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The Most Wanted Fashion Collection In the World


This is perhaps one of the most debated subjects in fashion, and for a good reason. Who wouldn’t want to be the best dressed person in the room? This is why every fashion collection was ever invented: to give people what they asked for, to give them the clothes that they all want, the trend setters, their ultimate statement. Clothes and accessories have always been considered the ultimate status symbol a person could display. We dress according to our social status, yes? If we are rich, we tend to adorn ourselves with expensive pieces. Those who are poor choose to… keep things rather simple. But what if we have looked at this subject in the wrong way? What if there is no “most wanted”? Can we actually even say that there is a most wanted? This status should be achieved by a collection that everyone wants over a long period of time. Most wanted collections are super desired every year, season, month… they are not really most wanted collections. They are just clothes that people want now.


And if we understand this concept very well, we can also get used to the idea that we should break collections into tiny pieces and use that to our advantage. This is why we should split collections into pieces. People are never in for the entire collection. Everybody loves a little something else. The key to identifying the most desired collections is to actually identify the most desired piece; and this is not something that everybody does or is willing to do. So it’s time to grab hold of the advantage and command it. People looking for the “ideal collections” are those who are stuck in past centuries. The rules have changed. Nowadays, if you want to know what collections are going to make a stand, you need to know the pieces that everyone wants. This is what we are going to do today: we are going to take a good look at what makes enthusiasts tick.  



Clothing Pieces That Impress

Woman-sits-on-the-grassIf you are truly going to master this technique, you must always know that there is one piece that makes the entire collection stand out. This year’s Celine New York collection is an exquisite example. The Celine pants are the sort of clothing piece everyone wants. Smooth, delicate, extremely easy to wear and also very chic, they are the perfect part of an entire collection that can make the audience go wild. It also happens that the pants alone amount up to $2,400. Not the average sum you would invest in a pair of pants now, is it? Still, out of the entire collection, this is the one piece that is most expensive above all the others. This is one simple trick that you will need to remember: if you want to know that the key piece in a collection is, you can always look for the most expensive one. That is definitely what everyone wants and it alone guarantees the success of the entire collection. Another appropriate example would be the Boss top from Hugo Boss.


This is not your average top and it is definitely not an item that people would pay over $300 for… or is it? Boss is a strong brand that has made its way to the top through the years. Its constant dedication to pure elegance is legend and this top is just another statement that proves the brand’s commitment. This piece is very different compared to other collections because it does not come with pants, shoes or other accessories. It is a single piece, but since it is Hugo Boss branded you are clearly going to buy some other Boss items with it as well. What usually happens is that ladies go for the top, a perfume and another accessory of their choosing. While the previous example illustrated how powerful the most expensive piece is, this is a great opportunity for you to understand how one piece of clothing can generate the need for more items within different collections. It’s a good marketing strategy and it has been proven to raise the numbers dramatically in the business. Boss really is the sort of company that can teach you how to be a real boss.  



Understanding Accessories

Girl-sits-near-the-lake Accessories are key factors in any fashion collection. Nowadays it is literally impossible to see someone wearing something fancy without adding some sort of accessory to the entire combination. Women wear necklaces and purses no matter what. It is a blasphemy if a man is not wearing a good watch and, well, let’s keep things plain and simple: if you are only wearing clothes and no accessories it is almost as if you were naked or incomplete. You get to choose the right word for you, but even if you do not fully accept this knowledge in the beginning… you can feel that it does have a point. Let’s start with the most desired purse of 2016: the Lanvin bag. The Lanvin bag is perhaps one of the most marvelous purses to have ever been created. The color combination between burgundy and bright brown is an excellent option for anyone who wants to emerge from summer into autumn with grace and style. It is the sort of bag that can be easily matched with most things that you have in your wardrobe and it is designed to flatter you, especially if you have a warm skin tone. It’s also quite handy and it has been worn by some high-profile celebrities here and there. Definitely check this one out. Next up we have the Louis Vuitton earrings. Contrary to popular belief, these beauties do not have an already established price. Since they are made of gold, it really depends on what you are looking for. While the design remains the same, the Louis Vuitton earrings’ expense will be proportional to the amount of gold you want in them. This is, once more, an example of how one item can carefully draw you into the entire collection. If you are not interested in buying more products at least give yourself a chance and gaze at these beauties. You are not going to regret it. The last super accessories that we would like to talk about in this section are none other than this pre-fall’s Gucci shoes. Oh yes, these two gorgeous things cost $1,100. You think that’s too much? On the contrary. They are quite cost-efficient for the style they bring to the table. They have been designed by Allesandro Michele and we have to say… that he did not disappoint. The green color used for these shoes is absolutely fascinating and the fact that they have so many tiny models makes them irresistible to the human eye. They are quite charming and a superior demonstration of you can dip your top into a larger collection only by giving some attention to your shoes.  



When Things Get Interesting

Woman-sits-near-the-treesThis is just one particular example, but we have to mention it because it’s a total game changer. What do you expect from the usual collection? Clothes, accessories, perhaps some perfumes… but never would you expect a surfing board now, would you? Seriously? A surfing board? Yes, you read that well. One peculiar collection has gone to the extreme of creating a special item that is (somewhat tied to fashion). It’s smart. It’s bold. It is clearly something that not anybody would have expected and who many would have deemed unworthy. But it looks like a solid example and a great way to get your fans accustomed to your goods. We are talking about the Gato Heroi Custom surfboard. It is the result of a collaboration between Acne Studios and Robin Kegel. The result? An awesome surfboard for gentlemen who wish to take on the tides. Red, simple, stylish, this is the thing you want to mount if you are going to master giant waves. We have to advise you, though: do consider it only after you know that you are a good surfer. There are plenty of people out there who go and spend a ton of cash on this surfboard only to realize that they cannot actually surf… The designers won’t mind if you give them your money, but isn’t it a pity to spend your hard earned cash on something that you are not exactly familiar with yet? Consider your purchase carefully. Let’s remember one thing: every fashion collection is a most wanted one. The terms are a little bit tricky because you would expect something totally different from them. There is no reason for you to get disillusioned by them, however. Learn to look for “the key ingredient” that allows the collection to step forward. Be smart about picking your most desired collections. It’s not about the entire thing. It’s about the details. If you learn this trick you will be able to spot the real deal. If you just randomly look for the collections that everyone wants… you will just be moving with the herd. Nobody wants that.Girls are on the car