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Sapphires - A Girl's New Best Friends?


Ok, let’s talk about sapphires. Just like the peridot, these precious stones seem to be making a comeback this year. They are beautiful, chick and can prove to be one of the best replacements for diamonds because they are made out of corundum. Corundum is known to be the second hardest substance that can be found on this planet after diamonds. There is no reason not to love them and their rapid ascension makes them some of the most desirable stones of 2016.  



Sapphire - From Past to Present

Sapphire-braceletThe word sapphire was initially a Latin word (sapphiru), which translates into blue.  While you may think that they only come in blue and all its nuances, sapphires are actually available in every color except the red one. Red corundum is known as the ruby. The interesting thing is that some shops in the world have put a wide number of weird colors at the public’s disposal such as orange, purple, green and even black. So if you were wondering about the sapphire being a blue color only, think again. You can use these stones with any color on any outfit. Just like the peridots, sapphires are associated with a specific month of the year and they are being offered as gifts for wedding anniversaries. While the former is associated with August, the Libra are given for the 3rd and 16th anniversaries, sapphires are September’s jewel and are often given as 5th or 45th wedding anniversary gifts. Interestingly enough, the sapphire has also gathered good energy over time, has an astral correlation and the strong gemstone is associated with strong love. They are widely spread across the world, having been found in Kashmir, Australia, Cambodia and China. A great number of sapphires that are for sale nowadays come from Kashmir, Madagascar and Ceylon. Being so widespread all over the globe, it is no wonder that these precious gems are considered to be a girl’s best friend. If you want to have one, you are most likely going to find it in your nearest jewelry shop. The sapphires that are considered most valuable are the mid color blue ones that have a concentrated hue. The reason why they attain their value is that, due to the hue, their color remains the same no matter the angle from which the light strikes the gem. If you are at a dinner party or on the beach your jewel will look exactly the same. This is one of the rarest qualities in gemstones.  



The Millennium Sapphire

Sapphire-ring If you are into sapphires or you want to enter and explore this world, you need to know about the Millennium Sapphire. This is the largest cut and polished gem of its kind in the world, with a 61,500 carat weight. It is ok if you do not know about any other gemstone in the world, but if you are wearing or planning to wear sapphires, you simply need to know about this piece. Royalty has appreciated these beauties over the years and the stone’s “soul characteristics” are dignity and loyalty. This is also the reason why the stone is given for wedding anniversaries and celebrates love. There is no true love without loyalty and dignity, is there? It might also be gifted because of it correlation to a higher social status. Those who truly love are kings and queens over their own universes. Finally, the industry is giving sapphires great attention. The majority of natural sapphires will undergo some kind of heat treatment in order to improve clarity and color. While some believe that this is an unnecessary practice and takes away the gem’s raw value, the truth is that all these procedures are being undergone so that the sapphire can be more resistant to breaking or even chipping. But how can you pinpoint whether you are actually dealing with a sapphire or not? These extraordinary gemstones can sometimes appear to be at the border between transparent and opaque, but the ones that are truly valuable the transparent ones.


If you are looking for the extra-value, however, you might be interested in are those little needle-like inclusions. Those are known as silk and fine silk can often increase a sapphire’s value by a few times. Remember that we talked about the sapphires from Kashmir? They have a vivid blue color that is caused by silk. The key to a perfect gem, though, is not having too much silk. That weakens the stone’s color, thus the value. If it has just the right about, you might have got your hands on something exquisite. People were very original when it came to sapphire shapes. You can cut this gemstone into 10 different shapes, each one more beautiful than the other. This is perfect for a girl because it offers her so many options, not only in terms of beauty, but in how she can choose them based on certain variables such as clothing, the jewels she wants to match sapphires with, the colors and even body shape. The forms are as follows: oval, cushion (a more oval-square form), octagon, pear (which actually looks more like a teardrop), square, round, marquise (a teardrop that is very narrow and sharp at both ends), trilliant (like an oval triangle) and cabochon (a narrower oval form). Let’s go through sapphire treatment so you understand exactly what the industry is doing to them when they heat them up. Firstly, sapphires are put in environments with temperatures that can reach 1700-1800 degrees Celsius. This occurs before they are being cut. Star sapphires also undergo a refining process called diffusion so that star quality can be improved and beryllium treatment is used on colored sapphires so that red and orange colors can emerge.  



Top 3 Kinds of Sapphire

Crystal-ringsIf you have already made up your mind that these precious gemstones are going to be your best friends, here are an additional 3 very important stones that you should know of. There is something very sexy about wearing jewels and knowing your thing. You already know about the Millennium Sapphire, so let’s get you immersed into some pieces that are not known by many, but carry significant importance. Firstly, we have the Star of India. Weighing 536 carats, the Star of India is a piece that is most prized in all of Asia and by sapphire enthusiasts. It was discovered by Sri Lanka and then graciously donated to the American Museum of Natural history. The donor was J.P. Morgan whose name shall forever remain in history. Secondly, the Rockefeller sapphire is a piece that was purchased in 1934 by John D. Rockefeller himself. An Indian maharajah offered this precious 62 carat gemstone to Rockefeller, whom in turn gave it a great historical value through his name. The Rockefeller sapphire was sold in 2011 by Christies for approximately $3 million. And thirdly, we shall speak about the Logan Sapphire. This gracious jewel is exposed at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and it is known to be the largest blue faceted jewel of its kind in human history. The cushion-cut 423 carat gem is surrounded by 16 carats of diamonds and it was initially found in Sri Lanka.


While you were reading all of these you might have come to the conclusion that you will pack some of your things up and go buy a sapphire. That would be quite nice, so let us just share how you should take care of your sapphires. Yes, they do require attention and it is best that you give it to them from time to time so that maximum quality can be maintained. Warm, soapy water and soft cloth are everything you need to take care of these jewels, only that you should bear in mind to rinse well. You do not want to leave soap behind under any circumstances since it will add up over time. Do not expose it to extreme temperatures because you might end up with a different color than the one you started with. Keep them away from diamonds when you store them. Diamonds can actually scratch sapphires. Now here is the usual quick recap on everything you need to know about the girl’s new best friend, the sapphire: the most precious ones are the blue ones, but you can find them in different colors as well, even in orange, purple, green and black. They go through heating processes so that they do not get chipped or broken easily. They can be found around most of the world, so purchasing one can be fast and accessible. They are made of corundum, the second hardest substance on Earth after diamonds. Sapphires are associated with September, 5th and 45th wedding anniversary gifts and royalty. They are also a strong love symbol. In terms of sapphire history, you should be aware of the Millennium Sapphire which is the largest cut and polished gem of its kind in the world, with a 61,500 carat weight. Keep your sapphires clean, away from extreme temperatures and away from diamonds. Now you only need to pick the shape that you like most and watch yourself shine.