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The Most Popular Jewelry Stores


Let’s get things straight: everybody wants the best jewelry. We have never heard anybody admitting that they want bad jewelry. Modest jewelry? Yes. Something that is not totally off the charts? Yes. We get a lot of answers when we ask people about what kind of jewelry they want and the question that most often pops up is “the best that I can get”. This is why we are talking about popular jewelry stores. Obviously, you do not pay £10,000 pounds for a handmade ring that you got in some tiny jewelry shop that you found in your back alley and that seems to have been made quite poorly. If you want the best of the best, you go to professional shops. This is why we are here today. We are not only going to talk about the most popular jewelry stores in the world, but also the best ones based on their notoriety and the quality of the products that they have been offering over the years. And without further delay, let’s see who it is out there that really makes a difference when it comes to selling jewels and offering the best services that one can hope for.  



Girl-with-fashion-jacketWe just have to declare Cartier as our most popular jewelry shop worldwide. This shop prides itself with great recognition. It is not only about the expenses, it’s about the fact that this brand comes with great heritage, an excellent eye for detail and willingness to listen to customers’ needs. Cartier is the world’s foremost and exquisite jewel providers when it comes to authenticity and a feature that also helps it a lot involves the creation of numerous pieces for kings and queens. And it does not all stop here. There were countless presidents and other important figures who whore Cartier jewels in order to display prestige and mark the importance of the events that they were attending. Suffice it to say that this brand has made its way into the heart of major historical events and meetings that have taken place over the centuries. This remarkable company is based in Paris, France and you might be pleased to check out their annual collections. We feel that the Galanterie de Cartier and the Trinity de Cartier are some fascinating collections that you must at least glance at. You will notice the finesse and dedication with which these jewels are crafted, making them a royal or diplomatic must-have.  




Girl-with-sunglasses Chopard is yet another popular brand that certainly has not slipped past your ears. There are many in the world of fashion who claim that Chopard and Cartier are two brands that were created to fight forever, but while this debate solely focuses on a rather negative point of view, we feel that the best way to put it is that these two compete for ultimate beauty. There is nothing wrong with this competition. On the contrary, the pursuit for ultimate beauty, elegance and refinement is something that always needs encouragement. Chopard’s desire to expose some of the greatest jewels in the world is relentless, permanently forging and releasing top pieces to the public. Any jewel that you desire, it is most likely that this shop has it and you would not make a mistake to verify their watches as well. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, you automatically know that their watches are going to be top notch and the Swiss have always had this desire to make things lustrous and beautiful. Rest assured that every jewel is carved, manufactured and designed with love and knowledge that the final product needs to feel like the handiwork of God. Some of this year’s most valuable jewels include the Happy Hearts pendants and the happy Curves rings. However, the Happy Sport and Imperiale watches might also constitute a domain of interest for you. Choose wisely, it is quite possible that we will not be seeing these beauties a few years from now. You do not want to regret this chance now, do you?  




Other Shops That Are a Must Check

Girl-has-a-few-bracelets As far as jewelry shops go, the list is filled with top brands that you should always keep an eye on. The secret is that all these big names make transitions over the years, attempting to revolutionize the market by coming up with newer, better and more exquisite designs that will take center stage when worn on the red carpet, for instance. We feel that Cartier and Chopard made it to the top this year, but who knows who will take the first place in the year to come? This is why we have a short list of shops that you could compare with this year’s titans. Coming in style is Bulgari. This is a shop that was established in 1884 by Sitirious Voulgaris. Located in Rome, this shop has extended over the years and claimed its rightful domination I the world of fashion. Fragrance, jewelry, cosmetics, watches, you name them, Bulgari has everything you need make a sparkling impression. You most certainly have noticed that the name BVLGARI is used in order to sell their products and the key to their success is a mixture of classic and modern designs. Piaget is a Swedish company that is most known for producing high quality watches which are encrusted with diamonds. What not many people know is that Piaget are also producing their own jewels and their quality is quite impressive.


It seems that the same love that is poured into watches is also poured into various necklaces and rings that are being sold throughout the world. The name Harry Winston surely rings a bell, doesn’t it? This is an American jewelry brand that solely focuses on one thing: high end jewelry. While it cannot boast with a heritage as vast as Cartier’s, Harry Winston was founded in 1932, so it is slowly approaching one century of experience. But, just like Cartier, they are very famous for producing some of the most exquisite pieces for many well-known celebrities and even royalties. Ensure that you have this name on your must-watch list because it would be a huge mistake if you did not. And, of course, Tiffany & Co. Is there any shop guide or fashion guide in this world who has to deal with brand names and does not add Tiffany & Co.? Sacrilege. Specialization in sterling silver, diamond jewelry, leathers and crystals has aided Tiffany & Co. over the years to becoming one of the most renowned companies in the world. Founded in 1837 in New York, this company was always bound to find itself amongst fashion superstars and it never disappointed. The movie known as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” also gave this brand a hand, so it would have been wrong not to mention that contribution as well.



Girl-with-red-sneakers Have you also heard of Graff? Unbeknownst to many, Graff is a rather young company initiated in 1960. Based in London, Graff makes good use of the rarest diamonds in the world in order to make super jewels. A great addition that this company adds to its jewels is storytelling. Every jewel comes with a story, more than enough to captivate people’s attention. Buying a jewel only because it looks nice is rather shallow, isn’t it? If you sell it with feeling and a great story, you’re doing it the right way. We also feel that Mikimoto is an exotic shop that simply demands your attention. This is mostly because these artisans deal in pearls and we all know how fantastic pearls are. Mikimoto Kokichi, who started the company back in 1858, was also the first man to have ever created the cultured pearl. His legacy will dawn for generations to come. If you want to possess the best pearls in the world, your eyes should totally be focused on Mikimoto.


Now that we have gone through all the popular jewelry stores that we believe will give you a good market perspective, we are going to make our short summary so that you do not have to roam through the rest of the text to search for things that you might have missed. The most popular shops out there are definitely Cartier and Chopard. Engaged in a constant pursuit for beauty, these two are destined to compete for the best jewel designs in the world. But we never know who might make a stand in the future, so Bulgari, Piaget, Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co., Graff and Mikimoto will always be brands that one should look up to. The truth is that there is no correct shop that you should keep in mind. Every brand comes with their own designs, stories and values and the most important thing that matters is that you resonate with them. As long as you feel like a specific jewel would make you feel beautiful, graceful, confident and speak for yourself, that would be the jewel for you. So keep your eyes open. You never know when one of these popular shops might release the perfect jewel for you.