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The Ultimate Guide to London Fashion

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London fashion is hard. It’s moving fast, it’s expensive, it’s glorious, not everyone can afford it, but everyone wants it. It is a passionate mixture between what everyone loves and what they cannot all have. Luckily we got your back so that you know what’s in style this season. As usual, know that we are telling you what’s super cool, but these pieces usually come at fairly expensive prices. The key is to play it smart and look for similar clothing pieces, but for more accessible prices. That is, if you want to do that in the first place or if you are shopping on a budget. You know the rules: you don’t need to stay in trend all the time. It is probably going to come back next year because a lot of people will buy these clothes when the season ends for extremely low prices anyway. So there are two big moments in which you can choose to shine. It’s either now, when you can decide to imitate the things that are most desired or actually buy the real thing; or next year after people will have already bought all the goodies this year.


Needless to say, there are advantages and disadvantages to each situation. Let’s say that you want to look cool now. Fair enough, you can either buy the great clothes or imitations. Great clothes are… great, but they are going to be expensive. Imitations are cost-efficient, but you do not have that pride that you are wearing the real deal. If that is important to you, you might want to take action. But you can also wait for the end of the season, when everything will be sold at relatively low process and you can get originals for an affordable amounts of money. You’ll just have to wait until next year to look like a total star. But imitations sort of win the argument because you could buy them now for low prices and look good for two seasons in two different years, right? Still, that glamour is missing. It’s all up to you.  



The Bomber Jacket Overhype

Girl-is-admiring-the-lakeThe bomber jacket is the thing in London right now. The only reason why you might not see too many people wearing it yet is because autumn is not yet upon us. Still, it’s chilly from time to time and you can already see that it is becoming a trend. Why is that? Thanks to London Fashion Week. The bomber is always a comfy choice wherever you go. It’s also very chic and adaptable to any situation. The truth is that a misconception is kind of holing it back: it looks informal and it can only be worn during casual meet-ups, but the truth is that it can be worn almost anywhere, regardless of the occasion. If you are worried about your options, you should stop right now. There are a ton of colors that you can choose from and you can also find a couple of interesting designs that will stand out no matter what. It’s all a matter of faith. Just trust your instinct when you choose them and you will see that you accomplish wonders. You’ve got textured bombers, Petit Satins, Batwing Satins, and even Camo ones you can choose from. We have to say that scarlet bombers really stand out, but we also have to admit that this depends on many variables related to your look. However, if the ladies really want to try something sweet we recommend the Off-The-Shoulder bomber jacket and the Mini Satin one. Off-the-shoulder was a really popular style this summer and what better way to carry it into autumn than with a little extra heat saving, right? The Mini Satin is a rather exclusive piece. It’s less about how you look and more about how you feel. It’s quite elegant and catchy, an excellent way for you to both be in trend and stand out from those who are in trend. Rarely can you find pieces like this one.



What Are We Replacing Necklaces With?

Girl-is-admiring-the-view Oh yes, it’s here. We’ve been talking about the best necklaces that you can purchase for a while now, but it looks like there is a “new” movement that seems to take its place. Welcome to the era of neckties. Neckties, for some reason, have become a major attraction in London fashion. We can blame it in Fashion Week again, but the truth is that we have been expecting their time to come for a while. Trends have a specific cycle that keeps repeating itself. If you are already familiar with what we perceive to be as “new”, you know that almost nothing in the world of fashion is new nowadays. Neckties have been around for years, but people have been wearing too many necklaces for too long. So they needed a change, a more comfortable one. Necklaces are very beautiful and graceful, but they are still metals, aren’t they? We feel their weight around our neck. It doesn’t feel like that in the beginning, but if you’re doing it for two years in a row (and more or less daily), you start to feel the pressure. Neckties are super comfortable, they are light and their texture is very pleasant to the skin and they look very good. They are super playful, adjustable and, if you really feel like they are not supposed to be there anymore, you can simply take them off. Did we also mention the fact that they can keep you warm? Yes, that’s ideal for a chilly autumn night. Scarves are super cost-efficient this autumn, so imitation is not something that you will want to turn towards if you are interested in them. Some exquisite pieces such as the Lightweight Summer scarf can come with a price as low as £5. But do not think that you do not have exclusives in this sector either. The Broadwalk Scarf designed by Unique can be found at prices between £70 and £120. Choose wisely.  



And the Straight-Leg Jeans

Woman-has-an-elegant-dressYou want people to stop and take a picture? Straight leg jeans are just for you. Simplicity is everything this autumn when it comes to pants. No cuts, nothing written on them, nothing that has to prove that you are some kind of boss. Just simplicity. People are already getting used to the idea that simplicity is a great thing when it comes to the lower part of your body, so even if more daring trends emerge people still come back to simple ones with great quickness. The only exception that we managed to identify was the MOTO Ecru Super Rip Jamie Jean. This one has a lot of cuts around one knee (also customizable), but the main reason why this is is because they are super slim and white. If you will look at all the other MOTO jeans, you will notice that there is great focus on blue and larger sizes. The point is for the jeans to be as straight as possible, but whether they are tight or large is entirely up to you. It’s a really good style because, unlike many others, it offers great freedom. Feel free to dress as you please. The most popular ones are the Mid-Blue straight jeans, mostly because mid-blue is a really pleasant color to the eye and it can be combined with almost any clothing piece and color.


Bold individuals usually aim for Rich Blue because they want to attract attention to their beautiful legs, but what they might not know is that the color is a reflection of their personality. Rich blue is very strong, demanding and dominant. That’s why there are considered so sexy in the first place. Other variations are making a stand as well, but it would be a mistake to neglect the domination of the previously mentioned models. Looking back, this year London is focused on having a good top, jeans and an accessory that replaces the usual necklace. It’s all about looking good and staying comfortable. There seems to be nothing new or too catchy on the horizon when it comes to shoes and other accessories, but we suspect that wrist ties and shoes that will mix well with straight jeans are going to appear really, really soon. London fashion is hard to keep up with but, as we mentioned before, the most important thing you can do is to be smart about it. Remember that you do not necessarily need to follow the trend in order to tailor their great image. You can also go completely against it and find your own way so that you can truly stand out. Take imitations into consideration as well, but only if you are shopping on a budget or if original products are not exactly a thing for you. It’s ok to be smart, but it’s also ok if you do not live beneath your standards. Trust yourself with these decisions, not anyone else. You will see that you will make the right ones.


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