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Signs You Might Need to Change Your Jewelry Designs

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We all fall in love with our jewels eventually. It is some sort of comfort zone that we like to indulge ourselves into. Why wouldn’t we? After all, someone special gave you that ring, you have that necklace from your grandmother and the locket that you are wearing every day might have been a gift from your mother on your 21st birthday. It is normal for us to cherish and love the jewels that have meaning but, at the same time, it is essential that we pin point the jewelry designs that we no longer require. Jewels, too, get old sometimes and today we want to ensure that you can read the signs as to when it is time to move to something new.  



Variables and “The Mentality”

Woman sits downThe good news is that you will automatically start feeling when you need a change of scenery. You’ll get that alarm sound in your head accompanied by the message “hey, something is not right”. The bad news, however, is that you might not exactly know what jewelry piece you need to change or why you might need to change it in the first place. We are here to tell you that there are certain details that you need to look for, variables, if you will, that will give you a pretty good idea about what the reason behind the change is. Moreover, you will also have a pretty good perspective on what to change it with. So let’s start digging and see what bring about design difference.  



Things That Make Us Want to Change Jewel Designs

Woman-has-2-rings Amongst the most influential variables we will find age. Your age pretty much defines how you wear clothes, jewels, shoes, your hair, everything. The way jewels are crafted and designed makes absolutely no difference. The tendency is to forever look younger than you are. That’s why you might be tempted to wear handmade accessories in high school to give you that young child-like feeling; that’s why you wear silver or pearls at the picnic with your crush and that’s why you are going to wear gold at that formal dinner party when you will be 30. Age defines the way you look and how you choose your jewel designs and some might even be bold enough to claim that it works the other way around as well. This is why ladies keep careful track of the jewels that they are wearing. You might not want to show up with valuable golden items in class and you will most certainly not appear with a 36 inch pearl necklace if he is just taking you out for a coffee. Another very important detail is related to how you feel or, more precisely, your level of confidence. This is by far the trickiest in the list because it needs to be tied to your self, the way you think the world perceives you, the way you think that you should be perceived and whether you think that you are beautiful or not. Yes, it’s pretty complicated to get this one right from the first try, thus is makes us want to change everything over and over again, jewels included. If you do not feel comfortable or beautiful with a jewel that is a clear sign that you should be looking for something else.


A simple trick could be changing the chain, but it often becomes more complicated than that since we search for significance in everything we wear. The clasp needs to signify some sort of perfect unity, the chain is a symbol of infinity and the gemstone either needs to fill in for some sort of personality trait that we either feel that we lack or we think it makes us very strong. The list can go on for ages, but you should keep in mind that if something does not make you feel confident and beautiful, that something does not belong onto your gracious body. We should definitely look into social perception as well. It is another tricky thing that makes us look away from some designs and lay our eyes onto others. Good looks and social perception are two of the fundamental pillars on which fashion is built upon. Being socially perceived as lesser or unworthy is one of saddest experience a human being can feel. While fashion struggles to educate people every day that it is not about how others think, but about how you think about yourself, this still remains an issue that causes people to rethink their wardrobes.


Girl-has-a-pendantYou know that feeling you get when you are at an event and you feel super small, you don’t want to talk to anybody and everything you can think about is how you should run away and never look back? That is what usually when you feel that you are being perceived socially as awkward or lonely. And imagine that there are plenty of people who experience this only because of some rings and necklaces. Financial status might also be a sign that you need to move on from the jewels you used in the past. This comes as a natural. When you have more money you tend to look at more expensive things. While we encourage you not to jump from handmade bracelets to 24K golden necklaces just because you got a raise, there is nothing wrong with making long term plans and looking for some jewels that you desire, but you never thought you could get your hands on. You will feel the need for an update and that actually shows progress. Anybody who wants to move away from older jewelry designs to new ones shows that they are willing to aspire for more. Last, but not least, your entourage should be a clear indicator for when you need to add some newer designs to your jewel box. While this subject is related to the social perception one, we must admit that they involve each other, but they are under no circumstances the same. When your friends start wearing new things, things that are more modern than they used to, you feel that need to keep up. Notice that we are talking about friends, in particular. The changes that you will feel that need making are not to seek acceptance from the others (because you already have that), but to maintain the diversity in your group and cherish both your resemblances and your differences.  



How to Deal With Each Situation

Blonde-girl-with-necklace Age is the easy one. You will be happy to know that you have all the talent you require to match your jewelry designs with your age. This mostly comes from looking at the rest of your peers and adapting to them. However, if you are completely off the rail and you see that you are not in sync with the rest of your peers you need to consider two things actually: are you in need of new designs or are you outrageously original? Yes, that last one is a good thing. As for your level of confidence, you need to be a little selfish at this one. Just as you do with age, you need to check out of you should go for more daring jewels, with different kinds of metals, alloys, certain gemstones and appropriate jewel-outfit match. Your level of confidence is always going to mingle with how think you are perceived socially. While this can be your downfall, make sure that you use it to your advantage and see out the designs that make you most comfortable. It doesn’t matter what other people think. If you feel great that’s all that matters. Financial status is pretty easy as long as you do not overdo it. Supposing that you got a $10,000 raise because the business boomed does not mean that you have to buy a $9,000 jewel every two months or so. Keep it steady and fill your wardrobe slowly and over a long period of time. You will notice that the jewelry box is going to become quite impressive over the next 2 or 3 years.


Lastly, your entourage should be your safe zone. You are not at all forced to impress these people at any time. The large majority will be your friends whom you will feel the need to keep up to, but not because you want to impress them. You will feel the need to change so that you step out of the background a little bit. They are your inspiration source: if they change something in the scenery you will want to keep things interesting and add your own distinct color to the picture. Or even better, you might want to become the group’s trendsetter and dictate jewelry design yourself. Either way, do not consider these changes as a competition, but as your own way of standing out. If you will take a moment and look at all the variables, they are mostly things that occur in your head. If you learn how to play with your thoughts and judge whether you need a change of scenery or not, you will surely find the exact zone that makes you feel gorgeous and comfortable.


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