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Khloe Kardashian Jewelry Style

  We have talked about Kardashian jewelry styles before and today it is time we took a closer look at Khloe. A little bit different from her sisters’, the khloe kardashian jewelry style is a lot bolder, involving more pieces and what we would call a desire for glam. Khloe wants to be in the spotlight a lot more than her sisters and, whenever she attends an event or wants to make a solid impression, she over accessorizes so that she can always get get that extra bling in her look. Now this doesn’t usually work. We always advise against...

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Jennifer Aniston - How 'Friends' Skyrocketed Her Career

  If you are a Friends fan, you are definitely a Jennifer Aniston fan. But even though she rose to the status that she prides herself with today, we cannot say that she had it easy. From a very young age, Jennifer mostly had to take care of herself on her own; she struggled with dyslexia and found it particularly difficult to move on in life. Her story is one classic success story that involves a lot of hard work, struggles, hardships, learning from failure and finally rising to a spot in which she found both joy and comfort. Still,...

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Jay Z - A Family Man

Write By: Valentin Rosca on

  Many people believe Jay Z to be many things: a rapper, a respected singer, a genius and an innovator. But fewer people look at jay z’s family. Fewer people understand that a great part of his success is not only owed to his dedication to his career, but his dedication to his family as well. Jay is not only successful because he is good at what he is doing, but because of the fact that he has a happy and stable family life. Many say that he is lucky to have Beyoncé (and we will never argue with that...

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What You Didn't Know About Selena Gomez

  She is one of the most successful young people in the world, she is known for both acting and singing, has remarkable taste when it comes to fashion and she also held her ground pretty well against Justin Bieber, making him delete his Instagram account. Selena Gomez is one of the strongest, most talented and beautiful women to have walked the earth, but this doesn’t mean that you know everything about her. No matter how good people look on a stage and how well they perform, celebrities are always bound to withhold some information from the public or… people...

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Katy Perry's Rise to Fame

  You would be surprised to find out the low number of people who do not really understand katy perry’s rise to fame. It’s a shame, really. The fact that we live in the era of information does not only bring the benefit of finding out things fast, but also the drawback of not being able to see behind the curtains. Katy Perry’s success story was not an easy one. The truth is that no success story is an easy one, but hers is particularly painful because the no’s kept coming in. She did not have it easy, she had...

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