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You know things are a little redundant when you have to talk about jewelry art. Why is that, you might ask? Because jewelry is art. This is the same conclusion we come back to over and over again. Jewelry is art, it is the passion that an artisan poured into an object that they created, an object that is going to withstand the test of time and that will grow to develop its own story. But what makes a jewel truly special? There are millions of pieces out there. What makes us love some more than others and, above all else, what makes so many people around the world agree upon the same jewel? We want to look at some of the most surprising, artistic jewels that have ever been created by mankind and study what makes them so spectacular. It would be wise to keep in mind that these are only opinions based on experience with jewels, but the actual truth about what makes jewelry art so special is, most likely, unknown to anyone. We are also going to speculate about some of the details that need to be kept in mind when making such judgements. Now, without further delay, let us look at some of the most surprising jewels in the world and see what it is that makes them unique.  



The Most Artistic Jewels in the World

Girl-with-necklace-smilesWe just have to start our list with the L’Incomparable. Not only is this the most expensive necklace in the world, but its design is simply fantastic and no human eye is able to withstand it. It weighs 647 carats. This necklace’s story is a fascinating one. It was found by a young girl approximately 30 years ago and Mouawad Jewelry needed no less than four years to polish it into the beauty that it is today. L’Incomparable is an artistic jewel because of its very simplistic and natural design. The chain is made to resemble tree branches with blossoming flowers onto them, the center piece being a carefully crafted diamond. What is fascinating about this design is that it combines natural shapes along with the straight lines that the diamond has. It is as if nature helped perfection blossom. Adding on top of its story, Pink Star Diamonds and Wittelsbach-Graff Diamonds adorn this fantastic piece. These diamonds are not only very expensive, but they are, in fact, the rarest in the world. Suffice it to say that this jewel is surprising not only because of its artistic touch, but because it is truly one of the greatest objects in the world. It would be impossible to move on without mentioning the Heart of the Ocean, wouldn’t it?


This extraordinary jewel is the original replica of the one used in the Titanic movie. The heart of the ocean is what its name says it is: a deep blue heart Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 103 exquisite diamonds. It goes without saying that this piece’s artistic flair comes from the fact that it carries extraordinary meaning, both physical and sentimental, and because it was the center piece of a movie that depicted an ideal, but unfortunate love affair. Another candidate that we must simply announce is the Bulgari Two-Stone Diamond Ring. We have put this ring on our list because of two specific reasons. The obvious one is that it is Bulgari, famously known for attempting some of the most fascinating designs in all of their jewels. We should also mention that this is a 1972 collection, so this is a jewel most prized even 44 years after having been created. The second reason is that it is decorated by two triangular diamonds, a design that not many would expect, let alone attempt to create. This ring amounts up to $16 million and the Gemological Institute of America has confirmed that the diamond coloring and purity are the best of the best.



Girl-watches-down-the-ground-in-a-forest Next up we have the Heart of the Kingdom. We wanted to add this fine jewel to our list because of one, very simple reason: purity. The art behind it is that this exquisite piece exudes purity and love. We do not know exactly what it is about it, but when looking at the Heart everything just feels right. Really, just try analyzing this object carefully and objectively. Strip it of all the information you know about it and just gaze. It’s wonderful, it’s peaceful, it feels pure and honest and it is simply impossible not to love it. The Burmese ruby is one of the rarest rubies in the world and this only adds to its value in every lover’s eyes. It is fair to claim that one can only create and behold one such jewel once in a lifetime. Consider it an interesting way to let beauty haunt you. A rare piece that you might not be aware of is the Wallis Simpson’s Panther Bracelet. Originally designed in 1952 by Cartier, time has taken its toll over this exquisite bracelet. It is adorned with onyxes and diamonds, but word has it that some of these stones were lost over the years. The last time the panther showed its face was a few years after its creation, once it was deemed to be approximately $13 million. Although its whereabouts are have remained secret to this day, it is often rumored that Madonna is the lucky owner of this precious jewel. Despite its artistic look and the fascinating glow that it emits, we can assume that this accessory has made its way back to the artistic roots where it stemmed from.  



Interpreting Artistic Impact

Girl-on-motorcycle As we mentioned previously, the reason why jewelry art makes such great impact has yet to be fully discovered. And it probably never will. This is because of the extraordinary power that humans have to imbue objects with powerful meanings. We do not love jewels for the tangible. Appreciating them only for their looks is a superficial way of thinking about art from the very beginning. People love jewels because of what they symbolize, what they make us think and dream about. The physical world often has nothing to do with it and, if it does, it is only a limitation to that which we can see. Jewels, and art in general, are a way for us to express how we feel. Wearing a design similar to the L’Incomparable can tell you many things about a person: they can be peaceful, they can appreciate beauty at its most natural value, they can be lovers of nature and lovers of beauty and they can also aspire to grow into something more beautiful than they already are.


If you think about it, the people who wear natural designs might simply want to grow strong. At the same time, we could tell many things about anyone wearing an item such as the Heart of the Kingdom. We took a dive into the mind of one such particular individual: a lover, perhaps one who actually wants to build a kingdom, an admirer of purity and beauty. We could go far enough to even claim that anyone wearing one such similar piece is a keeper, but you can never be too sure. Superficiality is easy to maintain, true beauty isn’t. In the end, what makes jewels stand out is the feeling that they carry, the message, the story and their capacity to draw attention through their beauty. They are very deep objects and the beauty about them is that nobody can approximate their value through the eyes of the other. A jewel is like a universe and every human being perceives the universe differently. The same jewel practically contains all the universes that every beholder saw and this is why they are, in fact, art.  



So What Makes an Artistic Jewel Surprising?

Woman-sits-near-treesIt’s difficult to say. The best answer we can give is “the feeling”. You can just feel when a jewel is done right and when it represents something for many people. There might also be certain crafting techniques that not all of us are aware of, but this is where the crafter’s ingenuity shines. Artistic jewels might also be perceived well by the majority if they are designed as common, easy to relate to shapes. Hearts, circles, ovals, spheres, they are all shapes that appeal to our eyes and just seem beautiful. Maybe it is that simple: they are just beautiful. We actually found it very interesting to look upon L’Incomparable, the Heart of the Ocean, the Two-Stone Diamond Ring, the Heart of the Kingdom and the Panther bracelet from time to time. You will often find that you can surprise yourself by looking at them from time to time. They are symbols of purity, youth and expectation. It is as if shooting for the moon. You either get it right and you land where you want to be or you miss and you land amongst the stars. Isn’t that what art is for in the first place? Look up.


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