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The Most Expensive Jewellery Pieces Worldwide


Did you know that only 5% of the people on earth have all the money at their disposal? Today’s guide is a way of preparing you for entering that 5% because we are going to present the most expensive jewellery this world has ever seen. Make no mistake. This is it. This is not a top 5 necklace, earring or ring piece. These are the most craved pieces that almost anyone would love to get their hands on. Millions of dollars are at stake and, given the chance, even the world’s greatest thieves would attempt to steal these beauties.


Bear in mind that these jewels are very difficult to be overtaken by anything else. They have been around for quite some time, they have developed beautiful and interesting stories and people have become quite attached to them. People believe that, as time passes, jewels have the power to absorb history. This, too, adds to their overall value, despite having an impressing number of carats. So let us linger no more and take a look at the world’s most desired pieces that were ever touched by human hands.  



The Wittelsbach – Graff Diamond

Girl-has-an-elegant-shirtWittelsbach is officially the most expensive jewel to have ever been crafted. It amounts to $80 million and the story of how it got to this tremendous price is quite a paradox. Wittelsbach has found itself surrounded by controversy because it started off with a relatively large price ($23.4 million) and it rose to this second astonishing price after it had carats removed from it. Everything started with a deep blue diamond. There was nothing too special about it, apart from the fact that it had approximately 35 carats. Somehow, this rather small piece found its way into the heart of Bavarian and Austrian Crowns. Laurence Graff bought this piece in 2008 for the sum of $23.4 million and his first impulse was to make the jewel a lot better than it was. This infuriated the majority of the jewelers in the industry. Even though Graff was a very good jeweler, how dare would he defy the very nature of this perfect piece by meddling his human hands into perfection. Well, it looks like Graff knew better. Albeit 4.5 carats were removed from the initial piece, Graff managed to enhance the clarity of the jewel and made it the most valuable piece that currently exists on earth. Only three years after he had purchased it, Graff sold this piece to a member within the Qatari royal family for the unimaginable price that we first mentioned. Not only did he make an almost %300 profit from reselling the jewel, but Graff also proved his point to the entire world: no matter how skeptical and ignorant people can be, it is always the man who makes the jewel and not the jewel who makes the man. The story of the Graph Diamond is not only a story of good financial investment. It is a story about taking a risk and managing success in the right way.  



The Pink Star Diamond Ring

Woman-wears-a-dress The Pink Star is currently the second most valuable jewelry piece to have ever been crafted. This particular piece also has an interesting story, but it is purely related to the financial part. This beauty took the place that was once held by the Graff Pink until November 2013, when it became the most expensive jewel to have ever been sold at an auction. It weighed almost 60 carats (59, 6, to be precise) and it started its journey when it had a little over 130 carats. The experts who witnessed the sale admitted that, in terms of size and quality, this is the greatest jewel they have ever seen. No one can find a similar one in the world, not even in royal family collections that have dated for hundreds of years. But let’s get to the interesting part, shall we? The final price for this fantastic piece nowadays is $72 million. But things were a little bit different when Isaac Wolf first purchased this grand jewel. The initial price was $83 million (yes, Wittelsbach would have been very jealous), but Wolf decided that he was going to forfeit it and defaulted the auction. This single action practically threw the Pink Star on the second place, with an unimaginable difference of $11 million. It is fantastic how one action practically decided the difference between the first and second place with these jewels. As interesting as it seems, it can also be brutal (if we were to think from a jewel’s perspective, of course).  



The Other Wonders of the World

Woman-wears-a-white-dressIt is very important that we notice the huge price difference between these first two and the third item. In fact, you will notice that the most expensive jewellry items kind of go downhill starting with the third place. You might have heard about the third item. We have mentioned it again in the past and we will do so again. Ladies and gentlemen, the Incomparable. This $55 million piece is the world’s most expensive necklace, coming with a fantastic story and great looks. While the price is still very, very high, you can notice that there is a huge difference between the prices at number one and two. Although the Incomparable is the most exquisite jewel of its kind, it seems that it is not as highly valued as the rest of the competition. Nonetheless, it boasts with a fantastic design, a true touch of finesse and a good story to make it one of the world’s best pieces.


The Incomparable was actually found by a little girl playing by her uncle’s house in a huge pile of rubble. The rubble had just been rejected by a company because it was way too big to actually have anyone check it for precious stones. This is the sort of one man’s luck is another’s poison sort of situation. The little girl found the jewel, gave it to her uncle and he sold the jewel to the journey of its life. After having received so much attention it was carefully shaped into the wonder that it is today. The Incomparable is also known for being the world’s largest internally flawless diamond. It is quite safe to say that it going to take a long while until this jewel is going to be dethroned. Next up we have the Graph Pink. Remember when we were talking about it at the second place? Well, it’s fourth now and it is only valued at $46 million. It still remains one of the strongest and best-looking jewels in the world, yet you can see how events unfold and how empires collide. What is so valuable about it is, in fact, its color. It is extremely rare to find a pink this bright and beautiful and you can tell how much people look up to it if harry Winston once was its proud possessor. Laurence Graff preferred to get his hands on it back in 2010 and, as far as we know, this beauty still lies with him until this day. We are actually waiting for it to re-emerge one day at an auction with a higher price. It’s all about that color, to be fair.


Girl-has-a-black-elegant-dress Lastly, we find it impossible not to speak of the Zoe Diamond. Zoe also has an interesting financial story behind it, as the bidder decided to up this jewel’s game by a really long shot. Just to make it clear, this is a 9.75 carat jewel. Sure, the vivid blue and the teardrop shape make it a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection, but nobody expected this little thing to land anywhere above $15 million at max. Zoe actually scored twice and more! Sold for the price of $32.6 million, not only did it exceed everyone’s expectations, but it also became the most expensive diamond in the world when it came to the price-per-carat subject (only one carat values $3.3 million). That is simply huge. These are the 5 most expensive jewels in the world, but don’t you think that everything stops here. The list goes on and on and there are still pieces worth millions that need their attention as well. The Diamond Bikini, the Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace and the Chopard 201 carat watch are all jewels that you should take a peek at. And why even stop there? It is important for you to have a look at these jewels so that you know what you are looking for when purchasing your own. There are two things that you need to keep in mind here: do not look at the money and set a goal. Looking at the money involved is a trap that many people fall into. You do not really need a diamond bikini now, do you? But it is still an interesting concept for a necklace, right? Set your standards and work towards the pieces you love. You do want to get into those 5% now, don’t you? Checking out the most expensive jewellery can be a way for you to make your dreams come true.