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Secrets Behind Jewelry Names


We all love jewels, don’t we? They are precious objects that are both made of materials of great value or that have been associated with certain aspirations over time. Their purpose does not only stop at making us feel and look more beautiful, but they also reveal a part of our true self. Some would actually say that the way we wear jewels is actually an extension of our souls. Seeing a jewel makes impact, but so does hearing its name. Jewelry names are something completely special. 



Jewel Names and a Little History

Jewelry-boxJewel names have a certain resonance. Some of them exude humility and grace while others give a feeling of total beauty and power. Take a moment and think about how your mind perceives amethyst and how it perceives aquamarine. Some of us understand amethyst as something quite mystical while others see it as a rather modest jewel. Aquamarine, despite having its strong correlation to water, exudes a feeling of beauty, eternity and peace. Names are the second best thing after seeing the jewel simply because your mind can twist and turn them until it reaches the level of beauty it wants to see. It should come as no surprise that jewels’ names have carried secrets accumulated over thousands of years. Today we are going to talk about these secrets in a little more detail.


First of all, we need to admit that human beings have this extraordinary power to infuse objects with divine energy, or strip them of it entirely. Gemstones, for instance, are some of the objects that people have been toying with for millennia. Thus mystics, philosophers, believers in general, have claimed that each stone has some sort of divine energy. Perhaps the best collection of gemstones and all of their characteristics was encompassed by George Kunz in his Curious Lore of Precious Stones. The thing is that Kunz was no philosopher or divine crystal believer. He was the most experienced gemologist at Tiffany & Co. back in the ‘10s and he paved the way for the colored stone demand that followed years later. Kunz was an anthropologist of some sort and we can make this claim based on the methods he used. He was sure that he could unlock the secrets behind rare gemstones if he could only see how certain cultures used them under certain circumstances. In the end, if he could witness the entire process and make the right connection, he would have been able to pinpoint exactly who and why is using these rare gemstones.


The reason why Kunz was not entirely and anthropologist, however, is that he was not primarily interested in the people he was studying, but the gemstones themselves. In the end Kunz admitted that his studies seemed rather unusual for the period he lived in, but he was courageous enough to claim that people appreciate them either for a natural property that they have or because humans simply associate them with some inexplicable force. We are going to make our way into a variety of rare gemstones and try to find out what their secrets are based on name and properties. We will also try to make some assumptions based on correlation with the English language because, after all, any name or translation a gemstone has received in our language is based on how our ancestors perceived them as well.  



Wordplay and Meanings

Gold-bracelet-with-pearls Let us begin with agate. This stone is believed to have protective properties. It works like a magnet for strength and it is also believed to protect its wearer from bad dreams or stress. Notice how the name can be “a gate”, a protective one which allows positive energies to flow into the wearer and dispels the dark ones. Since agate is also believed to help its wearer awaken his unknown talents, it is interesting to play with the concept that he or she can walk through the gate, through the unknown, to find parts of their selves that they have yet to meet. The amazonite is a simple example. Obviously originating from the word Amazon, this rare precious stone is believed by many to have a calming effect. Also a dispeller of dark energies, this stone is said to help its wearer pass through grief and sadness. Interestingly enough, this stone’s characteristics remind us of a boat moving slowly through the night on the Amazon. It is like the journey through the darkness, into the light.


Aventurine is yet another interesting gemstone with an easy name to remember. Many people who are fascinated with jewelry and their meanings advise those who want to earn money to wear this jewel in their left pocket for good luck. Aventurine leads to the idea of adventure and prosperity. But ones does not need to find themselves in an adventure to make good use of the gem. It is also a great adventure generator. But, in the end, isn’t life a continuous adventure? If friendship is a strong value for you, chalcedony is going to be a very precious stone. Although the name Chalcedon is the name of a city that was very close to Byzantium, this gem is mostly known because of the fact that American Indians considered it sacred. Many call it the Speaker’s Stone because it was worn by people who gave words great value and measured them before they would be spoken. Chalcedony’s divine power is to remove hostility and strengthen brotherhood. Citrine obviously makes you think about citrus, right? This stone’s important meaning can be associated both with fruits and modern psychology. In the collective mind, citrus are mostly associated with yellow and orange, both citrine colors. Modern psychology has established that both yellow and orange are colors that help educate the mind. Citrine has been known, throughout history, to aid the mind in obtaining new levels of wisdom, opening it to anything that is new. This stone is also known to create peace in the wearer’s mind.



Emerald-earringThe emerald is a great jewel to play with, not only in terms of fashion, but words as well. If you think about how “emerald” sounds, you can associate it with “immer aid”. Immer is the German word for “forever” and, if you think about, the emerald “forever aids”. Emerald has been known for generations to improve eyesight, relieve their owners of insomnia and depression and, above all else, give them psychic powers. Although there are not many people running around lifting objects with their mind because of emeralds, this is by far one of the most playful words out there. The garnet, also known as the Arizona Ruby, is known for its correlation with passion and revitalization. The fact that this is the Arizona Ruby gives it its fiery characteristics. No wonder the stone was matched with passion and inner energy. It basically rekindles the fire within. The ruby is perhaps one of the few gemstone names that has lost its true significance in time. Not because it does not have one anymore, but because it has become quite a popular name for girls. The ruby protects its wearer from misfortune and is a true promoter of love. The challenge here is that this name has been around for so long that people do not remember who the first was: the chicken or the egg? The tiger’s eye gained its fearless name because of the gem’s colors. In truth, this fine piece of jewelry looks exactly as its name suggests. Many claim that this stone helps the wearer look through the predator’s eyes, changing feelings of fear and anxiety into practical logic and inner strength. If you often find yourself in the situation of being scared and uncertain use this gemstone to regain all the confidence that you need.  



Wrapping It Up

Garnet-ring These are only some of the precious stones that we believed to have an interesting name-secret correlation. There are plenty of other jewels out there which carry significance, some more than others. They criteria based on which you are choosing them should be the feeling that they give you and the way they make you look. Now we have to mention that the power these stones can give you is entirely up to you. It’s all in the attitude anyway. But as we mentioned in the beginning, we have this fascinating ability to infuse an object with great power. If you decide at any time that jewelry names have an impact on your wellbeing, it will work. This is supposed to make you feel strong to begin with, so do not let your beliefs stand in the way of how you perceive jewels. As long as they can add to your overall beauty, any life hack will do. Feel free to experiment with more jewelry names and play with the meaning that you see in them. You will perhaps end up creating a whole universe just for yourself and you will give meaning to each and every jewel that you wear. Remember that the way you wear your clothes is an extension of your inner universe. Make sure everyone sees it.