for anything else and things are going to end up badly if we are not getting our hands on those jewels. This sounds like pride, doesn’t it? But it’s not the sort of pride that mom and dad would scold you for. It’s the sort of pride that makes you who you are. You want to wear something because you want to look and feel like someone you respect. Any other jewel simply won’t do because it does not give you that specific feeling. You want to be like that. This is the part when imitation joins the game. Imitation plays a huge part in defining ourselves. We live in a world that’s inhabited by 7 billion people and we are constantly being asked who we are. The truth is that we don’t know yet. We need to imitate, put ourselves in different situations and see how they feel. Wearing replica jewelry is the equivalent of putting yourself in one such situation and this is why we need these jewels.


Now that was the emotional side. We’ve dealt with this part of ourselves, so let’s think about our pragmatic self as well. Celine Dion wore the Heart of the Ocean reproduction back in 1998. That piece is worth $20,000. Can we afford it? No. Is it worth affording? Not unless you are a collector of sorts. Jewels cost money. It has always been like this and it is always going to be like this. When you think about jewels you automatically have to think about the money that you are going to take out of your pocket. So what is going to be? Are you willing to spend a couple of hundreds or thousands of dollars just because you want a jewel or are you gong to play the smart game and purchase something that is very similar to the original for a more cost efficient price? If you went for the second option we congratulate you. And there is one more trick that you should be aware of. Whether you are actually looking for this specific life hack or not, you should know that replica jewelry, especially the one gone viral, has chances of not looking cheap, even if you buy them from modest prices. This is because people know about them. A huge part of the “fashion enthusiast” group are in fact fashion amateurs. So if they are going to see you with a jewel that resembles that of a celebrity’s even a little bit you will immediately get a compliment. But do not take this for granted. You never know who you encounter. Some people are amateurs, but some can spot a replica from a mile away. So should the subject ever arise you need to do one thing and one thing only: be honest about it. There is absolutely no shame in buying replica. It is actually one of the smartest things you can do.  



Taking Your Pick

Woman-has-a-red-shirt There have been so many great on-stage appearances with gorgeous jewels that it is literally impossible to fit them all in one article, but what we can do is give you some appropriate examples of how you can look at super jewels and then go on the hunt for replica celebrity jewelry. One of the most common and, above all, loved examples is the Victoria Beckham Emerald Green Ring. This ring is the bomb if you want to dress to impress for a party or a local event. What is so glamorous about this ring is that it is a very discreet statement piece. You either notice it from the very beginning or all it takes is for the wearer to raise their hand up just once and you are glued. Literally. Now if you wanted to purchase the actual jewel you would have to think about a few hundred pounds at least, but if you want to go replica you can think about a maximum of £100. That’s a huge difference (and we can guarantee that you can find this particular jewel for as little as £80 if you struggle). This is playing the smart game. You have to understand that all those extra hundred pounds would have gone on a more expensive metal and gemstone which would have been more difficult to take care of and which you should have worn rarely. Now you only pay for the fact that Victoria Beckham wore a similar jewel a few years back. Is it worth it? Totally. Another particularly loved example is  the scripted love ring. This is one of our favorites because of the fact that they are super controversial. The trend was first launched by Jennifer Lopez a few years back and caused some of the wildest reactions among fashion amateurs. “Oh my god, how could she do that?” “How could she come up with such a weak look?” “My god that is so cliché.” Every amateur started to cry about how this look is horrible and shallow how it is not going to make it, yet you see girls day by day walk past you with name tags, scripted rings and other similar jewels that have written things all over them.


Jennifer Lawrence surly had to pay a little but more for that ring. It was made of gold, who know who made it, those sorts of details add up to the final price tag, but you can get a scripted ring for as little as £3. The rest is all money that you would have wasted. And you get both advantages from this action: you get what you want and you pay close to nothing for it. These are two particular examples that easily come to mind and the main reason we gave them was to give you an idea about how you should think this through. Apply this concept to any jewel that you want, no matter how controversial it is and no matter what people tell you. The truth is that you need to pile up all those experiences until you can finally say that you found yourself. There is no shame in trying any type of jewelry, but it is very important that you play it smart. You will get the taste in time and you will know how to separate the jewels that truly fit you from those which you were once because of a childhood crush.  



Important Things to Remember

Girl-has-a-beautiful-hairWe learned something productive today, didn’t we? Replica jewelry is actually one of the smartest things you can resort to if you want to look cool and be smart about how you deal with your money. But there is more to that. It’s about finding yourself in other people and gradually creating your own image. It fun, it’s exciting, it can be terrifying, but in the end it will get you exactly where you need to be. It’s very interesting to think about replica jewelry in this way and what is most important is that this is a perspective that not most people embrace or they will even encourage you not to. Why? Because it’s different. Why buy cheaper jewels? Why not save money and buy that super expensive jewel that you want so much?


Why don’t you want to be like some celebrity and you want to be like yourself instead? These are practically the questions that society asks of you whenever you want to be different. Don’t answer them. You do not need to answer them and you are not even supposed to. Replica celebrity jewelry is a great decision if you both want to find yourself and manage yourself appropriately. You do not need expensive jewels to define yourself and you clearly do not need to work to buy an object. Work for yourself to find your better self, use jewelry and fashion to your advantage and become who you are supposed to become. Celebrities are not up there wearing jewels because they want expensive jewels. They found themselves first, they got to another level and only then could they afford something a little bit above the average. Follow the same path and be different.