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The Most Appropriate Men's Necklace Length

Jewelry and men are two variables that can go hand in hand very well. Sometimes it can get quite controversial, yet this usually happens only because there might not be sufficient know-how behind it. Necklaces are no exception. Men’s necklace length can be a tricky one if you are new to it, but everyone has to start from this point if they are interested and you can always remember that even men with the greatest fashion sense have been exactly where you are now: they knew nothing about it. The necklace sizes that men have to choose from are very limited compared to what women have in their jewelry box. While they can choose anything from 14 inches up to 40, men can only choose from 18 inches to 24.


Each length has its own purposes, of course: 18 inches are perfect for the crew neck shirt, 20 is the safest length complementing your unbuttoned shirt or the V-neck, when you are talking about 22 you automatically think chains, and 24 is the “religious pendant zone”. Sadly, however, men do not have it as easy as that when it comes to necklaces. If we want to focus exactly on which necklace fits you best, we need to talk about styles. There are 5 necklace styles for men. They have been around for many years and if you want to begin your journey into this subject, this is where you need to start.


Vintage-old-clockThe secret to men’s jewelry is that it is supposed to give an old impression. No, we are not talking about that kind of old, but the sort of old that has been passed to you from generation to generation. A piece of jewelry on a man needs to leave the impression that it was forged by your great, great, great grandfather and it has made its way to you through the ages. It is not supposed to be worn with a suit or anything too fancy. It is supposed to look a little rugged, rough around the edges and it needs to feel as though it were a natural part of you.




This feature is important because of the image that it is tailoring for you. You won’t be the guy wearing the bling “SWAG” chain with shiny diamonds. That’s going in a totally wrong direction. If you want the best necklace for you, it needs to make you feel stylish. Never blingy.Let us begin with the 5 styles and what benefits you can reap of each one of them.

Dog tags are one of these styles. They give off a rather vintage vibe, mostly because they are automatically associated with the army. In fact, military tags contain information about the wearer: name, rank, medical info and their religion. The stylish dog tags have replaced the information with some sort of design or a simple image and you are also free to replace the chain with something a little bit flashier.

In the end, it is your decision whether this style suits you or not. It is also very culture-based: some people will be more than happy to adopt the military style in countries known for their patriotism while others might take it as a genuine insult.



Also, being modest counts a lot. Don’t try anything too out of the ordinary. Shirt, jeans and chain should be more than sufficient to craft a solid enough image not only to impress others, but so that you can impress yourself. A word of advice: do not settle for less with chains. Since metal quality is so important and you decide that chains are your thing, invest in them. Don’t buy cheap chains. There are silver, gold and platinum products out there for the taking. And they are worth it. The religious emblems are a rather discreet style. It either depends if the individual’s faith and beliefs are strong enough to convey it into an emblem that he is wearing all the time, or it is simply culturally induced. As mentioned before, these emblems are worn with longer necklace lengths. You might be pretty familiar with crosses, Stars of David and many more. They are typically worn under the shirt for specific reasons. They convey one’s belief and they are also not necessarily something that you want to look upon to begin with. They are intimate and they are supposed to remain that way. Needless to say, you are going to see some people who prefer the large cross style, but that is not exactly the type of jewelry that adds to a man’s modesty now, is it?


Man-arranging-his-sleevesNext up we have pendants, quite a broad style and easy to experiment with. They are ornaments tied to longer chains which are meant to rest on your breastbone. Shapes range from simple shapes to vials and messages written in a parchment put inside the pendant. There are two key factors with pendants: they need to be small and be discrete. They can be worn under and over the shirt, or you might want to get original and use a deep V-neck to expose your beautiful body and the pendant as a bonus. Lastly, we have the chokers. They are firm bands tied around the neck and do not fall beneath the neck bone, fairly easy to recognize because of their designs and ornaments. If you’ve never seen a choker, you can Google a surfer and there’s almost 100% chance that you will see how it looks like. Chokers are extremely popular among surfers and hippies.



There are two big no’s for chokers: metal and ornaments. Reasons: metal chokers… well, no and ornaments… it’s whether you are interested in looking sexy or like a puppy. People seem to be very happy and good looking with woven hemp chokers and even rope or leather, so feel free to try them on if chokers are your thing.

Ok, we know about lengths, styles, what else should we talk about? Ornaments, of course; ornaments, chains, cords and the little things that you should always remember. The chain or the cord are important, the ornament can be whatever you want. Yes, it sounds too good to be true and it is. People literally wear anything as an ornament and trying to categorize this variable would be a total waste of time. Ornaments simply look good, they’re interesting, they have a story to tell and they can be whatever you want. The chain is a totally different story. Think of the chain as your necklace’s personality.




If you’re planning on going with precious metals, you have to keep your outfit simple. Precious metals are made to draw attention, so make sure they are small. Don’t overdress, and try not to wear something else that can divert the attention. Precious metal plus another eye catcher does not equal love.

If you want your outfit to stand out more than your necklace, the steel ball chain is for you. It’s quite simplistic and its role is just to add something to your style, but not attract attention. You might also want to give leather thongs a try. They give quite a natural vibe and feel good.

This is a good moment to look back, realize that that is a lot of information to process and that these are only the basics, but this is why we are going to be doing this short conclusion just to make sure that you got everything sorted out.


The most appropriate men’s necklace length is exactly what you want it to be. It has to match your style and, most important above all, it has to create a good impression on yourself first. Remember that it’s all about that “passed from generation to generation” feeling. You’ll never be able to present yourself with a necklace like a woman does, but you can ensure that the accessory is doing a good job for you.

There are 5 necklace styles: dog tags, chains, religious emblems, pendants and chokers. You know the sizes, feel free to give all of them a try and decide what works best for you. The chain is everything. After you’ve decided what you want to stand out with, pick your chain wisely and get original with choosing your accessory.

And now that you are armed with all the fresh info… what are you still doing here? Got out there and make a solid impression. You’ve earned it.