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Taylor Swift Career Mistakes


If you are expecting an entire list of Swift’s mistakes and how she could not have ended in a worse spot at a certain point in her career, this is not what you are looking for. Taylor Swift career mistakes are mistakes, just like any other artist’s mistakes. The only thing that makes her different from the rest of the celebrity gang is how she decides to react to them. While we are not going to focus on everything that she has done wrong, we will still reflect upon one single move that she has made which might have compromised a part of her character. The main feature that distinguishes Swift from plenty of other celebrities is the fact that she does not view failure as the end of the world. This is one of the reasons why she is famous in the first place.


Most of us are educated in school (and socially educated) that failure is a very bad thing. Once you failed, you’re done. You should be ashamed of yourself, keep your head down and never attempt to say anything to the world every again. She just doesn’t do that. She is very well aware that mistakes and failure are a part of the journey to success. Another very interesting feature is that she is quite proud of the misfortunate events that she has had to live through! Talk about courage! In a world filled with people who run away from responsibilities and fear of what other people think of them, Swift is famous because she is doing the complete opposite. And this does not only make her a better person. It gives her great inspiration for her songs, an ongoing career and development unlike any other. So this is what we are mostly going to be talking about today: how she dealt with these mistakes, how they made her better and how they were placed, brick by brick, in a wall of unending fame.



A Swift Approach

Taylor-Swift-wears-a-red-dressLet us remember that we are talking about a celebrity who has sold millions of albums worldwide, a celebrity who has had to deal with a lot of pain, both in her personal and professional life, and a celebrity who has somehow managed to go through the storm and emerge stronger every time. Taylor has always been able to “Shake It Off”. Literally. The average human being has only one approach when it comes to starting a career and pursuing it: they do it, they fail once and they quit. On top of everything, they also tell everybody about what a terrible idea it is and why they should not do it. We are sorry to disappoint those of you who have the same approach, but that is not how fame works. You push hard, you fail, you have to cope with embarrassment and shame, you push hard again, perhaps deal with the same issues again and then you emerge victorious. If somebody wants fame, they have to pay the price. And a lot of mistakes can be included in the price. As for Swift, she declared that “as much as I would really like to have saved herself heartache, embarrassment or gossip, she also knew that her biggest mistakes have turned into her best lessons and sometimes her greatest career triumphs.”


You see, instead of avoiding failure, Swift accepts it. She keeps in mind that her famous career is not a destination. It is a journey. To make things even more interesting, she admitted that her music might have been stale if she had not gone through the pain that she felt. In a way, this feels like cheating. There are plenty of people who want to pursue their goals every day, but they cannot really talk about their pain because their desired industry does not allow it. Taylor deals with music. Music is art and often times art is pain. The more mistakes she makes and the more failures she encounters… well, let’s say that they are all fuel for her. And even though she ended up being broken hearted and put down many times in her career, Taylor also managed to make some great friends in Hollywood.


If you follow her, you might have already noticed many times that she has a great fashion sense. This is because she always listens to her friends; opinions about how she should dress. Some taylor swift career mistakes have brought her in the presence of equally impressive personalities such as Selena Gomez, Sarah Hyland and even Lorde! She mentioned that there is some sort of trend which a lot of celebrities follow: they surround themselves with people who do nothing more than flatter them all the time. While it is a great ego booster, Swift declared that she is not interested in those kinds of relationships. She would rather have great friends who tell her the truth and who are with her because of the values they share. Can we say that Taylor’s mistakes have got her into trouble? Perhaps on the spot. But on the long run things have turned out to be excellent for her.  



The One Mistake That Might Have Mattered

Taylor-Swift-is-singing A few weeks ago, Kim Kardashian exposed a video in which Taylor Swift and Kanye were talking about his highly controversial music video Famous. The issue was very delicate, especially because Taylor was put in a very bad position. Kim’s plan was simple: expose Taylor for having known the lyrics. The only problem is that Kim did not expose much, but Taylor also turned out to be a liar… Numerous times in the past, Taylor had declared that she was not at all aware of the lyrics Kanye had been using in his song. She said that she did not agree with them and that, in the end, they offended her and did not speak the truth. But she did know about them. She knew about the song and she knew about the sex part, but she did not agree to the b-word. Intentionally, Kanye had also avoided this subject entirely and promised to have the song played for Taylor once it was complete. That did not happen.


All in all, both parties were affected by this scandal. The only issue was that the Wests (sort of) won. Why? Because they were after the fame. Kim has made it her number one priority in life to be famous. She said it when she was young and she is still trying to do it now. She also proved that she loved Kanye very much, but the entire purpose of this action was to point out that Taylor had lied. And she did… How could everything have been avoided? If she had been honest from the very beginning. The fact that she did not recognize that she was aware of the existence of this song made things extremely difficult for her. If she made it clear that she knew about it and that Kanye avoided the b-word, everything would have played out ok. In fact, Kim might not have released the video in the first place. But since she began by saying that she did not know... that could have never ended the right way. The main reason why this mistake is so important is because it showed the world that even a sweet girl like Taylor Swift can lie. We do not know the purpose. Maybe she was scared, maybe she just wanted to avoid the subject or, who knows, maybe she wanted to settle for some fame alongside the Wests. Perhaps we will never know, but we have learned a lesson. Hopefully, she has learnt her lesion as well. Maybe we will hear about it someday, if she decides that the subject is good enough for a song.  



What We Should Never Forget

Taylor-Swift-wears-a-white-dressMistakes are part of life. They are only normal. We fear failure, but sometimes we become so scared that we fail because we want to play it safe. Just like any other super star, Taylor is destined to make mistakes here and there. It is only natural. It is our job to ensure that we and she learn something from these mistakes. We cannot let them haunt us forever and we cannot let them haunt her either. Mistakes are made, lessons are learnt and we need to learn how to move on. Taylor swift career mistakes, the stories that she has lived through, the stories that we listen to in all of her songs and the stories that we create for ourselves, they are all a series of successes and failures. We are designed to make mistakes and repair them. None of us are born knowing what will come next. But what we can do is try to deal with everything that life throws in our way as best as we can. This is why we did not make a list of mistakes and this is why we believe that doing so would be a waste of time. Our attitude shapes our future. Will we focus on mistakes or the success ahead?