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Top 3 Best Online Clothing Stores In the UK

Sometimes it is just fair to look the truth in the eye and admit it for what it is: even fashion enthusiasts get lazy. That’s why we resort to the best online clothing stores out there. You know from the very beginning that you are shopping from the best shops, it can be done out of the comfort of your home, you also know that you might have access to some unique clothing pieces that you might not have found in the shop and that if you order and the size does not fit, you can always return it as soon as possible and you will get the right size for you. Online stores have come a long way, especially the clothing stores which deal with such a demanding challenge. The best online stores stand out because of how they deal with the issues that arise and how they treat their customers.


As long as thing can be done efficiently, within a short period of time and the relationship between the brand and the customer remains a strong one, it is safe to say that that shop is going to make it to the top. However, there are names that make up there quite easier than others. Why is that, you might ask? It’s because of the extra passion that is being put into the business. These shops are not here to make money. They are here to fulfill the highest fashion standards and ensure that what you wear on a daily basis is what defines you. Selling clothes is something that anybody can do. Making sure that you feel confident and natural is not. You might be already wondering what shops we are talking about, so it’s time we dove into their world and take a look for ourselves. A word of caution: these are only the top three online clothing stores that we believe are best. Your opinion might vary entirely and we respect your decisions regardless.  



House of Fraser

Blonde-girl-with-beautiful-eyesHouse of Fraser is by far one of the most preferred online clothing stores in the United Kingdom. The visibility that the site has is huge, women have been promoting it for years and the “Since 1849” part should pretty much speak for itself. Suffice it to say that House of Fraser is a brand that exudes professionalism, great taste, passion and confidence. It is a shop that has withstood the test of time and it is quite difficult to be taken down. It is this feeling of professionalism that sets it apart from the other shops. Even at first glance you can realize that you are now in contact with someone who actually cares about what you wear and can offer you that which you are looking for. It is a rare feeling which brings great comfort. After all, how do you know if you can trust a shop these days? The majority of them often make a stand for a couple of months, maybe a year at max and then fade away. Why is that? They were only made create some sort of passive income. Has there any passion been put into them? None at all. Above everything else, they have no experience. House of Fraser is a shop that has been around for almost two centuries. There are not many shops that can keep up with this sort of competition. Ok, so what are your benefits with House of Fraser apart from the comfort that every online shop has to offer (and the dedicated experience)? Given the fact that this shop has been around for so much time it is fair to say that it has seen how fashion can evolve. It has witnessed trends, uprisings and downfalls and it is well-equipped to deal with any of your needs. Rest assured that you can find the newest and trendiest clothes around and you will not be disappointed. In the end it’s all about expertise: everybody wants to go to somebody who can please everybody. And this is the definition of House of Fraser.  



Chick by Choice

Girl-with-the-purple-dress The perfect choice for anyone who wants to focus on exclusivity, Chick by Choice is a one of a kind shop that you want to visit at least if you want to get accustomed to the newest trends. It’s very stylish, feminine and it boasts on that catwalk glamour that not anybody can get right. And for the right reasons! If you want to get as close as possible to being a superstar that wears the newest dress on the market, this is the shop for you. What is it that is so special about Chick by Choice? To begin with, it brings designer dresses very close to all women. This is the closest you will ever get to the catwalk. The best way to put it is that if you saw a model wearing that gorgeous dress yesterday, you best bet to get it today would be to go straight to Chick. And that’s not all! You are going to end up spending 85% off retail price with this online shop, ensuring the best quality-price ratio on the market. There is nothing better than knowing that you paid the right price for the dress that you are wearing. Did we also mention that there are more than 40 designers you can choose from? Yes, you will be pleased to hear that there are some really strong names associated with Chick by Choice: Elisabeta Franchi, Raoul, Phillip Lim and Erin Fetherston are some of these great names. So let’s think about it: exclusivity, exceptional quality-price ratio and great names backing up this shop. What is there not to like about it? If thing already sound too good to be true, we gladly invite you to give this online shop a try. With excellent standards, breathtaking clothes and a distinguishable air, Chick by Choice has been, is and will remain one of the top choices for all women who want to feel special.  



Girl Meets Dress

Woman-is-thinkingIf you are an event hunter, Girl Meets Dress should be the place where you want to shop for your clothes. The reason why this is one of the best online clothing stores in the United Kingdom is because of this specific feature: it’s even focused. Want to buy something for a special occasion? Head to Girl Meets Dress. The site also has a great feature that allows you to choose the date by which you want to have your clothing ready. All you need to know is what your UK size is (and, of course, you already know that) and you are good to go. This store is also backed by a large number of super brands such as Victoria Beckham, Diane von Furstenberg, Beulah London and Alexander McQueen. These are only a few of the designers since this online shop can pride itself with a lot more than Chick by Choice has to offer, for instance. With over 150 designers, be sure that you are going to get your hands on exactly what you are looking for. But wait, we forgot to mention that this is a renting dress shop, didn’t we? That’s right! Not only can you buy clothes here, but you can also rent your favorite pieces for really good prices. This brings a lot of excitement to the table. Come on, we have to admit this: we feel a little bit awkward when we have to attend two consecutive weddings and wear the same dress. Now here’s the trick: buying one dress for around £500 and wearing it for 3 weddings feels underwhelming. However, if you rent three different dresses that you totally love for £50 and attend 3 different weddings you get a double bonus: you put aside £350 and you feel gorgeous. Plus you are left with that feeling of “oh, how I loved that dress”, which is quite astonishing if you think about it. Once you own a dress it can get boring pretty fast. Still, one has to cope with the idea that the same dress has been worn before. Sure, it’s clean and it fits you well, but knowing that you do not own that dress can weigh down on you. Think about your final decision. It’s really important that you feel comfortable with it.


Girl-has-a-cute-smile Alright, now that we went through the top three it’s time to sum up what they all stand for and why you should choose them (or not). House of Fraser is all about experience and professionalism. With almost two centuries worth of fashion background, you can rely on this online shop for the best suggestions when it comes to new and upcoming trends. Chick by Choice is focused on exclusivity. You want the dress that was worn on the catwalk yesterday? This is the place you want to order it from. You are also saving 85% of its total price. And finally, Girl Meets Dress is a shop from which you can both purchase and rent the dresses you love for the events you want. You end up saving money, being more diverse, but you also have to cope with the property dilemma as well. You need to weight the advantages and disadvantages for this one, but it is at least worth a shot.