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Top 5 Watch Types for Women

Write By: Bogdan Nasaudean on

There is no denying it. A woman is not only brightened by the addition of a tender accessory, but there is that “something” about a beautiful and gentle hand wearing a watch. Today’s subject is all about grace and we are going to look at the top 5 watch types for women and what are the watches that you should be keeping your eyes open for in 2016.There is a common misconception about watches in general. Whenever someone thinks about watches they automatically think about men, as if watches were specifically designed for them only, but there is something extraordinary...

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What you Didn't Know About the Watches of Switzerland

The watches of Switzerland are known throughout the world as being some of the most, if not the most, reliable watches for any individual. Not only are they gorgeous accessories, but they also provide a large variety of services when it comes to time measurement. If you are a watch enthusiast then it is quite unlikely that word about these watches has slipped past your eyes and ears, and if you have yet to dive into the fascinating world of Swiss watches then this is the perfect occasion for you to explore this mesmerizing world.   There are many details...

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The Most Appropriate Men's Necklace Length

Jewelry and men are two variables that can go hand in hand very well. Sometimes it can get quite controversial, yet this usually happens only because there might not be sufficient know-how behind it. Necklaces are no exception. Men’s necklace length can be a tricky one if you are new to it, but everyone has to start from this point if they are interested and you can always remember that even men with the greatest fashion sense have been exactly where you are now: they knew nothing about it. The necklace sizes that men have to choose from are very...

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What to Wear with an 18 Inch Necklace?

There are perhaps two reasons why you are here right now: you have been running through your jewelry in the last few minutes and you found that gorgeous 18 inch necklace that you want to wear, or you just came back from a shop where you saw the beauty and you are undecided whether to buy it or not.Before we move on into the details, there are just two things that you need to consider when wearing any accessory of its kind: it needs to feel like a natural part of your wardrobe and it needs to flatter you. Completely....

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The Most Attractive Types of Necklaces for Girls

The subject of attractive necklaces for girls has a tendency of being vague, thus making it hard for young fashion enthusiasts to gather, or even find, accurate information. What does “most attractive” actually mean? Is the necklace supposed to be cool, colorful or simply beautiful? Is it supposed to have precious stones or not? How important is it for a girl that the necklace be cost-efficient or not? But most importantly, are we talking about “most attractive” as in “everyone can wear it” or “only a certain style matches it”?   For the majority of girls, the most attractive necklace...

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