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Top 3 Most Famous Celebrity Jewelry

  We all agree that Famous celebrity jewelry usually creates a market boom when they emerge, right? It’s not about the jewels themselves, but about the fact that someone is wearing them. If that someone happens to be a highly respected celebrity of a figure of great controversy it does not matter whether they are “good” or “bad”. If the jewel is great, then it’s great. And there is no stopping it. Fans have always been this way. The second they see something that they like they have to get that something because that is a way of resembling their...

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Replica Celebrity Jewelry

  Now why would you want replica celebrity jewelry? There are plenty of jewels to go around, you have endless options if you just decide to shop online or if you take it to the nearest store. And why not go for the jewels that buy in the first place? These are all questions that you have asked yourself and you might have come up with the answer or not. So let’s take it step by step and develop on the subject.       Why These Jewels? Let’s take a look at our thought process first. Why do we...

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Celebrity Jewelry Trends

  Now that we have a proper view of celebrity inspired jewels and the basic trends they started, it’s time to go a little bit more in depth. Understanding the basic trends is one thing, but knowing how they evolved from a simple idea into a multitude of designs is like comparing an amateur to a professional. We already know why we are following celebrity jewelry trends: we either need to look like them and represent what they stand for or we comprehend that their position demands that they always come forward with a great style, something that both defines...

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Best Jewelry Combinations

Write By: Valentin Rosca on

  For all those moment in which the jewels did not match, when you were uncertain whether to focus on the necklace or the earrings and when you did not know how to wear that brooch, it is for those moments that we are here now. Everyone likes to talk about the best jewelry combinations: “oh my god, you should pair them like this”, “jeez girl, how could you wear that color” and the occasional “I’ll teach you how to do it”, which leaves you completely clueless as to how you are supposed to wear jewels and you are not...

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Top 5 Jewelry Brands In the World

  So you want to get accustomed to the top jewelry brands in the world. Fair enough. We cannot react in any other way apart from congratulating you on your fine decision. After all, it is not like everyone can make one such daring transition every day. Most people fear or ignore esteemed jewelry brands because they are “too expensive” or “not worth it”, but in the end they all come to realize that it is a matter of taste and pride that pushes them towards this decision. You might be here because of several reasons: maybe you desire to...

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