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Celebrity Choker Necklace - When and How?

  We’ve talked about the celebrity choker necklace before, but we have never had the chance to properly dive into the subject. Until today. Now we all agree upon the fact that chokers are the sexiest necklace a woman can wear, right? Well, even if not all of us agree, we can surely say that they are one of the few accessories that make women really, really attractive. Don’t misinterpret this, ladies. Men do not really love us for how jewels and clothes look on us, but how they look when they are off us. Now leaving this sneaky subject...

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Kourtney Kardashian Necklace Collection

  Last week we talked about Kim, now it’s time to talk about Kourtney. The Kardashians are the sort of family which became famous overnight and the trends they are setting are rather impossible to stop. The kourtney kardashian necklace collection is one in which many people from across the globe take interest in and, whether we would like to see a change in trend or not, there is pretty much nothing we can do to stop it. The Kardashians have a rather controversial history when it comes to how they became famous. Although, to be fair, it was Kim...

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Gold Charm Necklace - Attention Grabbing Supreme

  The thing that you must know about any gold charm necklace is that discretion is its ultimate advantage. Think about every charm necklace you have ever seen. Did it stand out because it was big? Because it had 30 precious stones? Was it exaggerated in any way? No. It was all about being discrete, small, elegant, in one world: charming. Any charm necklace will always have power over statement pieces, fashion pieces or any other item that will try to rob the attention away from you. Why is that? Because discretion and the fact that an item is small...

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Gold Diamond Heart Necklace - Top 5 Most Wanted

    If you are looking for a gold diamond heart necklace you found the right place. The design is quite common and people appreciate it for two very different reasons. The first and easiest one is that they are gorgeous and represent the philosophy of love. They look very well on anybody and they are easy to adjust to any wardrobe. The second reason is that, despite their gracious shapes, they are crafted out of specific metals and with precious stones. In this particular case we are going to be looking at golden necklaces with diamond additions. It is...

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Epic Formula to Track Down a Beautiful Necklace

  Today we are going to something fun. Instead of the usual “fashion talk only” style, we are going to add a little extra humor here and there so that you know exactly what the epic formula to track down a beautiful necklace is. Now, we know that feeling you have when you see that gorgeous necklace. No, not the “oh that looks so good on you” necklace that you really don’t care about but you will say it just to be nice, but that necklace that makes you go completely OMG and find it no matter what gets in...

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