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The Most Expensive Wedding Ring In the World


The most expensive wedding ring subject is, as usual, a complicated one. It is subjective, we do not have clear criteria as to how we could establish which one ring could be the lucky winner and we would also probably displease some people along the way. So let’s play it smart: let’s look at wedding rings from a different angle. We have already established brands and specific rings in the past, so repeating the process would, under not circumstances, help readers enlarge their horizons. Wouldn’t it be a lot wiser if we just looked at super brands, celebrity brands that everybody decides to place their trust in? This could give us a great advantage: we would actually have criteria, we would be looking at more people’s opinions and we would also keep an open mind. Weddings and engagements are totally different from one another. Engagement is when they agree that it is going to happen. But marriage… marriage is when you actually know that it is serious. So it is settled. Celebrity brands it is! Now it’s time to look at the world’s most favorite and we will follow with accurate descriptions along the way. By far, Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co. and Lorraine Schwartz are the world’s favorites. They are definitely not the only ones out there! While these are, by far, the most expensive, we always recommend that you keep your eyes open for additional brands that can also be quite expensive, but which might come up with a design or a feeling that more suits your expectations. Some of these brands are Verragio, Neil Lane, DeBeers and, of course, the legendary Cartier. Have you taken some time to jot them all down? Excellent. This is the part that you have been actually waiting for.  



And Harry Winston

Girl-wears-a-casual-t-shirtA highly respected American brand, Harry Winston is not only known for the high quality jewels is manufactures, but because of the fact that they are quite expensive. And why wouldn’t they be? When you literally need to pour your love and soul into that jewel that your beloved is going to be wearing, you want the jeweler to give his best and make sure that that is the best jewel that she is going to wear. Ever. As a well-renowned jewelry brand (which also happens to be one of the best watch manufacturers in the world), you would expect to see some of the most expensive pieces here. Actually, now that we are thinking about it, we have to mention that there has been great rivalry between Harry Winston and Lorraine Schwartz, but only in the sense that the competition was very tight. The one true quality that makes Harry Winston stand out is experience. It is impossible for you to wear such jewelry and not feel like the most important and prized person on the planet. Harry Winston makes you own your feelings, something that is not the other brands’ main priority. We will get to that later. There is one great mystery that Harry Winston has failed (intentionally) to unfold. How did they do it? How did they make this experience be lived in such a way? Why is Harry so different from the rest of the world’s brands? We are not sure. Nobody is sure. But what is really frustrating is to know that the people behind the brand know exactly what it is… and they will never let us know. And you might ask yourselves: what is the most expensive wedding ring from Harry? All of them. You do not pay for the ring. You pay for the experience.  



Why Tiffany & Co. Has Always Taken It to the Next Level

Woman-wears-intresting-clothes Tiffany & Co. is a titan who walks slowly and amounts all his energies in time. Ask anybody in the world about Tiffany and they will know it. Some will even tell you that it is the best jewelry brand there is. DO not be surprised if most of these people are women. Tiffany follows some sort of pattern that Harry Winston follows as well, only at a different level. They treat the jewels differently. They treat them as if they were gods; and this feeling is often extended to the people who buy the products. Why are these products expensive? Well, it is a result that has its roots in time, as we mentioned before. Over the years, Tiffany has gained more and more reputation and people automatically visit their shops when getting married. “Do you want an exquisite jewel dear? Let’s go to Tiffany’s.” They know about this, so they make profit. It’s just good business. We said it before and we will say it again: the way in which they treat their diamonds is outstanding! You might not be aware of this, but Tiffany & Co. reject 99.96% of all gem-trade diamonds. Why? Exclusivity. It’s not only you who has to know that these are the greatest diamonds in the world. They have to know it, too! Let’s put it this way: if a brand knocked on your door and tried to sell you something that they did not believe in, would you buy it? Of course not!


They wouldn’t buy it either! But since they know that they are the best, it is always going to be easier for them to sell you the best wedding rings. Wedding rings are handcrafted, with no exception. And to make the experience a little more interesting, you should also know that the crafting tradition has not changed from the one that occurred 130 years ago. Everything has remained exactly the same. A very interesting feature that somehow proves to be accurate has been stated by Melvyn Kirtley long ago: the Tiffany diamond will be spotted anywhere, anytime. It does not matter where you are or at what time of day the event takes place. You will see that spark no matter what. Most people simply took this as a basic marketing strategy meant to sell more jewels, but some people were curious enough to experiment this and, to their delight, it is completely true. Tiffany diamonds just stand out! Some believe that these jewels are not worth it, might we add. Some wedding rings only start with a price of $10,000, but there are celebrities out there who buy jewels for millions. As far as we are concerned, you are way better off with Tiffany’s than any other brand.



Why Lorraine Schwartz Might Be Exactly What You Are Looking for

Woman-wears-a-dressLorraine Schwartz is a brand not too different from the ones that we have mentioned before. It has gained all its credibility over three generations, so if you have not heard about them before or if you are entrusting yourself in their hands, do so confidently. With super popular designs and a natural desire to provide the best wedding experience, it would be downright foolish not to at least look at what they have to offer. Many people say that Lorraine Schwartz is the most expensive jewelry brand in the world, but this is mostly due to the fact that it produces jewelry for celebrities. Naturally, when people think expensive, they think large amounts of money. What people can pride themselves with the most amounts of money? Celebrities, of course! Innovation is the brand’s utmost desire. It is always out there looking for something… that something that will truly make you look at their products and want to buy something on the spot, regardless of how much it costs. The same thing happens with wedding rings, but you can imagine that they have some solid competition… and not only from the brands that we have mentioned previously. Suffice it to say that, if you get under Lorraine’s skin, you’re pretty good on the market. What they usually use is high karat gold and diamond, but they are not afraid to make some changes here and there. Why can these be very expensive rings? Because of the innovation factor. Maybe you do not like these brands’ features!


That’s completely normal. More and more people emerge every day claiming that they are bored of everything that they have seen before. They want new brands and new designs, so let’s look at others that might end up satisfying you more than the others. Neil Lane is a pretty good example of how you can be daring and play it smart in terms of jewels. Its aim has always been quite high: be a masterpiece forger. It works, but you can imagine that those crafters are under a lot of pressure. You can’t always create the best piece on the market. And they all know it. Now, before we end, we need to take a quick look at Cartier. This is the sort of brand who is not only good, but a little bit lucky. It resembles Harry Winston, especially when it comes to wedding rings, but the main difference is that it is located on the other side of the world. American feels one way, Parisian feels another. Try it, you never know which one you might like better. You might be wondering why we never gave numbers. It’s because the most expensive wedding ring is not all about money. It’s about the sensation you are looking for, the feeling, the experience. Some people prefer feelings, others prefer having their jewels spoilt in a certain way and some just love innovation. Which one seems more expensive to you? That is the most expensive ring!