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Surprising Gifts for Women

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This is often a horrid experience for men. We do not know why (actually we do, but sometimes we don’t, but we still do), yet either way, you know exactly what we are talking about. Gifts for women are not exactly difficult to sort out. It’s pretty simple: we want everything. And we are very specific about this. Jokes aside, it’s time to talk about the most surprising gifts for women. So gentlemen, read along. After having read this guide you will know exactly how to treat the subject, not panic or get confused (just pick one) and we will ensure that you will never go through the process as if it were a burden or something that you should worry about. Obviously, there are certain steps that you need to take before making the appropriate gift. It all starts from the idea. As long as you decided that you should buy something nice for her, you’re already on the right track. The intention is good, your energy is good and you want to do something nice for someone you want to get close to. Then there is the element of surprise. How do you actually manage to surprise her? This is the part where you should get to research.  



The Research

Girl-with-sunglasses-has-flowers-in-her-handSurprising women is something complicated in a man’s head. What is funny as that they manage to do it flawlessly in the beginning of a relationship, for instance. Gorgeous flowers, a great ring, the long walks at night. That’s perfect. But over time it’s as if they forget everything and become stale. Research begins with how you feel and how you want to make her feel. Then it’s all about picking the jewel. It’s not rocket science behind it, really, you just have to look at what she has or what she would need. Maybe she has some gorgeous golden earrings that she cannot match properly all the time because she is missing a necklace. There you go: that’s how you sort out that she needs a necklace. Maybe she has a friend whose boyfriend gave her a great ring and she came late at night one day and she spoke about what a great sign of affection she thought that was. It’s all about being a good listener and jotting things down over time. Let’s suppose that you went to a festival together and she told you how much she enjoyed a certain shade of green. That might be a good indicator that she likes peridots, for example. Maybe she enjoys the sea a lot and you can correlate that with an aquamarine.


One of the easiest tricks that men can sue to their advantage when it comes to surprising women is to listen and write a few things down. But after you have done all of these, you finally need to go to the shop and choose. This also becomes horrific, doesn’t it? You know that she could use an extraordinary bracelet, but there are about 20 extraordinary bracelets that you found and you have no idea which one is the right one for her. There are a few ways in which you can get out of this sticky situation. First of all, think about how your life is spend. Do you two (or does she, alone) go to out a lot? Are these going outs informal occasions for her to spend time with her friends or is she organizing a lot of events? You will be glad to find out that round shapes are most often correlated with informal events while formal ones demand lines. This way you will be able to recognize whether she needs a round gemstone on her necklace or a square one.


Secondly, keep in mind that round shapes always work. Always. There is no reason as to why picking a round gem or a pearl would be a mistake. The human eye is naturally satisfied by round shapes. It makes us think of infinity, beauty, transcendence and they even ignite erotic feelings, making these additions to her collection a worthy investment. Thirdly, think about the color. You don’t need to be a color expert, you really don’t. If you want to research colors and their meanings, go ahead. We will get back to this later. But you can always keep the basics straight: red is for love, green is for nature, blue is for sea and freedom, yellow and orange are for wisdom, purple is for royalty, etc. There is basic significance behind every color you choose and, if you really want to make a good decision, you can simply think about her favorite color or the colors that she is using in general. There is absolutely no way for you to get it wrong with this particular situation. So use it to your advantage.  



The Story Behind the Jewel

Girl-stands-behind-a-bouquet-of-flowers Gifts for women should always be accompanied by a story. We are actually suggesting this because storytelling is perhaps the best skill you could develop when it comes to making surprises. And what is best about the story is that you are in total control of it and you can choose the way you want it to play out. You can make sure that you arrange the appropriate circumstances so that she will be right there, right at that moment and feeling in that specific way so that you can just come along with the engagement ring and propose, or you can simply offer a beautiful jewel accompanied by a set of events that you jotted down through your entire relationship. “You know, this gem is purple because there were some purple flowers in that garden where we first met.


The water lilies were purple on the day we first decided to go on a boat trip and I remember when you wore that incredible dress and I knew I was in love with the most beautiful woman in the world. Purple has always been there, so I thought we could make it official in some way.” Is it honest? Yes (you had better make sure it’s honest). Is it said with passion? Yes. Do you mean it? Yes. Then it cannot fail. It’s is also wise that purple is a color that signifies deep love. That’s why we said that we would come back to this subject. Some colors and gemstones have deeper meanings that should be used to create the prefect story. This is by no means a way of tricking yourself out of the situation, but it gives you a great context to create the ideal moment. If you want to create the ideal moment, you need to create an honest and exceptional story.  




Girl-smells a-bouquet-of-flowersGuys, jewels are objects. We cannot explain it at a more basic level than that one. Jewels are made to make us feel more beautiful, make us feel confident and express ourselves in a non-verbal way. But at the end of the day it’s all about how you feel and how you made us feel. The best surprise that you can make is one that is filled with genuine feelings. This is why honesty is important, this is why research is important, and this is why listening is important. The fact that you listen, you make efforts and you make gestures signifies that you care and this is the greatest surprise you can make to a woman. The best thing is that you can make it every day and it will still have the best impact in the world. Feeling is everything. The single most important thing than the fact that you offered her a beautiful jewel is that you care and when you will have understood this feeling and understand its importance, you will never worry about finding the perfect gift for her ever again. Because it’s already done by default: you care, you listen, you write, you remember and you did it. Now let’s look at everything that we have accomplished and set the rules in stone.


First things first, do not think that this is a complicated process and do not get scared. You’re already doing a fine job if you decided to surprise her with a gift. You know when her birthday is, you know when you’re supposed to celebrate your anniversary, so start researching. Pay attention to the important little details: what she likes to wear, what accessories she could match your new jewel with, etc. If you will have things planned out from the beginning, you will know that everything is going to be ok. Put together nice moments in your relationship and make a story that will accompany the gift. A celebration is always a good moment to remember the nice things that you have done together, everything you have gone through and look forward to the future. And the most important thing of all: add feeling to what you are doing. Listen to her with passion, research with passion, write things down with passion, and let her know that you are there for her. That gift is only a token that represents, but your love is so much bigger than that.


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