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Super Tips for Necklace Accessories


Ok, so you got the necklace you wanted, but you want to up your game a bit and you do not know exactly how to do it. As usual, we are here to help you with that and we want to up our game a little bit too by giving you an extra angle from which you can view the this entire business. When you think necklace accessories, what are you actually thinking about? Replacing your necklace’s regular gemstone with another, right? Maybe wear a clockwork mechanism instead? Or maybe you could wear a locket instead. Then you might think that it’s all about the other accessories: if it fits with your watch, your earrings, your ring, perhaps even your brooch. So far so good, you’ve got it all right. But the term accessory widens a lot if the necklace is what you want to put forward as your number one attraction.  


Let’s Think Bigger

Necklace-and-a-braceletSometimes you decide to go with the small, discrete necklace chain that nobody will notice, paired with the slender watch on your left hand and a delicate bracelet on your right. But what if you decide to go full statement mode? Something big, that will not only make you look gorgeous, but will also make every man and woman in the room turn their head and ask “who is that”? The moment you decide to go statement you are practically going big, way bigger than a small, unnoticeable chain. And when you go big everything on you turn into an accessory: your shirt, your pants and your shoes are minor additions to the necklace that everyone is supposed to notice. Your entire outfit becomes your greatest weapon. You need to be prepared for this change. After all, we are talking about super tips here, right? There are plenty ways in which you can play with necklaces and feel like the most confident woman alive. Although it might be surprising for you, there are literally tons of options you can choose from and you should under no circumstance be afraid to try them. If you want to go big, you have to leave a part of your modesty back home. Now let’s be done with all the chit chat and get down to the real business.  



From Basics to Playing It Like a Pro

Necklace-with-precious-stones Let’s start with the simple things: the best way for you to match your necklace with any other accessory that you have is by getting the metal right. It’s a basic principle: match silver with silver, gold with gold, and platinum with platinum if you can. Suppose you went for a handmade necklace that has two colors combined, you go for a dominant necklace color match with the other accessories. Remember that you will usually have at least two colors in your outfit, so if you want to wear your necklace with style, make sure that the accessories’ metal or color match. That is one of your colors while the other one can be defined by your dress and your shoes (and an occasional hat, if you will). Keep it simple. Really, this the best piece of advice you can receive: the less you wear, the more you will shine. Do not bother yourself with earrings, a necklace, 3 bracelets, two rings and two brooches on each shoe. No, keep it as simple as you can. There is a certain level of modesty that you need to attain, whether you want to go full statement or not. The right amount of modesty equals elegance. And people love elegance, they love balance, they love the beauty that lies in simplicity. It is a quality that not many people get right and if you are exactly in that ideal modest zone, you are perfect. Not necessarily for others, but for how you feel.


Consider adding a sash or a belt. Really now, if you bought a dress which did not come with these accessories, it does not necessarily mean that they won’t look good on you. Belts are some of the most fashionable additions which tailor your image a lot. They value your curves, add balance to the outfit and make viewer’s eyes glide easily without being disturbing. If you do not know how to properly match these enticing accessories you only need to remember these rules: thin belts are for short torsos, wide belts work with longer torsos, apple shapes benefit from beads or something that seems a little exaggerated and petites can really take advantages of V-shapes since it makes their bodies seem a little longer. Alright, let’s start playing towards pro styles a little bit more. Let’s say you want to wear something sparkly, perfect for any environment where you know that light will fall kindly onto you. There is one super accessory for this type of necklace: a chambray shirt. Put some red lipstick on and you will shine like a goddess. Remember when we boasted about how we can make you play with a statement necklace? Well, put your seatbelt on because we are in for a bumpy ride. You like LBDs? Try adding a necklace with 6 colors to it. No, there is nothing wrong with it. As long as you can lighten the atmosphere up a bit it works perfectly. Did you know that tee and sparkles work exceptionally well? Try it, you won’t be disappointed. Denim looks really cool on a girl. It would be a shame if… you added neon colors to it, wouldn’t it? No, it wouldn’t. If you do not believe us, go and experiment. You’ll get the nag of it in no time. Lastly, if you love wearing those basics, try wearing something that will complement them, but make it big. Did you know that huge yellow gems with a golden chain work perfect with cream?


Colored-stones-necklaceIt’s still spring outside, so you might be overjoyed to find out that you can combine part of your summer clothes with your winter ones to set the perfect environment for your statement necklace. Try a plain tee with jeans, add a cardigan with boots and voila: everything you need for a cool, out of the ordinary and catchy necklace. Looks good, doesn’t it? This one is short and simple: a gray top paired with neon necklaces is a recipe for success. A few paragraphs ago we were talking about having those two colors in your outfit. It is always a great idea to match your statement with one of these colors, but if you want our most honest opinion, same colors on necklace and skirt are bound to be super sexy and cute. You will thank us later. You should also not feel ashamed or scared of going full black. Women look gorgeous in black, it’s a given. So any sparkly necklace will work with black no matter what. Top, pants and shoes are the way to go. Again: do not shame, do not fear. Try them. Love them. Let’s end in style: we bet that not many have given thought to combining two necklaces, right? No, we are not referring to having two or three small golden chains. We said that we were thinking big, right? You can layer two necklaces to make an even bigger impression and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Not many people think about it, of those who do, too few are actually brave enough to try it, so why won’t you give it a shot? The worst thing that can happen is that they do not work well and you stick to one necklace anyway. So basically you have to choose between looking awesome and looking… awesome.  



Putting It All Together

Jewelry-chest Now that we went through some of the craziest fashion ideas in terms of necklaces, it is best that we recap both the techniques and the mentality that you need to use for the best results. First of all, keep your options open and remember that the term accessory does not need to narrow your choices to a few different earrings, rings and bracelets. It all depends on how original you want to get and how you want to wear your accessories. The moment you decide that you want to wear a statement necklace, things take a really good turn for you since the necklace demands all the attention. Thus, everything you wear (shirts and shoes included) turn into the accessories required for the perfect outfit.


You only need to keep in mind a few details that will help you on your way: get your metals and colors right; make sure that your jewelry remains as simple as possible while attracting all the attention you want; a sash or a belt might become the perfect ingredients for a great look. The rest is pure experimentation. Try different necklace colors, outfits and combinations until you find the one (or ones) that fit you best. Do not be afraid to try any of the things that we suggested here. Even though some of them might seem completely out of the ordinary, we guarantee that you will enjoy the results.