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The Most Expensive Yacht In the World


You know how we feel about stating just one most something, right? It’s superficial, it’s definitely not enough and it doesn’t leave too much room for decision. The same principle applies with everything: jewels, clothes, cars, financial decisions, even with the most expensive yacht. The truth is as follows: we could just tell you what the boat with the most exaggerated price is and that would pretty much be it. We want to dig a little bit deeper into yachts, why they cost so much and why you would be looking for one in the first place. At the same time, you might be interested in knowing why you should opt or not for one such boat.


So as long as we cover as much good information as we can, you can say that you know about the most expensive things out there, but you also know why they are expensive and whether you should be looking forward to purchasing one or cruising on one. So let’s start with the basics. You might be here because of two major reasons: you’re either filthy rich (a matter on which we would like to congratulate you) or you are simply curious about what the most expensive cruise boats are. The thing is that, if you are here for the latter, you obviously have an additional desire. Maybe you want a yacht as well, maybe you are looking for the most expensive one because you want to compare it with others or maybe you might want to set your goals and want to purchase it. But if you do want to buy one of these things you have to know exactly what you are aiming for: price, reason for pricing and what it is that you must do in order to obtain one of these animals.


In short, you are here for the same reason why rich people are: to buy something that you want. The main question is “is it worth it?” Well, it’s a tricky one. In a 100% logical manner, no, it’s not. A yacht is going to cost you a fortune, you need tons of money to keep it clean, up and going and, in case something breaks, you need money to repair it. In financial terms, a yacht is a liability. You buy it, but you are never going to make a lot of money off of it anyway, unless you are going to make it your own private maritime hotel. That’s right. You can buy a big one, acquire some staff and rent the rooms. That’s when your yacht is going to make money back for you. And boy, is that a business. So let’s get down to the real show. You came here for yachts and yachts are what you are going to receive. A word of advice: these things can turn out to be very expensive for some people.  



The Dubai

Small-yachtDon’t get used to this name yet. It might change within a year or two. The Dubai has gained its reputation not only because it is a great yacht, but because it has had its name changed a few times. A Prince of Brunei called it the Golden Star and another name it is known by is the Platinum 525. This gorgeous thing is currently owned by Sheikh of Dubai and that is where it has got its “original” name from. It is valued at around $350 million – and for a good reason. If you want comfort with a “low” price this is the exact boat you are looking for: you have your own swimming pool, a spa, a helipad (because no yacht designer who respects themselves will design a yacht that does not have a helipad) and the usual glass stairs. In one word, you have luxury. If kings had yachts in the past, they would have certainly aimed for this beauty. Plenty of rooms on board if you want to make it a hotel, but you might want to consider one such investment from two different points of view: first of all, you definitely want to get this for a business. If you want to purchase it for your own pleasure, do go ahead, but we do hope that your assets are strong enough to cover the costs for this baby; secondly, you might want to consider the fact that you are going to deal with the Sheikh of Dubai if you want to buy this yacht. That’s a strong personality you will have to deal with and he is also going to sell it for more than it’s worth. So you might want to sort out your negotiating skills for this one. Another, more approachable technique is to imitate this yacht. That’s right, get the plans for this one and have it rebuilt. It will cost less money, you will practically have the same ship and you can make it a business. Listen to the cash flow!  



The Eclipse

Eclipse-yacht Welcome aboard the Eclipse, the world’s second most expensive yacht and whose price we… do not really know. Nobody does, in fact. Building a monstrosity like this one might cost a fortune. Financial experts say that it is estimated somewhere in between $450 million and $1 billion. It’s a little bit of a long shot because the difference between the two milestones is quite big. On top of all that, imagine that there are rumors about it amounting to as much as $1.5 billion. This sea dream is owned by none other than Roman Abromavich, a very well-known Russian billionaire. Although the price does seem exaggerated, the ship has a good number of exquisite features that no other can boast with. First of all, it requires 70 people to man it. Abromavich would have a hard time working with this thing alone. Secondly, we are talking about a yacht with its own defense system. If you think that you can get on board unnoticed or that you can sneak in with a camera… you are so wrong. It is safe to say that anyone trying to do the things that we have mentioned in the previous statement can rest assured that they will not go on board and they will never get the chance to get close to it ever again. Feeling impressed? We are not done yet. If you feel like you are want to bring some friends along, there is room for only 24 of them. But what about the rest of the ship? Well, this one has two helipads (because if you think you are a legendary designer you will add two helipads just for the fun of it) and this ship has its own submarine. So, you know, maybe that $1 billion is actually worth it.  



The Streets of Monaco

White-yachtThis is, officially, the most expensive yacht that the world is ever going to see… sort of. The thing is that this yacht is not yet finished. It’s still being designed and people are expecting it to be finished by the end of 2016 and early 2017. In fact, we have been waiting for it for a while. It was initially announced in 2014. The Streets of Monaco yacht is worth $1 billion. What does it buy you? Some great and interesting features! Despite having your own go-kart track and a good number of boats you can explore the sea with, this yacht is actually an experience. It is as if you really were on the streets of an at sea Monaco. This is the sort of yacht made for a very eccentric billionaire, but we do feel like it’s quite worth it. What was the last time you were on a yacht that promises so much? Right, never. For the finishing touch, we are going to mention that there are plenty casinos, swimming pools and tennis courts for you to choose from and there are even a few rumors that you are going to have some astonishing underwater ocean or sea views that you will remember for the rest of your life. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Now we know what you are thinking: “so, the most expensive yacht in the world has not even been invented yet, huh?” True. It’s totally true, but what is also true is that no other yacht in the world has ever promised or promises to deliver this much. The usual yacht experience is pretty standard: you walk on the sides of the boat, bathe in front of it and you get to see some nice ocean view. It’s nice… if you ignore the fact that it’s got boring over so many years. If people are going to spend money, they are going to spend it on making a memory. And memories need to be different. A memory is not only the fact that you went to a certain place in the world, but the yacht experience is part of it as well. While the Streets of Monaco yacht has not yet been invented, it is certainly going to be the sort of yacht that makes different memories.