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Rules For Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry


Two of the most reoccurring questions that we have been receiving about handcrafted beaded jewelry were involved rules of how to make them and rules of how to wear them. Since they are both withing the same family, so to speak, we are going to divide today’s guide into two easy to understand parts so that you will be familiar with both subjects and have great ease in both crafting beaded jewelry and wearing it like a queen. To begin with, you should be aware of the fact that crafting beaded jewelry is not at a difficult thing to do. In fact, the rules that one needs to follow are more reliant on what to buy and how to begin to experiment with the craft rather than having a difficult list of rules that need following. In terms of how to wear, you will be pleased to find out that beads are super easy to wear with almost anything. You probably know our opinion about beads and pearls from our previous guides, but if you don’t, we can pretty much guarantee that they will catch anyone’s attention. Let’s start with what you need if you are looking into crafting your own jewel beads.  



Crafting Rules

Girl-with-curly-hairBeing patient is always step number one. You do not want to rush into making jewels that you do not know how to make or put together designs that you are not aware of at all. The first thing you need to do is to take a stroll in the local market and try to look for things that you like. This is essentially the part in which you do your homework: you need to write down what kind of designs you like, what colors you are looking for, if there are certain materials that you want to use and sometimes you even have to question whether you can easily find the things that you are looking for. Every project that you have thought of might require something different from you, so this part is quite essential if you want to start things the right way. If you rush into it, you might regret it later because of how simple the process really is. Either way, it’s good to know that if you are patient from the very beginning and give this step the required attention and time you will work wonders. So do not rush! Needless to say, the very moment you start crafting jewels you need to know that you have a goal. Luckily, with crafting handmade jewels and benefiting from the advantage that they are yours, you only need to have one specific target in mind: the object that you will create needs to please you. The you part is very important in this situation. You are making your first jewel of this kind, so you do not need to limit yourself to the opinions of others in any way. You are making it for you in the first place, right? Know that at the end of the day you should be happy with what you have accomplished, so having done your homework and attempting your best will automatically give a great result. This one is for the more competitive ones out there: it’s ok not to be pleased with your first jewel, if that is the case. It’s just because you want more. While you will also be tempted by the drive to do better, put that drive aside and think about the fact that you actually made your first jewel. Admire its imperfections. This jewel will take you a long way.


Girl-sits-in-the-water Next up, you can use repetition. Repetition is a motif that is commonly used in handcrafted beaded jewelry. It is quite normal to use, as well. There are two main reasons that fuel this practice: the materials we are working with and the philosophy behind jewels. Even from the moment you start purchasing your materials, you will perhaps notice that you won’t buy 1000 different beads. You will perhaps buy 5 or 10 beads of the same color and you will inevitably want to use that color over and over in whatever jewel you might want to design. The second reason is philosophy. We automatically create things based on our life experiences. Things always have a way of repeating themselves. Just like history, just like the events of our lives, some things just keep coming back and forth, over and over again, and this experience practically fuels an artisan’s desire to recreate the repetitive motif in their designs. It’s quite an astonishing thing to notice, but you would be surprised to know that, even if hadn’t read this guide and attempted to make the jewels on your own, you would have still used repetition. It’s just something that we do. But maybe random is not your thing, maybe you just feel that you want to create something that is totally random and follow no specific rule in designing your jewel. Do it. The truth is that there is nothing stopping you from creating any kind of jewel you want. If you feel like social perception is an inhibitor, there is no better moment for you to get rid of this false mentality. As we mentioned earlier, your jewel needs to please you, not anybody else. This is not a fashion contest in which you are competing with another 20 people to see who designs the best thing. The fact that you designed your own jewelry is already the best thing.  



How to Wear Beaded Jewels

Beautiful-girl-with-black-dress This one is quite easy. Anything that has beads in it is beautiful. It’s just a given and it might be one of the luckiest things that we will ever encounter. As long as you add any spherical shape onto your body, especially on a female body, you are guaranteed to rock the house. Men have it a little more difficult because of their square-ish body shapes, but even they can delight themselves in round watches and cufflinks. Adding beads to a woman’s already lovely round shapes can only be a plus. The best way to get away in style is to wear pearls. Some of them come with very affordable prices and handmade beaded jewelry can always use some more pearls in its designs. Pearls are timeless, they are vintage and they are absolutely gorgeous. If you want to, look at the majority of famous jewel collections. Each and every one of them boasts (at least once) with some superb pearl designs that are bound to attract everyone. So it is wise to think about adding pearls to your jewels no matter what. A common trend nowadays is to wear multiple strands of these magnificent beauties. The key is to get some sort of layer effect that not only makes you look beautiful, but adds diversity to your wardrobe. This is where the repetitive motif kicks in: you are practically wearing the same design, over and over again, but the impression is that your adornments are extremely diverse and well adjusted. Oh, and in case you are not yet aware, white is not the only color pearls come into. You can wear black pearls, lavender or you can even resort to Tahitian pearls that even come in variations of pink, blue, silver and gold. As you can see, they are quite diverse. If you are curious about how to wear pearl earrings, well, look no further. They are excellent for both day and night occasions provided that you wear them accordingly. The chandelier style is a night time choice while the geometric and long options work exceptionally well during the day. Remember: pearls are timeless, thus they can be used at any given time and any occasion. They are perhaps some of the very few accessories that are bound not to let you down whenever you need them.  


Putting the Details Together

Girl-leans-on-a-treeAs you might have noticed, there is nothing too complicated about crafting your own beaded jewelry. In fact, it is one of the many subjects that give you a great amount of freedom. There are a few basic rules that you need to keep in mind. Be patient and do your research before deciding what you want to make and see what materials you need. There are plenty of people out there who make this basic mistake and completely neglect the research. This part points you in the exact direction that you need to follow. Ensure that you are making beaded jewels for yourself and not for the admiration of others. The art of the craft does not work that way. You are the most important variable in this process. Use repetition if you want to keep it simple. If not, go ahead and make something unique. The sky is the limit. As for how you can wear beads, we definitely recommend pearls. Both easy to use and exceptionally beautiful, you can use these beauties in layers (both on your wrists and as your necklaces) and combine them with some gorgeous night or day time earrings for an excellent look.