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Lady Gaga Necklaces - A Show of Art

  Lady Gaga is not only going to go down in history as one of the greatest singers of all time. She has also become a fashion icon. Crazy hairdos, mad heels and the meat dress pretty much sum up her style, but another key element that add value to her image are the lady gaga necklaces. Some people observe them, others are just shocked by the overall image. Spoiler alert: that’s the plan. If you ever look at Gaga she is all statement. It’s wrong. It’s definitely wrong for a model to do all these things, but she doesn’t...

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Male Celebrity Necklaces

  It is rather easy to spot female celebrity necklaces isn’t it? Necklaces are part of every woman’s outfit and the moment they pop up people start looking. But what about male celebrity necklaces? Guys have feelings too, you know. Guys wearing necklaces is a bold thing these days, especially considering that most men prefer prefer a good watch to any other kind of jewelry they could wear. It’s all in good taste, of course, but we have to admit that when a man wears a necklace in the right way it’s just impossible to resist him. So that’s why...

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Selena Gomez and Her Favourite Necklaces

  Have you ever wondered about the fact that there are a lot of necklaces out there which are, in fact, selena gomez necklaces? Perhaps not. After all, if you are not a fan, why would you even think about that? The answer to this question is simple: because there are a ton of people out there wearing specific necklaces and specific outfits which perfectly match the actress’. Why would that interest us in the first place? Because she is setting trends. When one celebrity becomes popular they have a fan base which is always looking at how they dress,...

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One Direction Inspired Necklaces

  One direction necklaces, jewels in general, are a subject of controversy most of the time. It’s mostly because of the fact that it is perceived as being cheap, a cliché and only available for a specific “target”. The truth is that it is rather normal for people do develop these types of misconceptions, but this does not mean that superficiality is not involved. After all, it might be that sort of thing that stemmed from high school when some fan appeared with some type of jewel and someone mad fun of him for wearing it. Let’s take a look...

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Top 3 Most Expensive Necklaces Ever Made

  The most expensive necklaces are the ones that practically dictate what the rest of the world is going to be looking for in terms of jewelry. It’s a pattern that keeps repeating itself no matter what. Even if we wanted to stop it, it would literally be impossible. People have this way of following trends. It is a learning process, actually. We are all interested in finding our own style and, in most of the cases, for every one person who actually gets it right and finds what they are looking for, another 9 will still struggle. It’s not...

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