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The Most Attractive Types of Necklaces for Girls

The subject of attractive necklaces for girls has a tendency of being vague, thus making it hard for young fashion enthusiasts to gather, or even find, accurate information. What does “most attractive” actually mean? Is the necklace supposed to be cool, colorful or simply beautiful? Is it supposed to have precious stones or not? How important is it for a girl that the necklace be cost-efficient or not? But most importantly, are we talking about “most attractive” as in “everyone can wear it” or “only a certain style matches it”?


For the majority of girls, the most attractive necklace is a mixture of all these criteria. Perhaps it is all of them, most of them or even details that slipped thought and writing. Nonetheless, this piece’s sole purpose is to make things clear for you, whether you are a mother looking into young fashion, a loving boyfriend who wants to surprise his cute crush or just interested in the subject. Thus, the following article is structured based on three major criteria: occasions and how to properly match them.


Necklaces for girls are not rocket science, fortunately enough for gentlemen. It seems that way when you start. One usually goes for the material when they begin simply because he does not know how to begin. Would she wear something handmade? Isn’t that too simple? Perhaps silver? Oh, but pearls would suit her style so much better! It’s time to put some order into our thoughts. Woman-wearing-a-hatWhat are we looking for in the first place? Perhaps it is a necklace that she will wear it every day, or at least when any casual event occurs. Or maybe it is for something more formal that demands elegance and grace. Certain necklaces go hand in hand with certain events and you can easily learn how to work your way around that. Supposing that you are looking for something that would best fit a girl on any occasion, handmade and silver necklaces are options which will not let you down. Handmade necklaces are extremely flexible as they usually come all sorts of shapes and colors. They can be used for both casual and formal outfits and events and a girl will always accept and cherish these necklaces, especially if you took the time to make them yourself.


Silver necklaces for girlsare an excellent choice since they accommodate all needs. Want to simply go out? Pick a silver necklace. Want to go on a date? A silver necklace is great. Need to attend a party? Silver necklace all the way. It always works great dark and neutral colors, it can be adjusted to more lively ones as well it will always make a girl look great. But there is a catch here: starting from silver upwards you need to pay attention to a girl’s style. You need to know what her favorite colors are, whether she likes the glimmering fame or a more casual gorgeous style and whether she uses a lot of accessories or not. Remember that the most attractive types of necklaces for ladies are the ones that in fact match their style.


Here’s a quick list of no-no’s that is ideal to have in mind when deciding to go for silver necklaces: do not combine silver and gold, do not add a silver necklace to an already accessorized style and do not forget to take neck length into consideration. They are all pretty straightforward: silver and gold just do not look good together, if someone is wearing a lot of rings, bracelets and adds a necklace on top of all that it will come out as vulgar and the neck issue can be solved simply by checking out necklace lengths to see which one fits best.


Pretty-girl-smileing Now let’s look at examples of potential candidates for the most attractive silver necklaces. Does the girl prefer nuances of white or metallic? Perfect. You already know that she will love it. Now what about orange? Prune? That’s right, she is the type. Also, adding precious stones is a matter of preference.

They look exceptionally well at night, but there is absolutely no issue when it comes to simplicity. If you want to move up on the fashion ladder when it comes to necklaces, you absolutely need to consider pearls. You might be wondering why we jumped to pearls and avoided talking about gold for the time being. There is a very logical reason for this: pearl necklaces are at the verge of old-school and elegance. If you want to offer a girl a pearl necklace there absolutely no way she will refuse it. We can fashion theorize it for as long as we want, the result is the same: the glow, the beautiful round shapes, they will always take your eyes away.


The beauty about pearls is that they, too, satisfy all social and stylish needs, but there is just that something about them that makes everything special. When was the last time you’ve seen an accessory that can fit so gorgeously with a T-shirt or the most elegant dress in her wardrobe? Yes, it is just that easy. A girl can wear a pearl necklace during a social event and also show up with it during a date the next day, while wearing jeans, and she will shine just as brightly. People often associate pearls with sophistication and great confidence, so you basically have no reason not to look at these accessories. Girl-holding-her-eyes-closedWho are the most reliable candidates for pearl necklaces, you might ask.

The trick here is the necklace’s length. If the girl is into spaghetti strap or off-the shoulder fashion pearl collars and chockers might be her thing. If you are not at all sure about her style, you can always go with the princess, the 18 inch necklace, since that is extremely safe. In case she is super formal and attends many events, the opera might serve you well: very elegant, quite flirty and it will draw that mesmerized “I cannot take my eyes off her” look. Also reds, greens and purples work very well with these delicate jewels.


Bright dresses and jewels are the key to immortality and bear in mind that anything that looks too flashy cannot be combined with pearls. The reason why they are so attractive is because they need to shine, not something else. And we arrive at the piece that everyone was expecting: golden necklaces. These can be tricky and complicated. There are a great deal of little things you need to consider: face shape, neck shape and skin tones.

Just so everything is clear, golden necklaces are a great purchase, but it only pays off after you’ve made the effort of figuring things out. The best lengths for golden necklaces are in between 24 to 28 inches since they are going to give a girl the best look ever. Tiny chains are tricky and should be avoided if they are going to be the only worn accessory. However, there is one trick that could benefit any girl from using two or more tiny golden necklaces: face-focus. If her face needs the spotlight, use this technique and it will offer the appropriate results. What is important to know about golden accessories in general is that they are heavily related to social perception. There are certain expectations that need to be met, or do not.


Keeping things simple is never a bad thing as long as everything is done in good taste, but one might also be faced with the knowledge that gold would work with certain earrings, a bracelet and a ring with a specific gemstone. Indeed, all of these are ideal and work like a charm. However, a nice dress with a specific golden necklace and a small bracelet are also a great recipe for beauty. Black-background-with-a-few-necklacesLet’s go through the basics once more so that you remain with everything you need: the basic rule that you need to remember when it comes to jewelry is that, whatever you choose, it needs to fit the girl’s style. Keep things nice, simple and you will show her that you do not only care about her outfit, but her as a human being.  If you want to play safe choice games, always go for handmade, silver or pearl necklaces.


They provide a wide range of styles starting from casual, playful to complete elegance. If you want to make and effort and show it, golden necklaces are a great option. There is no recipe for the most attractive type of necklace. Any girl, at any place and any given time will gladly accept and wear anything that makes her shine. Also, never be too worried about the depth of your wallet.

 The extra most attractive thing about a necklace is not how much money you invested, but how big your heart is. And that is always going to pay off tenfold.