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Supercharge Your Looks with the Necklace Shop


Given the fact that we have been talking about necklaces so much, it would come as no surprise if you decided to make some extra space in another compartment for more of these beauties. It is only natural for you to desire to be beautiful and we all know that beauty comes from variety as well. So you decided, but now you are faced with a challenging question: which necklace shops do you trust? Who can offer the best quality for the best prices while also guarantee that you can try a variety of necklaces and look like a superstar? We are here so that we can answer these questions for you.  



What Are Your Criteria?

Box-with-jewelsFirst things first, if you decided that you wanted more necklaces you might have also thought about what your expectations from them are. Do they need to fit into a lot of styles or do you want a necklace or two for the same outfit? Do you only want a necklace or a set that can allow you to be more flexible in terms of looks? Are you looking for specific gemstones? What kind of metal would you like? And if you are a gentleman, what exactly are you buying for your significant other and why? These are all questions that we inevitably ask ourselves before purchasing any piece of jewelry, necklaces in particular since they are so exposed. Needless to say, we are looking for the best quality-price ratio and necklaces that can easily cater to your needs. Luckily, the list of shops that we will provide for you answer these questions and have a variety of designs that will please you. The key is to give them all a try but it might also be a great idea to compare them with your local shops. You can mostly find anything you desire on the internet nowadays, but you never know how your most wanted piece could find itself only 20 minutes away.  



The Shops You Can Trust

Jewelry-shop We thought it fitting to begin our list with De Beers Jewellery. If you are looking for some of the most elegant necklaces on the market, also available in a wide variety of styles, De Beers is exactly the kind of necklace shop. While not entirely specialized on necklaces only, De Beers is the perfect shop where you can also combine other pieces of jewelry like rings, earrings, bracelets and watches with the necklaces that catch your eye. As mentioned previously, the necklaces come in a great variety: enchanted lotus, talismans, classic pieces, auras, Adonis Rose, Aria, Arpeggia, Phenomena, Azulea, Imaginary Nature, the Promise, and Clea. Each style comes with different models, chains and can be used on plenty occasions. The Promise or Imaginary Nature, for instance, can both be used as extraordinary gifts for your beloved while Auras and Phenomena are ideal choices for any formal meeting. If you are looking for more casual and playful options, the talismans and the Micropave Pink Gold Heart Pendant might be exactly what you are looking for. De Beers Jewellery prices range from very accessible to high prices. You can find extraordinary pendants for as much as £1,700 to £13,000.


What is most important, however, is that the quality is exceptional and you will not regret purchasing any jewel from De Beers. Asos is a shop that caters to all your needs for extremely accessible prices. You can find some of the most attractive necklaces here for as much as £8. On top of that, you will easily find out that you can supper accessorize yourself with some of the coolest jewels on the market, not only necklaces. But coming back to our main subject, some of the most attractive designs that you can find are the Sterling Sparkle Disc Pendant, for only £18.30, the Gold Layered Cluster Pendant, for £21.11, and the Selected Femme Sybil Necklace for £28.17.


Luxury-jewelry-shopSuffice it to say that Asos is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to select some of the coolest necklaces out there for a minimal budget and, as a bonus, they can easily obtain great looks, jewels that are easily adjustable to any clothing style and a lot of interesting matches that would often amount to great prices. Another very reliable online shop that you can easily check out and find that it is quite comfortable is Not on the High Street. Even the site is appropriately customized to give you the impression that options are unlimited. And they are. You can easily roam through all the collections and let your imagination decide for you. Did we mention that the majority of jewels on this site are also very accessible? Yes, you will be able to find some very cool, trendy and chick for as much as £30. Some of the necklaces that stand out are the Personalized Bars, the Russian Ring (which is also a very good alternative to De Beers’ Aria), the Triple Letter Discs (which are customizable with any letters and symbols that you might like) and the Personalized Birthstone Locket (an extremely beautiful piece that can contain up to 4 birthstones).


What is also important to note about Asos and Not on the High Street is that, since they are selling such awesome pieces of jewelry and for very affordable prices, you can put your originality to the test and try to combine different chains and accessories. You can try and combine the Gold Plated chain from Asos and add the Infinity Symbol found on the Infinity Chain Bracelet found at Not on the High Street. With a minimal £50 investment, you can accessorize yourself with one of the coolest necklaces out there: attractive, quite philosophical and that fully represents your style and makes you feel comfortable. This is perhaps the best feature that these shops can put at your disposal: a variety of styles that you can combine freely so that you can come up with the most original one that fits you perfectly.  


Other Details That You Should Keep In Mind

Gold-pendant You have your criteria, you have the shops and you know you have to get original, but there is more to your supercharged looks than a necklace shop. This is why we are going to add some extra details here that will help you expand your horizons when it comes to the subject. You might have heard about some of these things, others might come as something new or even a total surprise, but we consider it fit that you should know these things before choosing your shop and the necklaces that you want. If you really want to super accessorize yourself, you might also want to take some less known shopping destinations into consideration. Call it thinking outside the box. Handmade necklaces are also a great option and, if you find an artisan who is dedicated enough, you might end up paying a convenient price for a jewel that is unique.


You can also make sure that the artisan uses high-quality materials. If they are keen on keeping a high profile, they will make sure that everything they procure will be top notch. Not only will they prove that they are dedicated, but they might also create an exquisite clientele. In case you are looking to buy or collect certain gemstones, we definitely advise that you turn to local shops. Not because online shops do not provide good gemstones, but because seeing and touching the gemstone you are looking for is absolutely essential. You might be looking for a certain color, a variation or a combination with a certain metal and you need to see how everything looks like in natural light. Online color formats are very different from how you actually see the gemstones in your necklaces. In short, when it comes to gems, seeing is believing.


Beads-necklaceLastly, try to adjust your necklace and the additional jewelry to the part, or parts, of your body that you feel most comfortable putting in the spotlight. A great combination of necklace and earrings can draw attention to your face or your eyes while a necklace and a belt brooch can show what beautiful curves you have. There is also the option of going for a necklace combined with a bracelet or a ring for an exquisite overall look. Either way, ensure that you feel confident and look splendid when deciding these combinations.And now let’s remember all that needs remembering: choose your criteria wisely before you resort to buying more necklaces for your collection (it is important that you have your priorities set before you dive into hundreds of pretty necklaces and lose yourself completely, because you want all of them) and you can always trust De Beers Jewellery, Asos and not on the High Street for top quality necklaces and additional jewels to match your style. Do not stop at online shopping. You might find some exquisite pieces either already made or that can be ordered just for you in your close vicinity. You will find that many artisans work with top quality materials. Also, seeing your necklace up front might give you a better impression as to how it looks on you since online colors might be a little tricky at times.