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Sofia Vergara - From Rags to Riches


Everybody knows about Sofia Vergara. How couldn’t anybody know about her? She is one of the most successful and spectacular women of our time. Not knowing her would be blasphemy! But not many people know about sofia vergara’s life story, which is indeed, as many consider, a story of luck. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If you have read some of our previous guides, you know how we feel about luck. Luck is practically inexistent or, if you would like to think about it in a more positive way, life is all about luck. So it’s up to us to make it happen. The reason why we say that Sofia Vergara’s life is somewhat tied to luck is because she really is a gorgeous woman, but even this status has to be maintained somehow.


She understood this from a very young age and decided that she would use it to her advantage. The result: we are spending our time here today reading and writing about her and her success. This doesn’t happen every day now, does it? Well it looks like it is happening now and only because one young girl decided a few years ago that she would have the life that she wanted. We are going to go through some of Sofia’s life events and see how they changed everything. From the woman she was some years ago to the woman she is today, Vergara had to go a long way, such a long way that she had to leave some of her heritage behind and thinking about how to constantly develop herself. We are going to discuss some of the main reasons why she is who she is and try to make things as transparent as possible. You might find some of the things here as controversial, but we will make sure that everything is explained in detail so that you know what and why happened.  



Early Life and “The Permission”

Sofia-Vergara-wears-earringsVergara’s early life did not seem to be too glamorous. On the contrary, what could you expect from a child whose mother was a homemaker and whose father was a meat rancher. According to “normal” standards, Vergara had quite a normal life ahead of her and there did not seem to be much glamour involved in it. On top of everything else, she was raised in a Roman Catholic family, so you can imagine that there were certain restrictions and mentalities that would hold her back from pursuing certain paths. Now, if you have lived in a standard Catholic family, you might relate to her story, but if you did not and you have no idea what it feels like, you should know that things can become a little bit complicated. This is not necessarily a religious issue, but more of a traditional one. Families like these usually have very strict opinions about society, about how the world should be and about what kind of jobs should be pursued and what jobs should be avoided at all cost. Now think about this perspective and the fact that Vergara got into modelling. Doesn’t seem too good, does it? This is where we believe luck was involved. Practically, Sofia was never allowed to take part in such jobs or activities, but she did land her first modelling job with the permission of her society. This was the point in which things could have gone either way. She could have received permission or not. If she hadn’t, history might have been written in a totally different way. But she did obtain that permission and things are as we know them today. Very few people know that her first real contact with the industry was when she participated in a jeans commercial. That is when Vergara’s actual career began and this is where things started going smoothly for her. Even though she started studying dentistry, she quickly left her studies in order to live the life that she wanted, but she left some unrest back home. Her brother had been murdered during a kidnap attempt and you can imagine how the entire family must have felt for not losing just one child, but two of them. Nonetheless, the young model decided to move forward.  



Is Beauty Luck?

Sofia-Vergara-wears-an-elegant-dress Arguably one of the most controversial subjects related to sofia vergara’s life, we definitely suspect that beauty had to play a major role in her career. The only issue is, of course, when can we distinguish between luck and hard work? Beauty is given by nature, but it is our decision if we want to maintain it or not. Now beauty also comes in different forms: it’s not only physical beauty, but mental and behavioral beauty as well. And these last two can be extremely difficult to handle, especially if fame gets to you. If game gets your head you practically risk losing everything. So how much of her beauty can we truly consider luck? Frankly, we can only think about the nature part. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women of the century, but if we think about all the situations in which people have just traded their beauty for temporary fame, it goes without saying that this woman has had to struggle a lot to maintain what nature has given her. Now we know that this argument might come as insulting to some of you but, as we mentioned before, we are going to try to maintain this as transparent as possible. Taking care of your body is not an easy job to do. It is a routine that one must get accustomed to, a routine that not many people are willing to undertake. Taking care of your body means getting up early, doing workouts and being careful about the things that you eat. If you do not know what kind of routine this implies, we simply suggest that you should try and undertake one for 6 months. That’s right: 6 months without all your favorite sweets, pizza, fast food and you need to add early mornings and lots of exercises to that. Feeling up to the challenge? Now let’s leave that aside for a second. Remember when we said that beauty is mental and behavioral at the same time? Well, Sofia is particularly interested in all sorts of events and educational campaigns that help the world become a better place. She actively advocates for modeling as being one of the most fulfilling and encouraging industries of all time and she is a comedian. While some consider that being a comedian is a joke of an industry (no pun intended), they often fail to realize what an extraordinary career this is: you are practically volunteering to make the world laugh! And you need talent for that as well! So you have a model, a businesswoman, an educator and a comedian… all in the same person! Can we call this type of beauty luck? We are not so sure about that.  



From Being Super Social to Success

Sofia-Vergara-wears-a-black-leather-jacketAs with all major celebrities out there, we feel that we should always remind people of how they are in the places where they find themselves only because of the power of networking. Vergara is, by far, one of the most successful communicators and networkers that we have ever seen. It’s not only about the looks. It’s about the fact that she is a great example and that she is using her position to influence the world in order to make it a better place. She uses this power from all her professions. She is encouraging girls to become models because modeling has a specific impact on your personality and makes you feel different about yourself. She encourages educational causes because education is the best way in which we can make the world a greater place than it is today and she uses her influence as a comedian simply because the world is a happier place if you smile more and if you share the joy.


Needless to say, she influenced more and more people with her desire to create happiness and she was able to create networks that could do that for her. One of the main reasons why you are even reading this article is because Vergara had influence in the world and more people want to know about her. So it all comes down to doing things the right way, in a smart way, and then they will all work towards your advantage. Taking a look back at sofia vergara’s life story, one could easily draw the conclusion that she was just lucky that she was beautiful and that’s just it. But it’s way more than that. This woman was beautiful and she used this to create a happier world. Not many people do this. Most celebrities settle with just being rich and making a few donations from time to time so that people like it. But this isn’t what Sofia is doing. She wants people to smile. And she works towards her goals.