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Super Tips for Christmas Jewelry Gifts

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Christmas is one of the most anticipated moment of the year, if not the most anticipated to begin with. It is a time of joy, love and, of course, presents. You should be aware of the fact that christmas jewelry gifts are amongst women’s favorite and, even though we are not close to the season yet, we made it our purpose to get you well informed so that you can make preparations in time. You will learn some of the coolest tips when it comes to Christmas jewels and how to surprise your girlfriend with some awesome accessories that she will be wearing for years. Let’s start with the super tips that you absolutely need to keep in mind when you buy such presents. Christmas is a season.


For the majority of us, it pretty much starts on the first of December and ends on the 25th. But even if we decide that we’re going to go past the New Year with a couple of days, we are still going to be wearing Christmas jewels for about a month or so. It’s all about the moment. We are preparing to celebrate the year’s greatest event and as long as we limit it to a relatively short period of time we keep the excitement to a maximum. So what does this mean? It means that if you are looking for or want to gift a Christmas jewel to anyone it has a legacy feature. They are going to be wearing it this year and the next and the year after that. One can even make a collection and decide to mix pieces over the years or adjust jewels during December according to how they feel. Either way, you need to know that if you buy Christmas jewels, you are pretty much buying them for at least a two year usage. Now that we have the talked about the legacy feature, it’s time we took a dive into colors, designs and maybe a few hop ideas that will come to your aid. Let’s go!



Colors and Designs

Woman-has-a-ring-on-her-fingerChristmas is a very fail-proof season when it comes to jewelry at least. Gentlemen need to pay attention. There are four colors that you can toy with nicely without even worrying about it: red, green, white and silver. You could go for shades of brown and orange too, but some of them can be culture based. Some countries value brown a lot during Christmas because of the Rudolf custom, while other countries are very ok with orange because people eat oranges and mandarins for Christmas. If you are outside from the UK, you had best check out Christmas colors specific to your country just to make sure that you get things right. In terms of designs, you’ve also got it very easy: Christmas trees, snowflakes, Christmas tree ornaments of any sorts, angels, anything related how you decorate your house, your Christmas tree or the religious custom will do. There are tons of designs you can check out and, if you read our Surprising Gifts For Women guide, you will have noticed that we suggested that you do a little bit of research before deciding on what item to purchase. Does she already have earrings with Christmas decorations? Perhaps settle for a snowflake necklace instead. Or maybe you could match the snowflake necklace with a snowflake brooch that she can either wear on her belt or her shoes. The possibilities are endless, but make sure you craft your plan in due time. This is also a reason as to why you are getting this guide in June, you know. You officially have half a year to prepare!



Shops That You Can Rely on

Girl-prepares-to-go-shopping Obviously enough, if you want the best Christmas jewelry gifts, you will want to take a look at some of the best shops that can aid you in your quest. While we will be giving you ideas as to which shops you might want to consult, do bear in mind that it would be wise to consult some of the premium brands as well. While some of them do release Christmas themed jewels from time to time, the fact that they are limited to such a short amount of time does bind them to the jewelry box for the rest of the year. This is why big names such as Cartier, Graff or Bulgari, even if they make jewels during the Christmas season, they make them with a broader mindset, so that they can be used either on a regular basis or during several moments of the year and not just Christmas.


One particular site you might be interested in is Bling Jewelry. The Christmas jewelry gifts that you can find on this site are above excellent and quite accessible. Not to mention that the designs that are available at your disposal are quite vast and easy to decide upon. You will find anything ranging from simplistic to complex, rings, earrings, brooches and even cufflinks, making it an ideal shop for both men and women to choose from. There is a large variety of rings you can choose from, including the Sterling Silver Eternity Band ring, the Knots of Pride (coming in with a very large and beautiful green stone), the Eternal Flame (which is very similar to the Sterling Silver, only that it comes with red stones) and even the Vintage Green ring. As for bracelet, we have two very important recommendations: the For an Angel bangle and the Snow Christmas charm. These are two very important and gorgeous additions based on her style: For an Angel is quite simplistic, making huge impact with the two beautiful angel wings on the sides; the Snow Christmas charm is quite complex, with a large variety of beads added to the bracelet and containing one tiny snowflake charm in the middle. Both designs are spectacular and one should be able to quickly deduct whether the one they are buying it for would like one jewel or the other.


People-are-shopping-in-the-mallAnd, of course, should your friends be drawn to the religious aspect behind Christmas, Bling also offers a wide set of necklaces, earrings, cufflinks and bracelets with crosses, so that they can appropriately celebrate an event that is cherished to this day. After all, it’s not all about the gifts that we offer or are being offered. It’s about the fact that our salvation through love started some 2000 years ago. On the same note, you might also want to give Etsy a try. Particularly known for its wide range of products, Etsy impresses by putting a great deal of fascinating designs at the public’s disposal, especially when it comes to Christmas gifts. If simplicity is what she desires, you might want to rely on the Christmas anniversary 14K gold diamond ring. Very durable, sublet and gorgeous, this is the ideal gift that you want to share with your loved one for a special Christmas.


Notice that it is also a 14K piece, so it will not exactly be a yellow jewel, but something around the likes of yellowish gray. Paired with the diamond, you are not also celebrating your anniversary, but you are in the right color specter for Christmas as well. Another fascinating addition would be the Blue Sapphire ring. You could easily rely on this exceptional jewel if your partner and you prefer to spend Christmas in a more exotic environment, perhaps closer to the sea and in a wormer place than the comfort of your warm house (which is a few thousand miles away and buried under the snow). If you prefer to keep it traditional, however, we warmly recommend snowflake necklaces, rings and earrings as well as Christmas tree light dangle earrings. This final piece can prove to be your greatest ally because it comes with a warm, young and playful vibe. What is also important is that it is a handmade item, so not only does it come with the Christmas spirit, but it also comes with the love an appreciation that the artisan put in it.  



The Things That You Should Remember

Girl-holds-a-rose It is time for our regular recap. Christmas jewels are a long term investment. Even if your friends or your partner will be wearing them for a month or two during the year, Christmas will always be an event that we will celebrate every year. So expect that the jewels you buy this year will make another appearance in the year to come. The easy way to success when it comes to purchasing these gifts is to rely on the seasonal colors and the designs. Red, green, white and silver will always make good impact and, if it is allowed, you can even add a little brown or orange as well. While you should always keep an eye out for premium brand additions such as Cartier or Bulgari, we warmly recommend that you try Bling Jewelry and Etsy. If all else fails, these two will certainly provide the Christmas gifts that you desire.


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