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Rules for Wearing Braclets


We have spoken about women’s bracelets a lot, but what about men? Men wear braclets too, right? And they are some of the most interesting pieces of jewelry men can wear, especially if we consider that men do not wear jewelry too often. However, even though gentlemen resort to these types of accessories, there are rules that they need to follow as well. It is not something imperative, mind you, but we are here to make sure that these rules will make you gentlemen stand out in the best way possible and not attract unwanted attention. On the same note, we will also suggest a few bracelet brands that you will be more than happy to check out. They all fulfill the requirements to make you look excellent and we honestly recommend that you give them a go. You will not be disappointed. Now let us dive into the art of bracelets so that you can see how things are done.  



What You Must Know

Shy-girl-with-braceletsIt is crucial not to fill yourself up with too many bracelets or very large ones. Keep it as simple as you can. Men do not usually wear jewelry to begin with, so if you show up with a really chick bracelet, either simple or paired with another accessory, you are bound to make good impact. If you want to be bold, however, try to match a few bracelet types based on our Most Popular Ways to Wear Your Bracelet guide (avoid the nail polish tips, though). Some gentlemen have the talent of matching many bracelets on both hands, yet this is known to be a more informal style. It depends on your personality and what style you believe fits you best. Do not be afraid to experiment. You might actually find that you enjoy more pieces and that they suit you well, even during formal occasions. The minimalist style could be of great help in this particular area. If you are going to wear something bold, allow it to stand out.


A larger bracelet should not make it difficult for the eye to swap from it to your watch and vice versa. As long as you want to make a solid impression with a cool bracelet you must always make sure that your outfit is “the background”. Avoid going too glittery. The kind of attention you want mostly relies on simplicity and good taste. If you meet those two criteria, you’re good to go. On the other hand, if you do not want your bracelet to be your top attention-drawing accessory, you must carefully consider what other accessories you want to equip yourself with. Discrete braclets work well with discrete necklaces or with the appropriate watch. As far as watch-bracelet matches go, you do not need to trouble yourself with choosing too much. Just be aware of the fact that they do not need to match perfectly. If your watch is the star of the night make sure that you match its length with that of the bracelet. If the watch is narrow, however, it is best to keep the bracelet in the same way. As for necklaces, consider only these two variables: length and chain size. The same rule applies as with watches: decide on which piece you want to take center stage or balance them. If the chain is your main piece, choose a stylish one that get everyone’s attention. It doesn’t have to be big. A good reflection and contrast with your shirt will be enough to do the trick. Balancing requires going for (almost) the same chain and bracelet color.



Girl-has-gold-bracelets If you are wearing rings, pay close attention to your hands. Can the ring hand support a bracelet? If it does, try to add something casual that will not make it look too crowded, just beautifully decorated. If your ring hand does not support a bracelet, you have more freedom of adding something daring to the other hand. As long as metals or colors match you are in a safe zone. But what about if you have rings on both hands? There is a way out of this as well: wearing many bracelets on both hands. We refer you to the same guide that we did above, but if you want to keep things extremely simple you only need to know that you can play with different bracelet types and your rings’ colors. There is no way you can get that wrong. Whatever you are wearing, wear it with taste. Don’t resort to leather cuffs you bought in high school or that were too big for you a couple of years ago. If you want to wear a bracelet, wear something made out of a stylish, modern metal. You need to look like a gentleman, not like you just got out of high school. Do not worry about thickness and metal variety, those are the least of your concerns. Do your braclets and additional accessories work well with your outfit? This is, more or less, the final touch that you should be aware of. Suit up, add everything that you need to add and look in the mirror. The best thing about this part is that your eye will be smart enough to detect if something is wrong with how you are dressed. Colors that don’t match, an extra bead that is not supposed to be there, a necklace that takes everything away from your overall image, you will be able to spot what is wrong and where. A good idea is to suit up with a pair of desired clothes and go check bracelets in any shop. This way you will make sure that you are buying exactly what you need.  



Brands You Want to Try

Girl-admires-her-braceletNow if we want to round everything up in a stylish way, you must know that a rule for wearing bracelets is wearing some of the greatest ones around. This is why we prepared a short list of top brands that are there at any user’s disposal to check. It is not mandatory that you wear these particular brands, but they will at least give you an idea of what goods you can find out there and what standards you can set. Northskull, for instance, is the perfect addition to your hand if you want to give that mixed young-do not mess with me impression, all in quite a formal way. The skull bracelet is their most popular, of course, but you can find other models that are equally interesting. This brand is very appreciated among men. Trashness is another good option and you will see why if you check their Facebook. Although a relatively young company founded in 2012, Trashness has not yet failed in pleasing men with exceptional designs, also ranging from super casual formal. Miansai is the kind of company which not only prides itself with great sales, but they also have a “how it’s made” section where they explain how their bracelets are being made. The anchor bracelet seems to be their specialty, although there are many more leather designs that seem to share similar interest amongst customers. And last, but not least, definitely give Brooks Brothers a try. It is a high prestige company founded all the way back in 1818. This is one of the greatest companies that you want to buy from especially because of the heritage feature. Think about it: not only do you find and purchase great bracelets, but they are the sort that you can leave behind for your grandchildren. You do not find this kind of bracelet exclusivity at every corner.  



Everything You Need to Know

Girl-has-bracelets Considering the wall of text above, you might be tired and think that there is too much to remember. Not to worry. As usual, you can find everything summed up down here. Remember not to super fill yourself with too many bracelets all the time. Simplicity will always look good and be cool. Not many men wear jewelry in the first place, so you can totally nail it just by wearing one bracelet. Yet, if you want to go for something completely bold, keep the rest of your outfit low profile. Let your desired accessory stand out. Consider all of your accessories wisely. You do not want people to get confused and not know if they should be looking at your bracelet or your watch. You either balance two pieces with discursion or you let one stand out and keep the others in the background. Notice if a ring-bracelet combination is too much for your hand. You have two options: wear a bracelet-ring combo if it looks good or wear the ring on one hand and the bracelet on the other. Wearing rings on both hands? Time to up your game and accessorize yourself to the max on both hands. Wear bracelets with taste. Brands like Northskull, Trashness, Miansai and Brooks Brothers can help you with setting appropriate standards. Look for modern metals and not plastic bracelets you wore in high school. The last step is checking yourself in the mirror. Everything looks great? Excellent. Something doesn’t fit? You’ll see and redo accordingly.