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Obama vs Trump - A Style Contest

The current leader of the Free World and the one who is most likely going to lead it: the obama vs trump style contest is not only a battle of how well each leader dresses, but how well each leader is fit to carry on America’s legacy into the future. Sadly (actually, it is fortunate, but we understand why the majority of people find it sad) Obama’s Presidency is coming to an end and it’s high time we looked back at some of the things that he has done and how Trump could fix, or unfix them. We are going...

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Donald Trump - Class & Style

  Donald Trump can easily be considered one of the most controversial, if not the most controversial, people in the world right now. His speeches are highly debatable, nobody knows if they should trust him or not and, to be fair, not many people around the world have the confidence that he would be a good president, especially a leader of the Free World. But there is one thing that sort of sets his apart from the rest of his foes and that’s donald trumps’s style. We know, it is a little bit awkward. This guy is talking about building...

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How Will Smith Gained His Fame and Success?

Many people wonder about will smith’s success, but what is truly fascinating is that some of them cannot understand how he made it so far with the skills that he has. Truth be told, it is the same story as with all young American children of color. The large majority of them come from school with poor education; they are involved in illegal activities and end up living a crime life, always running from the law and doing all sorts of reckless things. But not Will Smith! No, Will was a child with a passion. He wanted to do a...

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Where Does Oprah Get Her Style From?

  Oprah Winfrey is a woman with an exceptional career, a career which many would have dreamt of. But even though she ended her 25-year long run as one of America’s most loved talk show hosts, her beauty and style remain equally charming. Some say that she is even more charming than she was before. But oprah winfrey’s style is not exactly something that she does on her own. She definitely has her little tricks that she has to pull off on her own, but no matter how hard you try, remaining in the spotlight for so long is not...

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How to Make It In America?

  How to make it in America? It is a question that everybody who wants to be free ask themselves all the time. And it’s not just today’s generation. People have been asking themselves how to make it for around 200 years. The only trick is that “making it” has different meanings. Some people just want to make it there as in travel to America and see it, some might want to get a job and others might want to go there and start the businesses of their lives. Is it easy? On paper, yes. Practically, it is a little...

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