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The Best Cufflinks Brands in the World

Let us have a moment of honesty: now that we have gone through all the info on cufflinks and you actually know more about these accessories, you are probably not interested in buttons anymore. Hardy Amies once said that “a man should look as if he bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forget all about them”. This is the final step in your cufflink knowledge journey, the final step when you mature from a boy into a gentleman.


We initiated our readers into the cufflink know-how, we covered the best advice on men’s cufflink stores and now it’s time to look at cufflinks brands. Not just any brands, however. What we are about to witness are the cufflinks that every man should have in their wardrobe. These luxury brands are the ones that can boast on quality, professionalism and outstanding looks.


All men want them, women love it if their partners wear them and they are pieces that should be at the top of the shelf should you consider collecting them.   


Luxury Cufflink Brands


Elegant-grey-shirtIf you are looking for true quality, the best suggestion is, by far, Jacob & Co. This brand is known throughout the world for its exquisite designs and impressive value. The Emerald Cut Canary Octagon, for instance, is the most expensive cufflink pair in the world, valuing approximately $4.2 million.

Jacob & Co. bring another value to the table that few other brands do: heritage. These cufflinks contain a 10.76 carat diamond each and they are embedded on an 18-carat white gold structure.


There is literally nothing in the world that can match these cufflinks. Jacob & Co. have a variety of high-end cufflinks that you might be interested in such as the Diamond Art Decco cufflinks, the Baguette Diamond Double Ended Basketball cufflinks and the Diamond Baguette Pentagons. Each of these beauties are estimated at $600,000, $160,000 and $115,000 respectively, ensuring the brand’s longevity over time. It is even safe to assume that, if you decide to purchase such wonders, you can make them your own family legacy. Jacob & Co. provide the jewelry you would want your grand, grand children to inherit and cherish.


Have you ever considered a historical piece? King Eduard’s VIII Cartier cufflinks might be a treasure worth hunting. This piece’s value relies in its story, above all else. You are probably familiar with King Eduard VIII and the love story of the 19th century. King Eduard was in love with Wallis Simpson, a commoner American woman. His royal condition proved to be an impediment in marrying Wallis. Both the British Parliament and the Church of England refused to agree to Eduard’s decision to marry her. Thus, he abdicated and took Wallis for his beloved wife.


Edward’s diamond cufflinks were sold during an auction that took place in 1987 and it is said that their raw value nowadays amounts to around $400,000. This piece of advice is, obviously, for the ladies: if you know that he is the keeper and he is also passionate about cufflinks, you can try and purchase this beauty. It will only strengthen the relationship. A niche brand that is both interesting and worth checking out is Foundrie 47. This is a jewelry company that was founded back in 2009. Their specialty: creating jewelry with metals extracted from weapons used in certain African warzones.


There are very few situations in which we claim that you cannot get more niche than this. Foundrie 47 launched their own brand of cufflinks back in 2011. James de Givenchy stepped in one year later and their collaboration gave birth to the Phoenix Collection. Each cufflink of this sort is made of steel collected from approximately 120 AK47 rifles.


The 47 motif is quite strong with this collection, especially if we consider that 47 conflict-free diamonds are adorned on these cufflinks. Really, is there anyone who cannot hear how these pieces scream “awesomeness”? Phoenix cufflinks are luxury men’s jewelry which come with a fairly accessible price of $70,000. There is one very rare piece among the cufflinks brands that you might want to look for. Although extremely rare, Arfaq Hussain’s V2 cufflinks have some distinguished features such as the golden crown, its sapphires and the gold-crafted double sword.


These rarities were designed by Arafaq Hussain, a well-renowned design director who worked at the House of GIaninni Vive Sulman in London. The V2 family is comprised of only 7 members. Michael Jackson was the proud possessor of one of these precious cufflinks. A pair’s value was last estimated at approximately $40,000 a few years ago, yet it would come as no surprise if it grew over time.  

Keeping it Accessible


Shop-with-clothesShould you be interested in looking professional and elegant, we would like to recommend the Steampunk Two-Tone Gold Clock cufflinks. These are not your ordinary men’s jewelry.

These vintage-style watches are a delicate addition to your wear, be it casual or formal, and come with a great, unique touch. They are made of gold, contain roman numerals and expose the gears in order to demonstrate the wearer’s appreciation for time. The brass gears, the accent and golden winding wheels make these cufflinks the perfect addition to your collection.


At the same time, they can be sent as a very personal gift to anyone you appreciate. The White Gold Gents Diamond cufflinks are another fine choice should you want to pride yourself with your social status in a very discrete way. Their design is quite simplistic, featuring wide, clean, polished 14k white gold areas with a total of 54 diamonds. The diamonds cross paths in two perpendicular lines, giving this accessory a rather interesting turn: it is very discrete, yet at the same time it is quite hard not to notice it. They are the cufflinks that come very close to perfection. If you are looking for nuances of mystery, Kiton Napoli might be just the thing for you.


This is a brand that has been around for decades and has earned its respect based on the quality its products have delivered. Kiton Napoli’s Solid White Gold cufflinks come with a stylish alligator embossed box and white diamonds are inlayed into the round-shaped 18k white gold. These heavy and dark cufflinks can easily match any if your desired suits and they are definitely a must have. Last, but not least, Tateossian is a brand that easily attracts attention. With a variety of designs, many gentlemen entrust their looks on these products because of the chick, cool feeling that they exude.


The majority of their sets come in onyx, diamond and gold. Often called “the king of cufflinks”, Robert Tateossian helped boost cufflink popularity tenfold, making them a modern and luxurious must-have. These collections do not only come with cufflinks, but also with matching shirt studs, ensuring that you are well-equipped for any occasion. Should you prefer a more young and aggressive look, the Tateossian Sterling Silver Rodium Plated Cufflinks can work as an emblem of pride into your collection. You would never have thought that shark teeth can be so sexy now, did you?  


All the Big Names in One Place


Mannequins-with-clothesThere are surely many other cufflinks out there that cater around your needs, but these are the most wanted, the best of the best and they guarantee success both on the impact that you make on yourself and others as well.

As you can see, cufflinks brands offer a wide range of shapes, styles and materials, many of which might already be on your list of desires. Let us look back on the names that are worth remembering so that you can write a complete and accurate list of everything you want to get your hands on (or at least set your highest standards).


Jacob & Co. is probably the most sought after brand out there, certainly one of the most expensive as well, if not the most expensive. King Eduard’s cufflinks are all about the story; the Phoenix Collection from Givenchy and Foundrie 47 are a very niche cufflink brand that you might want to experiment with and Arfaq Hussain’s V2 can also be an interesting treasure hunt.


The easier luxury cufflinks to get your hands on are as follows: Steampunk Two-Tone Gold Clock cufflinks, The White Gold Gents Diamonds, Kiton Napoli’s Solid White Gold cufflinks and Tateossian onyx, diamond and gold sets with the Sterling Silver Rodium as a bonus. These are what we consider the best of the best. There are plenty styles to match any kind of wardrobe and they cover a wide range of preferences. As usual, we do not recommend that you stop researching. Keep looking, experiment, and go try cufflinks in shops. Anything that you like will fit you elegantly provided that you match them appropriately with your style.


You can now consider yourself a grand initiate in the art of the cufflinks: you have the mentality, the shops and the standards. It is all about how you tailor your image from now on. There is no way you can go wrong from this point onward. If you find it hard, keep trying. If you get 100 wrong matches at the price of finding your ideal look and feel, it is totally worth it.