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Top 3 Celebrity Necklaces Ever


Celebrity necklaces are the ones that dictate how the rest of the market works. Let’s call it natural instinct, or a pattern, if you will. People follow celebrities and the trends that they establish. It has always worked that way and it will always work this way. And in case you doubt that, you should know that for every 1 person who understands that trends are not necessarily meant to be followed, another 9 will follow it. However, it is not always celebrities who expose the greatest necklaces in the world. In fact, two of the world’s most popular necklaces were promoted based on how difficult and special the crafting process was.


Today we are going to be talking about these three necklaces. These are the pieces that everyone wants to get their hands on, the cherry on top of the cake the greatest thieves in the world would steal them without a second thought. Prices rise to the millions, the beauty one equips themselves with is exquisite and, above everything else, your level of confidence would rise to such levels that you would be considered the most attractive woman in the world. These are the necklaces which walk the fine line between humanity and objectification. So, even though they are glamorous and everyone would love to wear them for at least one night, we advise you to tread carefully. Let beauty guide you, not greed.  



The Incomparable

Girl-wears-a-pair-of-glassesThe Incomparable is, officially, the most expensive necklace in the world, yet you might find it funny and socking that it is not the most expensive jewel in the world. Valued at $55 million, the Incomparable is the 3rd most expensive jewel on earth, preceded by the Pink Star Diamond Ring ($72 million) and the Wittelsbach Graff Diamond ($80 million). The Incomparable has a rather interesting story, a successful one, if we ay put it that way, because it literally emerged from a “found rock” to the most expensive piece of its kind. It was initially found in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in a little town known as Mbuji Mayi back in the 80s. Do not even imagine that some wild explorer managed to get their hands on this future masterpiece. It was actually a little girl who was playing close to her uncle’s house. She was playing in the rubble. The rubble had been rejected by a company before being discarded under the claims that it was way too big to be verified for diamond remains. The girl gave it to her uncle, who then sold it to an African merchant, who, in turn, sold it again. The jewel kept being sold until it finally found its place in the Natural History wing in the Smithsonian Institute located in Washington DC. Shaping this diamond was not at all easy. On the contrary, its fair share of irregularities and the rough surface made it a very challenging piece to deal with.


The good news that came out of it was that, in the end, after having been opened (a process which goes by the name of “cutting a window”) it was established that the stone had no inclusions. This is, officially, the “world’s largest internally flawless diamond”. The tiny diamonds that decorate the necklace also flatter the larger piece, making it more attractive to the naked eye. On top of this flawless approach we also have to commend the floral design, very chic, natural and catchy, which makes this beauty impossible to resist. The Incomparable does not only impress because of its price. It is the perfect example of one little thing travelling the world so far that it became one of the most popular attractions of the world. It’s amazing how one little girl found a $55 million piece in a pile of junk, isn’t it?  



The Blue Belle of Asia

Girl-wears-sunglasses The Blue Belle of Asia is the second most popular necklace in the world, boasting on a magnificent look. Many experts debate on whether this is a good jewel or not, and they do have their specific reasons. While not even close to the Incomparable, valued at $17.3 million, the Blue Belle does not have a fascinating story, yet it can pride itself with some interesting features. Blue Belle has been officially declared the fourth largest facetted sapphire to have ever existed. While this sounds interesting, it does not really make up for those $17.e million now, does it? It is the main reason why experts have started so many disputes on the subject. It is not even make the top three list, so why would this piece, out of all the celebrity necklaces, have the second place? It is a good question, but you can imagine that such a purchase would only come with an oversized rock. The diamond-covered gold chain, accompanied by diamond tassels, are the perfect addition to this huge gemstone. Not only do they craft a particularly interesting shape, but it also makes this necklace adaptable to almost any outfit. This fantastic piece was sold at Christie’s Geneva back in 2014 and it has earned its place amongst the most desired jewels in the world. No matter how many experts will discuss its worth or not, it is safe to say that, once it has made its way into the hearts of the people, this jewel will never go back to being treated as “ordinary”. Once you go famous you never go back.  



The Heart of the Ocean

Woman-is-on-the-shipAlbeit the Incomparable and the Blue Belle of Asia being more expensive, the world is definitely a lot more familiarized with the Heart of the Ocean due to its featuring in Titanic. Not many people are aware of the fact that this is a fictional jewel. The real piece belonged to Louis XVI, only to be cut in a heart shape once the French Revolution came to an end. Many people have attempted to replicate this fine piece and many of them have succeeded in creating exquisite jewels. Asprey & Garrard, for instance, appealed to to the use of cubic zirconia placed into white gold in order to replicate an Edwardian style. The result was quite charming. Once Titanic became famous Asprey & Garrard were commissioned to forge an authentic piece based on the original design. The result was a Ceylon sapphire set in platinum and surrounded by no more and no less than 103 diamonds. Celine Dion wore this final product during Academy Awards that took place in 1998. The Heart of the Ocean is a perfect example of how imitation jewelry can go the right way, being estimated at around $17 million, not too far from the second contestant. This is, perhaps, the most desired necklace that a celebrity has ever worn. It is interesting how Kate and Leo’s presence in a boat trip that did not go too well made a jewel famous, isn’t it?


These are the celebrity jewels that everyone wants to get their hands on, but while they are the most expensive and the most desired, they are definitely not the only ones you should be interested in. The list is quite abundant when it comes to super popular and expensive jewels, especially necklaces since they are often a women’s best friend. If these three do not impress you (oh yes, it’s quite normal), then rest assured that there are other fine collectibles at your disposal. The next most precious thing on the table is the Heart of the Kingdom, which amounts to $14 million. This piece was forged by House of Garrard which, in case you did not know, is the oldest jewelry house on earth. That sort of experience should be enough for anyone to understand that the artisan who made the Heart gave everything he had to make it as close to perfection as possible. There are many people who claim that this piece is ten times better than the Heart of the Ocean, but objective features such as the movie’s popularity and the color blue (which is the most appealing color in the world) make it obvious why the former is less popular than the latter.


Woman-has-an-elegant-hat You can easily add the Briolette Necklace, the Neil Lane Diamond Necklace and the Majestic Diamond Necklace to your “to view” list. The Majestic Diamond, for instance, is a one-of-a-kind piece that many people choose to neglect for it’s rather “modest” $2.5 million price tag, but if you are seriously looking for a jewel or an imitation that stands out you definitely need to take this one’s example. Tiffany & Co. actually deserve all the commandments in the world for pulling off something so sweet for such a low price tag. When it comes to celebrity necklaces things become pretty obvious. The same jewels will be mentioned over and over because rarely, rarely will there be a jewel with a solid impact that could overthrow the already mentioned ones. We await the day in which the Incomparable is going to be the second most expensive necklace in the world. That is going to be truly interesting.