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Rhinestone - Supercharge Your Look

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Let’s get something straight: if you are a huge diamond fan, but because of various reasons you cannot wear diamonds, the rhinestone is the next best option you can rely on. This stone is also known as diamante and it was initially made out of rock crystal. Things changed after the 19th century when rhinestones started being made out of crystal glasses. These lovely jewels have a rather interesting story because they were made famous by the Czech Republic in the previously mentioned century, but their actual name came from the Rhine River located in Austria.


The rhinestone is by far one of the most precious stones in women’s eyes, not only because it can easily replace diamonds, but because of its intense sparkle and elegant look. There are few jewels in the world that can match a diamond’s beauty. The fact that rhinestones match it almost perfectly, sometimes equally to the naked eye, makes them a must have in any jewel collection. Our purpose today is to give you a proper introduction into their world and point out the reasons as to why you might want to supercharge your looks with these gorgeous stones.  



Rhinestones’ Lives

Necklace-with-precious-stonesThe first thing you need to know about these gracious stones is that they are man-made. They require a fine touch and excellent craftsmanship so that the final piece be both beautiful and gracious. Firstly, fine glass needs to be combined with a certain metal so that the desired color be born; then everything is compressed into molds. When the mold is ready, the gemstones undergo a process of removal, grounding and polishing. Sometimes the resulting jewels also undergo a process called foiling. This implies that a coating be added to the stone’s backside for two specific reasons: a better shine and it is also a great surface that protects the jewel from glue. Once all these steps are completed, rhinestones are attached to any jewel of your desire: earrings, rings, brooches, you name it. As you can see, rhinestones embark in a great adventure, even before they are born as actual jewels. There is great pride in wearing them, especially now that you know they all come with some sort of story. It is like a mutual benefit: you know that the jewel comes with a story, you feel that you should carry that story onward and imbue the jewel with emotional experiences to enrich that story and, at the same time, rhinestones make you shine fabulously during any event that you wish to attend. There is something in it for you and the jewel.  



Things That You Might Not Have Heard About Rhinestones

Retro-bracelets-with-gemstones We know what you’re thinking about. They are just rhinestones and they are second to diamonds, so why would we bother with fun fact or what ifs? You will be surprised to find out that rhines have a lot of interesting stories in their history, some of which you might not have ever suspected. So let’s hop in the ride together and see what could possibly make rhines so interesting. First things first, did you know that there is an entire group European vintage fans who attribute extra names to the most important pieces stones in the world? Yes, the rhinestone is one of these most appreciated gemstones. Remember that we mentioned in the beginning that it is also called diamante? This is one of the names that this gemstones has received.


It is also known as paste or strass and the fact that it gets this much attention should be a sign for you that it’s time to add one such accessory to your collection. Swarovski initiated a new era of jewelry making back in 1891 when he presented a machine that literally converted glass into facets. Rhinestones were used then and they are being used to this very day. To make things very clear, if you are planning to enter the jewelry market and establish some sort of diamante business, it’s pretty difficult to keep up the pace with these gems. It is Swarovski after all. The Aurora Borealis is another example of how Swarovski set the standards back in 1955. This particular coating technique did nothing more than push both Swarovski and the jewels they were using forward, ensuring that rhinestones were “up there”. Have you heard of Nudie Cohn? Back in the 40s, Cohn literally jumped to celebrity status just by wearing suit creations that were made out of rhinestones. This is also why they are substituted for sequins up to this day. So let’s look at everything we’ve got: enthusiasts are giving them names, Swarovski managed to make history using them, twice, and they also had the power to make fashion celebrities. What is there not to like about rhinestones? Nothing. These seem to be jewels that were designed to make history. And this is why you might want to try them on yourself. Who knows, the fashion articles that will be written in 2060 will have your name in them.  



The Shapes That You Should Be Looking for

DiamondYou need to know that, at least when it comes to rhinestones, you literally have a ton of shape that you can choose from. Some are more elegant while others work well in any form you want them. We are going to go through the majority of shapes so that you can get a clear idea as to how many you can choose from. At the same time, we will also give you some suggestions about how to use them based on the occasion. You can imagine the shape of a jewel if it is called baguette, right? It’s pretty much the shape of a loaf of bread. The most common variation is the rectangular shape, but there is another very much appreciated design that basically has one end wider than the other. This one is known as the tapered baguette. Both shapes are designed to equip you with the formal look that you are looking for. As long as shapes are straight, they are good for anything that you consider and know to be quite serious. You are also very accustomed to the chaton.


Even if the term does not ring a bell, this is the diamond shape that you see in every marketing campaign. With 8 faces both on the top and the bottom of the jewel, this will make a fine addition to any ring, earring and necklace that you wish to pair them with. There is a lot of debate as to whether the chaton is a formal or informal piece of jewelry. Given the fact that its shapes are straight, it would be fair to call it formal, but the overall exotic shape that the piece has also gives it a pretty good excuse to be worn anywhere as long as it is done stylishly. The Marquis, or the oval cut if we were to put it simply, is a very fine choice if you want to attend anything informal and super friendly environments in general. Although its degree of formality sort of shifts based on the jewel’s size (smaller for informal, larger for formal), you can feel free to toy with the shapes as you please. There are two points on each side that are usually flat, making them great stones to place in rings and earrings. You can also imagine what a Pear Cut is. Also seen as reverse tear drops, pear cut rhinestones are splendid if matched with the appropriate necklace. This exquisite shape never fails to capture everyone’s attention and the curves work exceptionally well with your slender body. We dare say that this is a must have shape in any woman’s jewelry box. Lastly we have the triangle cut. Simple, elegant, there is something very royal about this shape. In our not so humble opinion, these work best on a necklace, although a carefully placed brooch on your belt would not be a bad idea either. Maybe have them combined and that will do the trick. Either way, it is hard not to spot them and they can be used as statement jewelry with great ease.



Small-diamond So let’s see what we have: a gemstone that has an interesting and diverse history, the best replacement for diamonds with a very similar look, a gemstone that can live its own story for generations (and add plenty to your story as well), it has the capacity to make history and it comes in so many shapes that you can always find a reason to buy them. Rhinestones are some of the most precious gems that you can add to your collection and you are bound to make a great impression with them. Not only on others, but on yourself as well. We have often talked and agreed upon the fact that jewels need to make us feel confident, give us the inner strength and looks that we desire on the inside and on the outside. This is what makes rhinestones so precious: they ca easily accomplish these needs. Guess it’s time you got supercharged, right?


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