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The Most Expensive Watch In the World

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Just like with the top rich people of the world, picking the top, most expensive watch in the world can be a very tricky thing to do. It never boils down only to money. You have to look at the type of watches you are dealing with, the way they are meant to be worn and the people who would be interested in them. These are all variables that should be taken into consideration. It is why we will take our guide today one step ahead and we will talk about more than just an expensive watch. Let’s think of it this way: the terms “most expensive” are almost the equivalents of “rich”. What the most expensive thing in the world is means something completely different for some people. Sometimes it’s all about the money, sometimes it’s about the cultural value and some even buy watches for the thrill of having one such luxurious piece in their pocket.


It’s pretty interesting, but it makes our subject a bit more volatile and ensures that you expend your vision a little bit. While some often find this process confusing and frustrating, you will notice that it turns out to be quite beautiful. So, as we mentioned before, we are going to talk about three different watches today. We feel that they are three, very expensive, but also very different devices that are made for different people and different needs. You know how much we appreciate diversity and that we are very fond of it because our customers are fond of it as well. In fact, anyone prefers having options. Having that one best thing is always something interesting to think about, but one thing would make the world less interesting and it would be a total buzz kill. As long as you can choose from more options, why not present a little more?  



This Is the Most Expensive Watch In the World

Man-wears-an-elegant-watchThe Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette is, officially, the most expensive watch of the year 2016. Honestly, would you give $30 million for just one watch? Difficult even think about it, is it? Still, it should come as no surprise if we tell you that this piece is entirely worth it. It has historical value, it one of, if not the best, watch to have ever been created, it’s precise and it is beautiful. The design alone will leave you breathless and every watch collector in the world would consider it an honor to have this piece in their possession. Still, there are a few voices who argue that this piece is not exactly what you are looking for, but we would like to sit down and talk facts before settling for other people’s opinions. It took approximately 50 years to make this watch. It was made between the years of 1782 and 1827. What is also interesting is that it took two people to make it: Abraham-Louis Breguet and his son, who finished this masterpiece four years after his father had passed away. It is also said that the watch was commissioned by one of Marie-Antoinette’s lovers and this also adds a great value to the piece.


But it is not only history that boosts the number of zeroes here. The way in which the watch is designed is astonishing. We are talking about a mechanism comprised of hundreds of parts, which took a lot of time to make not because of lack of craftsmanship, but because, literally, the best pieces that were available at that time were put into this watch. It’s a very complicated thing to do and it is the sort of event that occurs once in history. The intricate mechanism is out there for everyone to behold and, you are going to love this, sapphire was sued to lower the friction within this superb watch. Again: historic value, excellent craftsmanship, insurance that the piece will stand the test of time. These are the qualities of a worthy product. However, this is an interesting watch that might not appeal to everyone. It brings back memories of the watches related to the Victorian Era. These were not wristwatches. You would wear them in your pocket and take them out from time to time in order to check the time. They attract both men and women who are fascinated by the older days. But the same question remains: would you really give $30 million for a watch? It looks like some people would.



The Second Most Precious Watch In the World Is Not Too Far Away

Man-has-a-cool-watch-on-his-hand Ah, Chopard! There is no way we could not have added this following piece to our most expensive watch list. You might be familiar with the Chopard 201-carat watch. Who wouldn’t be? This piece of work is perhaps one of the most daring ones in the world. The fact that we are talking about a 201 carat piece is dazzling enough. Imagine how it feels to behold the real thing and wear it as well! But what is so fascinating about it is that this watch is, well, a little bit of a showoff. Do not understand us in the wrong way! The watch is very good! It’s just that there was way too much value put into it to consider this device something that you would want to wear. Better buy it and put it in your trophy section back home. So what are we talking about? Oh, just three heart-shaped diamonds, three pear-shaped ones, another 26 pear-shapes that are used in a different pattern and which are flawless (not that everything that you read about up to this point is not flawless), 48 round diamonds, another 260 pear-shapes which are all D color and flawless, another 91 D round diamonds and, oh yes! Add an extra 443 FC diamonds to all of these. Now take a moment, look back at what you have just seen and breathe in. These pieces are worth $25 million in total. The watch is fantastic. But would you buy it? We really were not lying when we were saying that it is the sort of thing you would put your trophy collection. But is it worth it? Some people say no. We will give it a clear yes. You really stand out of the crowd with this one. Careful with your wallet, though.  



Patek Philippe Hits Number Three

Man-wears-a-black-watchThe Patek Philippe Henry Graves Pocket Watch might have crossed by your ears, is that right? If you are a watch enthusiast you might be aware of this $11 million exquisite design that occasionally haunts collectors’ minds. This watch is quite simplistic compared to the other two that we brought into discussion. But don’t you worry: even if it is far less expensive than the previous two, it is still one of the best watches that you can find in the world. Just like the Marie-Antoinette, this watch is dedicated to those who are fond of the Victorian Era. This watch was made back in 1933 and what is most fascinating about it is that it boasts with a large number of functions for that period. A lot of love was poured into this piece and its value is quite a bargain if you think about the fact that Patek Philippe made it for Henry Graves himself. It was the most expensive watch the world had ever seen for almost a century. It got unlucky when the Marie Antoinette stepped in back in 2013. But fear not: even if it has been dethroned, this is still one of the world’s best and most accurate watches. It was last seen back in 1993 when it was sold for the amount of money that we mentioned earlier.


But if we are to consider the fact that the economy is moving fast and the dollar is always losing some of its value, this piece could be sold for a minimum of $15 million today. But we can never know! It is up for the seller to come forth and sell the product. We are just going to remain humble analysts until then. To this is it: these are the most expensive watches in the world. Why did we not talk only about the Marie Antoinette? Because it would have been boring, because it would have not brought diversity to the table and because you would not have been able to choose. In the end, value is a debatable thing. Perhaps you are not the kind of person who is interested in money. Perhaps all you want is a historic watch, a little piece of something that remained from times long departed. Maybe touching a watch creates a certain emotion within you or maybe you simply find these objects fascinating. The key to identifying the most expensive watch is to establish what value is to you. Is it a complicated mechanism, a fancy, showoff jewelry composition or an object created by one man for another? Value and beauty are two subjective things. We need to choose wisely.


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