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Style In the UK - Adele's Necklace Collection


A lot of people are are wondering about Adele’s necklace collection. Adele necklaces are quite a think in the UK and the main reason why this is happening is completely funny. Let’s make a test: go on Google right now and search for Adele’s necklaces. The majority of results that you are going to get are on designers and the jewels that they created. So where’s Adele’s jewelry? Well, there is none. Yes, you got that right: Adele does not have a necklace collection and she was only once spotted wearing one. That’s a totally different subject. But the fact that Adele does not have a necklace collection still does not satisfy the fan's needs to know what the famous singer is wearing. There has to be something that the people could receive for their endless support, right? There might be.


While Adele is not the necklace fan most would expect her to be, there are still certain patterns that we could look for so that we can understand who is looking for what. Every fan has their own reason for looking for this specific subject. Now coming back to the good news: she was once spotted wearing one necklace. Just one. The fact that she wore it not only gave birth to controversy, but also indicated that there was something very intimate going on in her life. You know how it goes. Something unexpected comes up, people go wild, opinions start emerging and the media has stories for another 3 weeks. But the good news is that Adele is widely known to be a very strong and kind person, so the news is generally positive.  



The One Necklace That Adele Wore

Adele-is-smilingWe said it before and we will say it again: the media exploded. However, the great news was not that Adele wore her first necklace in public, but that she finally revealed her son’s name. The crowd already knew that she was going out baby shopping and doing all sorts of cute mother things, but they just had to be sure. The “Angelo” necklace appeared and that was enough to start an “aww” reaction from the entire world. And that was not the only thing it caused. The name “Angelo” suddenly gained popularity in the UK and name tag necklaces were in great demand. This is just to understand how important it was for the famous singer to wear a specific piece of jewelry just once. It only took one symbol to change the world. Worn only once, a piece of jewelry is not only a premiere or a “wow” factor, but it embodies the significance of an emotion, a feeling, a special event that occurs in your life. And that emotion multiplies itself over and over in many different ways. In the end, Adele was only happy and her fans wanted to be happy with her. This simple emotion practically boosted the economy, changed names on the entire planet and gave everyone an overall sensation of joy. What is even more interesting about the name tag necklace trend is that it became stronger through fan interaction. Maybe not everyone likes Adele. Even you might be here just because the subject seems a little interesting or a bit out of the ordinary. But maybe you are not a fan. How did the style’s popularity grow? A friend of a friend saw the “Angelo” necklace. They liked it, but they did not like the name. So they wanted to get their own name tag. Their friends saw it as well, they did the same thing and on and on it goes. Isn’t it just fascinating how the right jewel worn by the right person can make it so far? It is as outrageous as it is beautiful.



What About the Rest…?

Adele-holds-many-trophies …Of the people who want adele necklaces? It’s ok, we’ve got you covered as well. Remember when we were talking about different variables that fans seek when looking for celebrity jewelry? Well, there might be a thing or two we could work with. We simply have to look at what kind of person Adele is so that we can establish who her fans are and why they love her. First of all, we know that Adele is a lover, a sensitive person and one who knows how to express herself very well. What does this say about her fans? That they can be people who experience emotion a little bit more different than the rest of us. For them, emotion might be more important than rational thinking. They might be the creators of their own world, people who value expression with everything they’ve got, people who can be young, old, but forever in love. Secondly, we know that she is a fighter. Maybe you did not know, but Adele had to struggle with her voice a lot in the past. In fact, she almost lost it before she released Hello. But she would not quit. She pressed on, took care of her health and her voice and managed to persevere. A good number of people would have given up on their careers and their dreams and would have settled for a normal life, something ordinary that would have given them safety. But not Adele. A very discrete secret that not many fans are not aware of is that Adele values freedom over safety. This is why she did what she did. She knew that, fi she lost her voice, she would have lost her freedom. And settling for a normal life would have been the equivalent of dying. She chose to be free and fought. The results… well, you know it. Lastly, we have to look at Adele’s body as well. The reason as to why so many people might be interested in what necklaces would benefit her are quite diverse: some might look at her skin tone, body type or body language. Fans are looking at her because they respect her and she is a trustworthy source. It is only natural that they do so. But because she is not wearing necklaces the next obvious question would be: “what would look good on her?” This is the question that we are going to answer now.  



The End-Result

Adele-has-a-fashion-shirtThe thing about this great personality is that she is extremely creative. Always remember that. If you want to be like your idols, you want to mimic what they are doing in a productive way. Now let’s make that happen now: according to fashion standards, Adele is a plus-size. While some of you might think that this can be a bad thing, know that it’s not. Adele is a very beautiful woman who has to accentuate her round curves. This is why simple chains are a great option. Simple chains will only create an extra round shape on your body and also highlight your breasts and your face. It’s a simple trick that anyone can use to their advantage. Secondly, you can use floral designs for both philosophical and fashion reasons. Floral designs look good on everyone and they might also reflect your sensitive side.


In general, you can use florals during both formal and informal events because they are often a mixture between straight lines and round shapes. Flowers work, the usual leaf chain also works and you can even go with some abstract leaf-like designs. Learn that pearls are your best friend. Just like florals, they can be used anywhere, anytime. The multistring is also an excellent idea, but if you are a plus size you might want to make sure that they do not cover your entire neck. If you do want something a little bit sexier we recommend a chocker. Those are a real killer. In the end, we want to talk about Adele’s skin tone. It is very interesting because it is super bright, but it has a tendency to go towards warm. This means that you have a wider range of colors you can play with than many other people. A bright skin tone usually indicates that silver might be the best metal for you. Again, use pearls to your advantage. But because she has that warm tendency this also means that earth colors will do her well. Green, brown, orange and darker autumn colors are excellent in this particular situation. What you do need to make sure of is that you give yourself some time and try out as many colors as you need in order to get the look that you so much desire. Pay attention to gemstones! Those tricky little things can be hard to master. You will want to stick to one color on one or two jewelry pieces at max. That is all for the adele necklaces. It can be quite difficult to look for all the little details given the fact that the singer herself does not wear this type of jewelry, but at the end of the day it is important to know that you can obtain whatever you want if you persevere.