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The Jewellery Shop - A Man's Best Friend??


Gentlemen, you have all been through this situation, haven’t you? It is her birthday, your anniversary, you are both celebrating something special, something that you either should not have forgotten about or you should have prepared for ages ago. But you are lost, you do not know what to do or what to buy, you do not want to make her feel sad or disappointed. You need to do something and you need to do it fast. In these situations you know, you simply know, that there is one friend you can go to, a friend who will not judge you, not tell you what you did right or wrong, but actually help you unconditionally. That friend is the jewelry shop. That’s right! You go there and behold! You see necklaces, rings, jewels and watches that will warm her heart, make her say those 3 magic words and you know that she will be pleased. Not only that, but you will have conquered your feelings of sorrow and guilt. You made it, she is happy, things are going well and maybe, just maybe, you found a thing or two there that could even suit yourself. Either way, the jewelry shop saved you. It did not tell you that “he doesn’t know” or that “there are limited options”. You went there, saw everything and made the decision.  



Men’s Psychology and Why the Shop Is a Savior

People-in-front-of-a-shopMost often men do not realize how simple this is. And no, it is not simple in the way that you can postpone until the last day and you can get away with it. It is simple in the way that you can go, check out multiple shops, take a day or two to think about it and then make the right call. Yes, the shop can save you in the last moment as well, but that is not a tender gesture and, if it plays out well, it is mostly because of luck (if she didn’t already figure out that you did what you did, but she loves you because of how sweet you are in general). Here’s the catch: jewelry shops are your best friends because they give you options and because you see things. Scientific research has led to the conclusion that men and women have different sizes when it comes to the gap between their hemispheres. Men’s are smaller, information flows in smaller amounts and slowly, thus they end up being funny in all the situations that require their attention to small things. “Honey, I can’t find my tie”, but the tie was right in front of him. She comes home and describes all her experiences while he listens and all his brain can come up with is a “mhm”. Do these situations sound familiar to you? They do, right? Buying gifts is no exception. Men love women, they know that their outside beauty needs to match the inner one, they know that everything needs to be perfect or, in the worst case, 0,01% away from perfect. All these things compiled into a man’s head are not only beautiful and demonstrates that he cares. They are absolutely, utterly, shockingly horrifying. How can he get all the details to fit? What if he misses that 0,01%? What if she won’t like it? All the questions come flooding in like a horror movie, but the answer is always the same: the jewelry shop.  



What Are Your Options?

People-are-shopping-in-mall Alright, we’ve gone through the male anatomy and psychology to see how things actually work, but let’s get down to the real business: the shop. You have good examples of shops, brands and shopping experiences in our previous guides: Top 5 Best Watch Companies For Her, What To Wear With 18 Inch Necklaces and The Cufflink Store For Men. But we intend to keep it simple today and go through some important details that men should keep in mind when buying jewelry for her. First things first, rest assured that there is variety. You have everything you need in a jewelry shop that she will love: rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, gemstones, literally everything. There is no way for you to not find something specific. Once that something caught your eye, you need to think about her a little: does she have this or that kind of accessory? Does she need it? Would she wear it? Is the occasion so important that you could buy something a little more expensive that would gain emotional value over time? You do not need to panic and think that these things are complicated because they are not. Does she have 20 rings? Go for something else then. Does she need a bracelet? She seems like she is wearing only 3, but with great emotional value. And maybe those 3 are from her mom, her dad and her sister. You’ve been her boyfriend for 4 years, so maybe it’s not exactly time to go into the bracelet zone yet. How about a watch? She doesn’t have one. It could be a slight, tender watch, beautiful for her slender hand and could be used in both special occasions and when you simply go out. It also measures your time together, so that’s a sweet symbol. If you’ll tell her that she might melt and you get extra points. Yes, a watch might do. See? It was not too hard. You just had to see your best friend’s options, ask yourself three questions and make an easy decision. You have options when it comes to jewelry as well. Types, materials, they all carry significant value. You might want to research these a little bit, but we can make things a little easier for you. Peridots and sapphires are directly associated with love, for instance. They are being offered as wedding anniversary presents (peridots for 3rd and 15th anniversary and sapphires for 5th and 45th anniversaries). You might not be married, but even if you do tell her these things and demonstrate that you showed interest she will appreciate it. Love stories and legends always leave good impressions.


Shops-with-men-accessoriesThink about silver, gold and pearls. Silver and pearls can be used for all kinds of events and clothing styles. Gold is commonly associated with premium. Pearls are exactly in between tricky and “impossible to fail with”. They are a vintage style, very beautiful, capture the attention easily, but you can wear them at the opera and at a dinner party all the same. Silver and pearls also work well with brighter skin tones while gold works with warmer ones. These are all the details gentlemen need when picking materials. Now a beginner’s guide to gemstones: tanzantine (rarer than diamonds, it is reported that the world will only be able to supply this rare gem for approximately 30 more years), tsavorite (initially promoted by Tiffany & Co., this gem was also discovered in the 60s, just like tanzantine, only that is not as rare and precious as the former), aquamarine (perfect for her if water is her element), rubies (one of the four precious stones in the world, they always come in red), topaz (always colorless, this precious stone will only come in colors due to stone imperfections), moisssanite (as hard and beautiful as a diamond, no sky-rocketing prices), garnet (pinky-red stones, match perfectly with pears or other gemstones with different colors), morganite (a very romantic stone that comes from the emerald family), emeralds (ever green, they exude luxury) and amethyst (purple stones, quite charming, but not exactly durable). These are only a few of the options that the shop can provide you with. Now that you know hidden significances related to materials, gemstones and how to approach buying her gifts, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to jewelry shops.



How to Think and How to Shop

Shop-with-suitsSo here is what you need to remember: because men love women so much and they care about how the latter perceive gifts (especially jewelry), they tend to panic and not know what angle they should start with when approaching the challenge. The key is to remember that a shop is an ideal place for you to solve these sorts of issues. Without a shop you will start asking a thousand different questions, answer 3 of them and create an additional set of questions that also have no answers. Go to a shop and start seeing your options. Think about what you would like to buy her, how well or delicate it should fit on her body, what colors she is using most of the time. When you start seeing things you will actually start answering all of your questions progressively. You will pick gifts based on rational arguments and not randomly. Remember: the shop is your best friend. It will never scold you, it will never tell you that your options are limited. In fact, there will always be someone there who can give you a hand. And if that someone also happens to be a woman, there is nothing in the world that can stop you.