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The Peridot Gemstone - Class and Style



So we have established that the peridot gemstone’s popularity is rising in 2016, thus we need to talk about the class and style that it involves. Who are the people who are wearing peridots? How do they act in society? Based on what principles do they choose their jewelry and clothes? Every person chooses their objects based on reasons, beliefs, something gained through experience that defines them. Peridots are no different. There are plenty of reasons as to why they were considered precious stones throughout history and why they are rising in popularity nowadays. Today’s article is not only about fashion, but an incursion into who the people who are making fashion are. In order for us to properly identify class and style, we need to take a look back at the peridot’s history. First and foremost, people have entrusted their looks to this gemstone for thousands of years. Starting with Egypt in 2300 B.C., peridot mining has always found itself amongst people’s interests in order to refine their looks and tastes. It would not be a mistake to conclude that those amongst us who value the peridot gemstone today are interested in history and tradition. Simply put, they understand that this jewel has a legacy. Human beings have an extraordinary power of adding meaning to objects, therefore peridots remain a subject of interest to those who have added great value to history.


Bracelet-on-a-crystalAt the same time, it is important that we acknowledge two distinct figures who are known for their love for peridots: Cleopatra and Napoleon Bonaparte. If the historical meaning does not add enough weight to the jewel’s importance, the fact that two of the greatest people in history loved them should be enough. Cleopatra was rumored to be a peridot gemstone lover and Napoleon offered his first wife a peridot ring before their marriage. Two great rulers wore this gemstone, so we can assume that anyone who wears this gem nowadays has their own way of ruling, don’t they? Peridots are well renowned for being an excellent gift for both engagements and wedding celebrations.


The custom says that these fine pieces are usually offered to couples at their 3rd and 16th anniversary, meaning that people have, at one point, associated them with the idea of love and its preservation. Since love is a sensation that humans crave for the most, it is quite possible that peridots are also associated with something divine, beyond human comprehension, which transcends space and time. We can also draw this conclusion based on the fact that it is perceived as the Libra’s stone. Commonly associated with this Zodiac sign, peridots are a sign of transcendence, space, infinity and, very important, balance. This might also be an indirect reason as to why they are gifted to couples. Given the fact that women have moved from green clothing to peridots during this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day is also an indicator that this gemstone might be associated with progress. Following the same routine year after year can become quite boring and even depressing. After all, your life is comprised of yourself and a background. Perhaps this is a sign that people want to get out of their backgrounds more often and live to the fullest. It denotes positivity, good will and a desire to move forward. Interestingly enough, the motif of returning to nature does not go hand in hand to the previously mentioned motif, yet it is still inspiring. People’s desire to see more green or its other nuances ensures that they are not at all superficial. While technology is helping us move forward it also presents drawbacks that do not allow us to be natural. Thus, peridot wearers want to return in their normal, natural habitat, perhaps even the initial universal chaos.


Bracelet-with-turquoise-gems Last, but not least, we could suppose that peridot wearers are, more or less, superstitious. We do not mean superstitious in a negative way. It is said that, if combined with gold, the peridot will help you conquer your darkest fears and dreams. Indirectly related to luck, this belief indicates that, if imbued with positive energy, this object can help you surpass your darker side and emerge as a better human being. Now why did we go through all these little details? The love for history, the appreciation of important figures, the appreciation of love and acceptance of a larger existence, the desire to emerge from the common yet remain within a natural habitat and beliefs in positive energies, they are clear indicators of the peridot lover’s class. Class is socially accepted as the way in which a human being acts, a certain level of sophistication, the ability to be mature and grace the society in which they live in. It is related to how one speaks, how they dress and how they act. They are gracious, caring, sensible and strive to make the world a better place.


All of these qualities can be found in the peridot lover. The level of sophistication can be solely given by the fact that they are knowledgeable and they are open to knowledge, be it historical or transcendental. Maturity is a moment defined by many variables such as understanding true love and accepting that one is not the center of the universe. We cannot be sure of hwo these people speak, but we can presume that they they act according to their beliefs and we already know that they dress nicely because of the peridots, right? The care, the grace and the sensibility can be understood from the fact that they care about others’ relationships and they believe that there is something more than oneself. They make the world a better place simply by being. Related to style, we can simply admit that it is who you decide to be. Peridot lovers have chosen their clothing style to be nature-oriented, peaceful and, most important, unique. When a person has style, they do not mind being different, they are jsut themselves. In fact, hacing style means that you can exteriorize your inner universe outside yourself, through clothes.


White-mannequin-wears-necklace-with-blue-gemsThe people who are wearing peridots are, obviously jewelry admirers, be they men or women. They enjoy natural nuances and prefer to shine in the spotlight differently than those who like a more modern style, supposing that they want to shine at all. Although a subjective matter, we could assume that natural colors exude a more humble light. But that does not mean that being humble does not make you shine. There are a variety of peridot accessories that assist their wearers in tailoring the perfect image. All necklaces sizes flatter women if paired with nature’s colors or warm skin tones. Men have the privilege of priding themselves with the same advantage, especially considering that men’s jewelry  can sometimes be scarce. Although women have more freedom with necklaces, men’s style mostly revolves around short necklaces when it comes to putting their accessories up front. Rings, cufflinks, bracelets, these are all accessories that aid in the peridot style. It is safe to assume that, should you want to make it your own, you will have more than enough options to make things work exactly the way you want them to. Looking back, what did we learn about the peridot gemstone’s class and style? First of all, it is not the gem that dictates the style, but the people who gave it its value. It is a heritage that has been developed over thousands of years and still maintains unique qualities. Not only did it preserve its old ones, but it also managed to attain some modern motifs such as the return to nature or  experiencing love at a transcendental level. As a general perception, we can assume that people who are wearing peridots are kind, loving and profound. They seek to change the world and make it a better place. They cherish love, knowledge and have a profound understanding of life. Their style is not necessarily flashy, but one characterised by the will to remain modest and beautiful.



Earring-with-blue-crystalThey understand that the best way for you to shine is through your attitude and that life around you will be more precious if you start smiling from within and not only have a blanc smile on the outside and look good. They are people worth looking up to, respecting, cherisshing and loving. In a world caracterised by a constant desire to impress and draw as much attention as possible, it is rather interesting to think that you can identify people based on the jewels they are wearing. Peridots are an interesting way to filter society and distinguish special people from those who just dress to impress. Although not a 100% accurate method, it does give a sensation of safety and security. There actually seems to be a way to see people based on their class and style. And even though you can never be too sure, it is, in a very calming way, reassuring.