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Things Your Jewellry Stone Says About You


Whether you realize it or not, the stones that you are wearing with your rings, necklaces and earrings say a lot about you. Maybe not to everyone, but people who pay attention can get a very clear image of what kind of person you are, what you believe in and what things you like. A jewellery stone comes with its own significance, but do you know yours? There has to be a little something of you in every stone you wear whether you are aware of it or not and today we are going to talk about those significances. There is good news and bad news about wearing certain stones. The good news is that fashion is something purely related to taste and nobody has the right to comment on it.


If you like a certain stone that’s great. The bad news, however, is that the good news is often idealistic and people start trying to figure out who you are from the moment they see you and what you adorn yourself with. If you are wearing a sapphire you might love the sea or the sky; if you are wearing a ruby you might be in love and if you are wearing a peridot you might totally be into nature. Nobody needs to be a fashion initiate to connect certain colors and shapes to ideals. So the important question is the following: are you aware of what gemstones you are wearing?  



Categorizing Gemstones

Purple-stone-necklaceJewellery stones come with a lot of different properties, meaningful colors and ideals. There are literally tons of different ways to categorize gemstones based on all these criteria. The reason why you want to know things about the ones you wear is because they either say something about you (if you like them in particular) or they can say something about the person who gave them to you (if you decide to wear them especially because they were given by one person). There are several ways in which gemstones can be categorized. There are money stones, love stones, lucky stones, power ones, stones with healing properties, birthstones and many, many other types. We are going to run through some of them today so that you understand what and why you are wearing it. Keep in mind that they do not only say things about you, but about the others around you as well. So let’s dive into this mesmerizing world so you can explore a part of yourself that you never did before.  



Types of Stones

A-bunch-of-colored-bracelets The term money gemstone should be enough to speak for itself, just like other terms for that matter. These pieces are worn by those who wish to be wealthy and prosperous all their lives. An interesting thing to remember is that there are many people who combine these stones with healing or protection stones because of a common belief. People are raised from a tender age with the concept that you either have a good heart and live modestly or a bitter one and have a lot of money. It’s just a myth, of course, but the trick here is that you sort of exchange health for money. You’re either healthy and poor or rich and sick. This is why people combine these two types of stones: so that you do not exchange health for money or vice versa. You should have them both. The most common money gemstones are citrine, garnet, malachite and aventurine. Interestingly enough to know, citrine is also a wisdom stone. You need to be wise and able to learn if you want to make money, right? Love gemstones are used for a variety of love-related matters: finding love, improving relationships that have gone sour, getting someone you love back and sometimes adding a little something to your marriage as well. Love stones are easy to recognize and they are a pretty good indicator that the person standing in front of you has a tender heart and values this ideal. In a world that often makes us feel alone it is good to meet someone wearing love stones, isn’t it? The love stones that you certainly heard of are emerald and jade.


Other stones like turquoise and lepidolite not always associated with love because of their colors. Because of its bright blue color, turquoise is mostly associated with sea lovers (which is true, most often) and lepidolite usually comes in a dark purple shade, more associable with royalty than love. Lucky gemstones are for those who want to keep their lives safe and prosperous most of the time. They are often worn by people who are going through rough periods in their lives, so wearing these stones can be their way of evening the scales. You might have heard of amazonite and the Tiger’s Eye. These two are some of the lucky stones that you will encounter. Other honorable mentions are black tourmaline, amber and pink opal. The power gemstones come with a lot of different properties. The name speaks for itself, but there are many ways in which individuals perceive power. It can be achieved through finding inner peace, making decisions as to what steps to take next, developing intuition, coping with harsh truths and finding one’s true purpose in life. Power stones are, in general, used to develop inner strength. If they were to have a motto, it would be “you can do it”. There are plenty of them that you might have heard of: amethyst, ametrine, fluorite and Herkimer diamonds. If you are using either of these stones and you like them for what they represent, this is a great indicator that you want or need to be a stronger person from within.



Red-pearl-braceletAs for protection stones, they are often used to defend one from disease, ensure safe trips, shelter them from evil forces and there are even a lot of businessmen and women who used it to ensure that they do not end up with bad business. One can also find protection stones known for healing capabilities such as black onyx or red sunstones. You might have also heard of agate and amethysts as well as citrine also function as protection stones. Honorable mentions include serpentine and red jasper. The healing gemstones are usually used for two different purposes: either the wearer is gravely suffering from a disease and they are using the stone to recover from it, or they are in pain because of a tragical event in their lives. Healing stones have been around for long enough to pride themselves with their mystical energies. There are a few things that you can know about people who value these stones: they might be traditionalists, or raised in a traditionalist family with older beliefs and they might be exceptional people who are willing to help anyone in their way, mostly because they do not want to see others suffer as they suffer. Bloodstones, moon stones, golden quartz and crystals are very well known healing stones. In fact, the crystal can often be paired with other healing stones because it is believed to enhance them through its purity. Birthstones and zodiac stones are a pretty good way of finding out basics about someone and starting a conversation. While there is no actual authority for attributing stones to zodiac signs, the birthstones have been agreed upon by most people who took interest in them. Here is the complete list of birthstones: January – garnet, February – amethyst, March – aquamarine, April – diamonds, May – emeralds, June – pearls, July – rubies, August – peridot, September – sapphires, October – opal, November – topaz and December – turquoise. As for the zodiac stones, we have the following list: The Capricorn – onyx, Aquarius – turquoise, Pisces – moonstone, Aries – diamond, Taurus – emerald, Gemini – agate, Cancer – pearl, Leo – ruby, Virgo – sapphire, Libra – opal, Scorpio – sardonyx and Sagittarius – topaz.



The Summary

A-bunch-of-retro-jewels As you can see, there are a lot of things you can say about one person based on the jewellery stone they are wearing. We will make a short summary of all the details here, but bear in mind that this is not everything that there is to know about gemstones and the meaning they have. Every little detail counts as an extra: the color, the shape, the material which it is paired with and whether it is paired with another gemstone or not. We made an introduction into gemstones just to make sure that you know what types you should be looking for and what else you should research. Ok, so what is good to remember is that there are plenty of stone types out there: money, love, lucky, power, protection, healing, birthstones, even birth power stones.


We described some of these in our guide, but if you are really interested in the subject, we also recommend researching astral, planetary, chakra and dream stones. You might find some interesting things to read about them as well. Every stone can tell you something interesting about a person and can help you engage in a great conversation. However, we do recommend caution because you might never know what the others’ reasons for wearing that stone are. Start by asking a question or making a remark. Don’t assume you know everything from the first try.