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The Dirty Secrets Behind Celebrity Fashion


Oh, you really want to get into trouble, don’t you? Why would you be interested in dirty celebrity fashion? Is it because it’s interesting? Because you know that these people have things to hide? OR maybe it’s not the people. It’s about the things clothes are made of. Maybe it’s something that has huge impact on the world. You don’t really know, do you? That’s why you want to know these things so badly. The good news is that we are here to satisfy your needs and tell you all the little dirty things that nobody tells you about. The bad news is that… well, there is not bad news. It’s all exciting and adventurous. But first… a little spoiler alert. The sex myths are a lie. We know, major disappointment, a lot of boo’s and no’s, but things are not as exciting as you thought of or might have heard about celebrity fashion.


The usual remarks such as having done things with the producer or having worn that dress during something naughty are not something that you should take too seriously. They’re all said in good fun and with hope that people are actually going to buy them. But the truth is that, with today’s rising feminist power and the constant attention given to rights, the fashion industry is a fair one. Models really work out every day, they struggle to maintain the same appearance over a long period of time and they truly get the appreciation they deserve later than expected. Why? Because the industry can be very cruel. And it should be. Beauty standards are super high these days, and if you do not meet them you are simply another contestant. You really have to make use of your chance. But there are a few points of view from which you can look at fashion and understand how dirty it can get. We are going to look at these points of view right now and show you what it truly means to get dirty in this business.  



Why Fashion Is Holding You Down Financially

Woman-holds-her-phone-in-handOh, yes. You never thought about it this way, did you? Maybe it is not holding you down, but it has this effect on the majority of the people. Reasons? Quite a few. Let’s start with the average age of a sweater. For how long can you wear a sweater? A year? Maybe two years. Oh, and you are only wearing it in winter. Maybe a little bit in autumn and spring too, but winter is when most of the action goes down. You wear that sweater for one year and then you throw it away. One sweater is not such a problem, is it? How about 5? This is money we are talking about. Sweaters, jeans, shirts, pants, shoes, everything you wear has a price tag and you wear them for two years at max. The industry is designed in such a way that you are literally forced to give money every two years for new clothes. Now the question is whether you actually need those clothes or not. Not really. They are just clothes, right? You could settle for a few inexpensive unknown brands which produce some nice sweaters, but some people really have to buy that €1000 from Gucci, right? People eat for an entire month with €1000, but some spend it on a sweater. You see the pattern, don’t you? People just keep spending. Over and over, without end and it seems somewhat natural. But what nobody realizes is that they do not really need so many clothes. It’s a vicious circle that you could stop by just changing your mentality.



Mentality Is Another Challenge

Woman-wears-a-pink-shirt Here’s the thing: you don’t really need 500 clothes, but you kind of do because you care about yourself and about what people think about you. This is how celebrity fashion influenced us over the years. The imitation game is not longer a game. It’s a necessity for all of us. We need to look good, we need to know that people think higher of us, we need more. What’s important to know is that this need is generated. It’s not natural. People do not naturally need to buy so many clothes in order to feel happy with themselves. You do not need to spend so much money on clothes, and the funniest thing ever is that you often spend some money on clothes that you wear once or twice. What is the root of this mentality? It’s everywhere. Your parents taught you that you need t dress nicely. Your friends’ parents taught them the same. You gather at a local bar and compliment each other on your fine choices, you talk about celebrities and how cool the clothes they wear are. And it gets better: you all agree on how cool it would be to look like these celebrities and you all agree that you should get some clothes that make you look cooler or like them. After you save some money and finally buy what you wanted you meet again. Same compliments over and over, but you also consider the newest things they are wearing. You agree again, save again, buy again. And on and on it goes. Then everything moves to the TV. Hosts talk about how well their invited stars look, they compliment them on their beautiful dresses, you see them and you want more. You talk about it on Facebook and like a picture that you see on Instagram. Other people notice. The pattern repeats itself. Can anybody stop it? No. And why would they? This is like an endless delight that we all like to dream in, and while we continue to delight in it the fashion industry creates a new dress, some new shoes and Victoria’s Secret underwear that you could live well enough without. But hey, Miranda Kerr just got engaged and she really is an angel. I’d like to be like that, too. Might as well go get your hands on some expensive jewelry.  



The Irony of It All

Woman-is-under-the-bridgeIs that this is all normal. Spending your money on clothes over and over again, fantasizing about the clothes that celebrities are wearing and hoping that you will someday make it up there… everybody does them. And the fact that everybody does them makes it an excellent opportunity to join the ride, a ride that, even now that you know what is all about, you still cannot stop. You really wanted to know dirty? This is dirty. But now that you know about the vicious circle only one question remains: how do you get out of it? The answer might surprise you: you just do it. It’s a matter of choice, managing your priorities and you also have to stop caring about what everybody says about fashion and focus on the things that you actually need. But it’s hard. It is really hard because you have to get rid of a mentality that you have grown up with for your entire life. And getting rid of it comes with (theoretical) consequences: unacceptance, others will think that you are weird, some will consider that you have been brainwashed by some random fashion hater. It can actually result in a total social wreck, if your group values fashion that much.


It is all a matter of how strong your convictions are and how much you believe that the fact that you buy clothes influences your life in a good manner. You might be familiar with the idea that you have to “invest in yourself”, but you should also know that there is a huge difference between investing in yourself and on yourself. Think about it. Once you figure out what lies behind the curtains your mentality will change completely. If you came here for the dirtiest secrets in the fashion industry, well, you’ve got them. It is all in your hands now: if you decide to change your habits today and start making some proper investments, you will notice how much money fashion has been pulling out of your wallet and what a huge impact it had on your social life. Now do not understand the idea in the wrong way. Despite easily drawing you into its vicious circle, fashion is, indeed, beneficial. It is a sign of status, of beauty and it can literally lift your spirit up. It’s all good as long as you do not rely on it to make you happy. It is only necessary, but not sufficient. Although the inner beauty subject has become a little bit of a cliché, you can always trust this piece of advice. The most beautiful person that you can be is who you are underneath. Pretty clothes, celebrity fashion and shiny jewels cannot match your inner glow. Remember this, use this and you will find your way to happiness. Do not let the dirty secrets of fashion get in your way. You are way much more than a body clothes are placed upon.