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Rihanna's Past - Humble Beginnings


Rihanna has made a name for herself in a world which was not entirely welcoming to her. Many critics are… not critical at all when it comes to her and they describe her in many flattering ways: chic, exotic, gorgeous, sexy and sublime. She has sold millions of albums, has an excellent voice and her musical career has never been better. Still, she is not the kind who forgets all about her past and bathes within her own glory. Rihanna’s past is a means of learning new things – about life and about herself. She remembers where she came from and that is going to stay with her for the rest of her life. The entire world can agree upon one thing: Rihanna has the power to captivate audiences.


And while some of the people believe that she was born with this talent, they might not be aware of how untrue that is. This is why, today, we are going to talk about how everything started. Where did Rihanna come from? How did she ascend into her career so quickly and what makes her stand out from the rest of the artists? Because, let’s be fair, she really has that something that many other artists still do not possess after years of experience. Before we move on, if you do not know anything about Rihanna’s life story, we should tell you that it was just as difficult as any other human being’s. She was not lucky, she did not have anybody with a lot of money to back her up and she did not end up indulging in all sorts of pleasures once she got famous. On the contrary, what you see behind fancy dresses and a gorgeous voice is a girl who had to experience a lot of hardships to get here.  



Where It All Began

Rihanna-wears-an-elegant-dressIn a family of two, who then became three. Two, Barbadian and Guyanese, parents welcomed their daughter into the world on the 20th of February 1988. Her name was Robyn Rihanna Fenty and, at that time, nobody knew that she would become the celebrity that we all know today. Rihanna started her life in one of the humblest, and also often humiliating, way: she sold clothes on the street. She sued to do that with her father and we suspect that this was one of the pivotal moments that created the start that we know today. In general, every popular person that we see today has had, to a certain extent, experience in sales. And we do not only mean selling things, we mean selling anything: your image, the way you talk, the way you act, literally anything. The reason why we suspect this to be a pivotal moment in her life is because sales teach you how to deal with rejection. Most people in the world are not famous or successful because they do not know how to deal with rejection. This is a key feature that you should always remember if you want to go down this path. Rihanna was used to rejection ever since she was a child. She was poor, she had to deal with a job that involves a lot of no’s and, what not everybody knows is that her father had gone into drugs and alcohol when she had a tender age. These sorts of events stay with you for life and they obviously had their toll upon her even then. She admitted to have been experienced many headaches, but she would not confine into anyone. She just kept her problems for herself and went to school. We also suspect that these kinds of experiences fuelled her artistic talent. As we all know music is art and art is painful, suffering and tragic. All of these variables might have all added up to give Rihanna the will to move onward. In the end, we all have different goals and desires, but our needs are the same. Rihanna might have always felt the need to share her pain with the rest of the world, which gave birth to the star that we know of today. People from all over the world have the same needs. The secret to her success is that we all want to know that we are not alone and, because she sings, Rihanna fulfills the knowledge that the only thing standing between you and your happiness is the fact that you think that you are alone. She proves that you are not.  



The Beginning of Her Career

Rihanna-wears-a-black-parka We pretty much have Evan Rogers to thank for that. Rogers witnessed her great talent and decided to take one step forward. He used to arrange 1 on 1 meetings with Rihanna, separated from those with her colleagues, so that he could figure out whether she was actually the star he believed her to be. And she was. Because she was worthy, she eventually had to leave her family and live with Rogers in Connecticut. They both decided that the career was worth a shot and they began creating demos and working on her campaign. The miracle happened in 2005 when she auditioned for Def Jam Records. Jay Z himself witnessed her talent and he did not hesitate for a second. Eight months after that, she was releasing her new album “Music of the Sun” and she had a huge impact among the fans all around the world. That was the moment when her career sky rocketed and, as we all know, there was no turning back afterwards. Within two years, Rihanna had gained all the confidence she needed to tailor the image we are so used to right now. Super hits such as the ones found on “A Girl Like Me” and “Umbrella” (which also featured a cameo from Jay Z) have not only created a super star, but also a sex symbol.


Now let’s take a moment and think about that: she started as a clothes seller, had to deal with a drug addict and alcoholic father, had to deal with pain every day and she ended up being a super star and a sex symbol. How fast can a girl’s world change within two years? Rihanna continuously releases new songs which become super popular hits, she continuously receives many awards which she totally deserves and her popularity will always remain at the top of the music chain now that the internet can make her work available all over the world. This is the sort of story which proves that anything is possible if you work hard, if you stay focused on your dreams and if you decide what is right for you. History could have gone in a totally different direction. She might have given in to her father’s drug addiction. She could have taken up drinking, her headaches might have gotten the best of her and she might have held poverty responsible for her condition. She could have also refused Rogers from the very beginning. She had so many ways out of the life that she lives now, but she always decided to move onward. This is the power that Rihanna inspires in all of us whenever she sings one of her songs. This is why destiny has played its card so well.  



Where to Now?

Rihanna-has-a-long-red-hairRihanna is only 28 years old. Her career is still flourishing and it does not look like it is going to stop anytime soon. But will music be her only domain? It is difficult to tell. She has already displayed great interest in fashion and her latest “almost naked” style is definitely a controversial one. Still she does not mind too much because there is nothing that can stop her. Some of her fans (and a lot of anti-Rihanna haters) are saying that it is a little bit too much. Some claim that fame has gotten to her head and that she is trying to pull off cheap schemes, but history shows that the people who are most successful are also the most rejected. She seems to be aware of that and this is perhaps why she will never care too much. The truth is that she looks very good, so why should we complain. We do not know what the future holds in store for her. Maybe that is even the wrong way to put it. The real question would be what does she have in store for her future? Her voice is great, her fashion sense is great and she always manages to release a few singles every year. Guess it’s all about the power of networking. She has some great people who she works with, her talent is undeniably good and she will always have millions of fans backing her up. As for Rihanna’s past… well, that is something we can all learn from. It takes courage, will and determination to get the job done. So what are you waiting for? Don’t you think it’s about time you did what you wanted to do? The world is waiting.