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Jamie Foxx - His Top 3 Most Guarded Secrets

  It would seem rather awkward that a guy like Jamie Foxx would have secrets wouldn’t it? Well, for some it might seem that way, but for the rest of us, who live in the real world, it seems quite plausible for a super star to have their own secrets. There are quite a few voices out there who are saying that Jamie Foxx’s secrets are dirty, but the information that we managed to get our hands on suggests otherwise. Actually, you might be surprised about what kind of secrets this guy has. And they are not exactly related to...

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Top 3 Secrets That Jessica Alba Would Prefer to Keep Hidden

  Few people would argue that Jessica Alba is one of the most beautiful women to have walked the earth, but the key to Jessica Alba beauty relies, of course, in a few jessica alba secrets. How does she do it? How can she be so successful, be a mother, be the founder of a company, a brand ambassador and a writer at the same time? The answer is right in front of you: beauty. But what she doesn’t really want you to know is that beauty comes in different forms. It’s not only about a big, gorgeous smile, it’s...

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Emma Watson's Luck with The Harry Potter Series

  You would have never expected us to talk about this subject, right? Emma Watson’s luck is arguably one of the most controversial subjects when it comes to the Harry Potter movie world, but the truth is that there was some luck to it… and the rest of the 99 percent was just a huge load of work. There are two kinds of fans out there: those who still believe that she did not deserve this role and those who believe that she worked hard to preserve it. Which kind of fan are you? Today we are going to spend...

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What Watches Does Liam Hemsworth Wear?

  Liam hemswort watches! Liam’s watches all over the place! This is the result you get after you star in a movie such as Independence Day: Resurgence! But we do not suspect that this trend is rising up so quickly just because of the movie; it might also be because Hemsworth is the type of guy ladies cannot get their eyes off, so guys need to know who they can learn from. Hemsworth has hit the movie stage quite hard, gaining more and more fans (yes, especially female fans) because of the way he treats himself: a good style, a...

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Jay Z - A Family Man

Write By: Valentin Rosca on

  Many people believe Jay Z to be many things: a rapper, a respected singer, a genius and an innovator. But fewer people look at jay z’s family. Fewer people understand that a great part of his success is not only owed to his dedication to his career, but his dedication to his family as well. Jay is not only successful because he is good at what he is doing, but because of the fact that he has a happy and stable family life. Many say that he is lucky to have Beyoncé (and we will never argue with that...

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