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Selena Gomez and Her Favourite Necklaces

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Have you ever wondered about the fact that there are a lot of necklaces out there which are, in fact, selena gomez necklaces? Perhaps not. After all, if you are not a fan, why would you even think about that? The answer to this question is simple: because there are a ton of people out there wearing specific necklaces and specific outfits which perfectly match the actress’. Why would that interest us in the first place? Because she is setting trends. When one celebrity becomes popular they have a fan base which is always looking at how they dress, how they act and what kind of changes they are bringing within the fan club. These changes work like ripples. First there are a few people wearing them, then more and more witness the style and want to give it a go. Slowly, but surely, the style becomes mainstream, more and more people will start wearing it and, inevitably, one day you will look around and see that people are adopting this style and you  might want to give it a try yourself. You will have no idea where it came from, but you will wear it anyway. So before everything becomes too popular and you just decide to join the crew, wouldn’t it be a nice idea for you to actually know where they style came from? Well, the same principle works for Selena Gomez’s necklaces as well. Some day you might get a compliment that “you look like her” or that you have a nice sense of fashion that resembles hers. In fact, it depends on whether you would take this as a compliment or not. So let’s take a quick dive into the subject and find out. We are first going to find out who Selena Gomez is and then we will look at her most preferred necklaces.  



So Who Is Selena Gomez?

Girl-is-readingFrankly, things are a little bit awkward if you haven’t heard about her yet. Ok, maybe you do not know that she is an actress and a singer, but you at least heard her name, right? Selena first made her debut in children TV series called Barney & Friends. The show was generally agreed upon that it contained plenty of age-appropriate scenes and values, but when it came to the educational chapter… well, it did not receive the sort of feedback it was looking for. Luckily, this did not prove to be an impediment for Selena and she quickly emerged as one of the most sought-after celebrities. But what really boosted her career was her leading role in Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place. After this performance, suffice it to say that Selena went full sky-rocket towards success. After having participated in several other movies, she launched her first album in 2013 called Stars Dance, which was featured in Billboard 200. Fans were a little bit surprised when she fired her managing parents (yes, she actually did fire her parents) and she hired two other companies instead. Now you might think that she is the sort of child celebrity that did not know what she was doing, got famous by accident, got a little greedy, fames truck and did whatever she wanted. But that was not the case. Gomez actually released her own clothing line via Kmart in 2010 and she also has a self-titled fragrance which she initially released in 2013. This is one of the main reasons why you need to keep your eyes on her and on the trends she is setting. This girl has a lot of potential and these are only a few of her achievements. So now that you know who she is and what she does, it’s time to look at her favorite necklaces, right?  



Favorite Selena Gomez necklaces

Woman-wears-black-clothes Selena Gomez’s fame game first started when she was a whole lot younger than she is today. At the age of 21, Gomez is a lot more stylish and careful with her image than she was in the past (not that she wasn’t). It’s just that style changes with age and it is only fair to say that the necklaces that she favors today are very different from the ones she favored a few years back. Nonetheless, it would be a mistake not to take those into consideration. Every preference is right for its appropriate age, isn’t it? So let’s think about some of her most iconic appearances and what necklaces she used to wear back then. Oh, and one more thing: Selena is actually one of the few celebrities whom you can easily identify necklaces on. Because she doesn’t usually wear any. She likes exposing her neck and chest a lot and that brings out the simplicity in her. It’s really nice to see that celebrities prefer keeping it simple and elegant, isn’t it? Alright, one of the star’s most precious necklaces is the sterling pendant. The sterling pendant is a huge statement piece that sort of looks like a combination between an Egyptian hieroglyph and a guitar pick. Because it is a grey statement piece, the outfit should obviously be a minimalistic one, so it should come as no surprise to you when we tell you that she wore it with a black shirt and a skirt with little white dots. She wore this back in 2013 and fans got quite a buzz out of it. It was a moment in which Gomez’s career was fully flourishing, so she decided that statement pieces would work out well. But things were not always like that. Back in 2012, when she was a lot younger, she was spotted using golden pendants matched with multiple golden chains. It looked great on her, considering that she was wearing a simple grey shirt and was nowhere near the red carpet. You can see the difference in the style because that seemed way, way younger that the occasional statement pieces that she wears today.


Girl-has-red-shoesSome even argue that the style shift was made form “loose” to “tight”, especially if we consider her multiple appearances with chokers in 2016.  Sterling choker necklaces seem to be her pick of the year and she is not too shy about mixing them either. She once appeared with a beautiful yellow jacket, a simple white shirt and a sterling choker and the next time she decided to display her jewels she actually combined another two chokers with the sterling one. A nice, daring move, good display of sexiness matched with an astonishing orange dress. The last type of necklace Selena prefers is the pearl necklace. She has been using these for quite some time now and it looks like she is making good advantage of their timelessness. Pearls look very good on her because she has a very bright skin tone and she usually wears bright colors. The contrast they generate is always nice to behold and she is really, really elegant. While we can never be too sure about the other types of necklaces, we can definitely say that 18 to 22 inch pearl necklaces will always have her place in her collection (just saying, they flatter her quite well, but you never know when she can change her collection out of a sudden).  



Recapping Selena’s Personality and the Necklaces She Is Using

Woman-has-a-gray-t-shirt As you might have noticed, this is not your average “superstar child gone out of control”. Selena has always managed to tailor her image well and be a successful person, unlimited by the amount of success she gained. The fact that she managed to accomplish so much in 21 years is something worthy of respect and one can easily identify that she is very interested in keeping her game as good as possible. And yes, that involves the way in which she is wearing necklaces as well. By looking at Gomez, you can easily see how her style changed in time, and one could even interpret the jewels that she is wearing, the periods she wore them in and get a little bit of an idea regarding how her lifestyle is going. Notice that she was using very loose golden necklaces four years ago, a sign of comfort and feeling at ease. The more we advance through her career, the closer she gets to the point where chokers are tight, leaving the impression that she has a firm grip on her life. But these are all interpretations, of course. It all depends on what you would like to wear in a certain day, your mood, the colors you want to match your necklaces with, etc. Suffice it to say that Gomez knows her style well enough to know what kind of necklace to wear and when. So this is pretty much why you need to stay in touch with this celebrity. Given how well she manages her life of success, it is only normal for her to establish trends. So when you are going to wear selena gomez necklaces and you will receive a compliment for them… how are you going to react?


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